Toefl Junior Practice Test 14 - Listening (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

10/4/2020 9:25:00 PM

Bài thi thử Listening số 14, theo đúng mẫu chuẩn của kỳ thi Toefl Junior, gồm 42 câu hỏi.

In this section of the test, you will hear talks and conversations. Each talk or conversation is followed by one question. Choose the best answer to each question. You will hear each talk or conversation only one time.

What might the boy be doing at 7:00?

  • Go to a museum
  • Go to a meeting
  • Go to a building
  • Go to an art gallery

What are the speakers mainly talking about?

  • The colours of the fish
  • A means to control the temperature
  • Some ways of feeding fish
  • A task they do together

What does the father mean when he says: “I'd really like to find ways to cut back on how much energy we use.”?

  • He will spend more money on energy.
  • He'll keep the bill to stable from month to month.
  • He decides to stop paying the energy bill.
  • He is going to find another energy source.

Why is the girl discussing short-term memory with the boy?

  • To ask about how to improve it
  • To remember things better
  • To understand more about it
  • To get a higher score on exams

Why does the speaker consider public health nurses as "a big job"?

  • Because they can help many people.
  • Because they can earn a lot of money.
  • Because they can give people information about health.
  • Because they can teach people healthy exercises.

What is true about the cowboys?

  • They feed cattle a lot of grass.
  • They come from Central America.
  • They guide cattle to new places.
  • They sell cattle to farmers.

Why does the speaker mention the cities Sardinia and Okinawa?

  • To claim that people living there may live longer than others.
  • To give examples of people that have bad habits.
  • To show that people living there have better genes.
  • To note that only people living there live to be 100 years old.

Listen and answer the questions.

How does the girl probably feel when she says: “Tell me about it!”

  • She is pleased.
  • She is surprised.
  • She is interested.
  • She is satisfied.

What does the boy think about the weather in the forest?

  • It was really unpleasant for him to live.
  • It was difficult for his team to work under it.
  • It didn’t prevent his team from working.
  • It wasn't rainy enough to for his team to work.

What does the boy say about the frogs in New Guinea?

  • They gather and live in groups.
  • They are a kind of nocturnal animals.
  • They always hide in the dark.
  • They like to live at dry places.

What can be inferred about the boy?

  • He is working as a biologist now.
  • He has been to New Guinea before.
  • He wants to come to the Foja Mountains again.
  • He has studied frogs for many years.

Listen and answer the questions.

In which subject will the students give a presentation?

  • Artistry
  • History
  • Geology
  • Biology

What did the student do yesterday?

  • Playing traditional music
  • Listening to different kinds of music
  • Practising making music
  • Learning about the origin of music

What does the professor mainly talk about?

  • What the students have to do before the next lesson
  • What the students have learned so far this semester
  • Why the students have to study about traditional music
  • What the students should do to have a good presentation.

What students may not have to do?

  • Talk about the origin of the music they choose
  • Clarify the differences between two kinds of music
  • Bring an example of the music they choose to class
  • Sum up the main points of the presentation

How long will a presentation last?

  • Less than two minutes
  • Exactly two minutes
  • More than two minutes
  • One to five minutes

Why does the boy ask for an explanation of aspects of music?

  • Because he will mainly discuss aspects in music.
  • Because he will choose aspects as the main topic.
  • Because he thinks aspects are the most important part in the presentation.
  • Because he wants to clarify the topics able to develop in the presentation.

Listen and answer the questions.

What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • Remedy for allergic problems
  • The food children don’t like
  • The ways to avoid allergy
  • Allergic problems of people

What can be inferred about asthma?

  • People who have it cannot live in the city.
  • Women might be at higher risk of getting this problem than men.
  • People who have it have to rely on special medication.
  • It reduces people’s life expectancy.

What do the students think about food allergies?

  • Peanut allergy is not as serious as chocolate allergy
  • Their school didn’t consider food allergies as a big problem.
  • Students still eat peanuts and peanut oil at school.
  • It might threaten the lives of some people.

Why does the girl think that food allergies are called the "new" allergy problem?

  • Because more and more people are getting it.
  • Because there is no solution to this problem.
  • Because it becomes more dangerous than the past.
  • Because it’s more common among children than adults.

Listen and answer the questions.

What are the speakers mainly talking about?

  • A movie
  • A task
  • A class
  • A report

Why does the boy say that he is having trouble with his assignment?

  • He cannot decide the topic of the assignment.
  • He doesn’t have any ideas for the assignment.
  • He doesn’t know how to sum up the main points.
  • He doesn’t have enough time to finish the assignment.

What does the girl suggest to the boy?

  • Using a special skill to write the summary.
  • Starting writing by finding supporting information.
  • Finding as many examples as possible to support the summary.
  • Writing down all the words he can hear from the documentary.

How does the girl probably feel about the boy’s performance?

  • amazing
  • encouraging
  • interesting
  • exciting

Listen and answer the questions.

What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • A plan of an organization
  • The different reaction to colours
  • The feeling towards colours
  • A study about colours

Why does the website carry out the survey?

  • To find out which colour is most popular among people.
  • To help people choose which colour to paint their walls at home.
  • To collect data about the most worn colours in a country.
  • To encourage people to wear more colourful clothes.

Why do the speakers give examples of white colour and green colour?

  • To show that people often use these colours in their lives.
  • To tell that colours have the same meaning on aspects of our life.
  • To claim that people have the same ways of responding to colours.
  • To prove that colours show the different beliefs of different countries.

What can be inferred through the survey in Manchester?

  • Yellow brings more feelings to people than blue.
  • Some people are affected by the colours they choose.
  • The colour people like is different from what they choose.
  • White and grey have no impact on people in the city.

Listen and answer the questions.

Why does the speaker mention animal products?

  • To show that the Korean produce more animal products than rice and vegetables
  • To claim that the Korean are more wealthy than the past
  • To provide that the Korean prefer animal products to other kinds of food
  • To prove that animal products are the main part of the Korean’s diets

According to the speaker, what’s true about the young in Korea?

  • They are likely to have more health problems than previous generation.
  • They consume more fruits and vegetable than other people do.
  • They develop faster and stronger than the previous generation.
  • They have a better diet and a better health compared with other people.

What can be inferred about the modern diet in Korea?

  • It has a good influence on people’s health.
  • It has more fruit and vegetables than traditional diet.
  • It helps people reduce stress and avoid heart disease.
  • It brings great benefit for the food industry.

What is the main topic of the speaker’s talk?

  • The differences between a healthy diet and unhealthy diet
  • The differences between Korea’s diet and expert’s recommended diet
  • The differences between young Korean’s diet and their parents’ diet
  • The differences between an expensive diet and a cheap diet

Listen and answer the questions.

What is the speaker mainly talking about?

  • A Mayan historical site
  • A ball court of Mexico
  • A pyramid from Egypt
  • An ancient Mayan animal

Why does the pyramid have the name “Magician’s pyramid”?

  • Because it has a special shape that is different from other pyramid.
  • Because it takes really little time for magician to build it.
  • Because it is the biggest pyramid in Mexico.
  • Because it is the symbol of Mayan culture in Mexico.

According to the speaker, what is true about the Jaguar Throne?

  • Its name comes from an extinct animal.
  • It’s for the person who has a great influence on society.
  • Its appearance is completely the same as a wild cat.
  • It takes people hundreds of years to build it.

What can be inferred about the job of the speaker?

  • He is a history teacher.
  • He is a reporter.
  • He is a tour guide.
  • He is a director.

Listen and answer the questions.

What is the biologist mainly talking about?

  • A kind of bird
  • A study about birds
  • A flock of birds
  • A habitat for birds

What does the biologist say about goldfinch?

  • The female goldfinch can easily find small seeds inside flowers.
  • Goldfinch migration starts in the autumn.
  • The male goldfinch has strong beaks to get larger seeds.
  • Goldfinch often leaves the UK in the spring.

According to the biologist, what is true about greenfinches?

  • They destroy crops of farmers for food.
  • They migrate to warmer parts in the winter.
  • They stay in forests and parks when it’s hot.
  • They like to collect large seeds from flowers.

What does the biologist mean when he says: “If many other birds eat small seeds, and you're the only bird that eats big seeds, then you'll always have plenty to eat.”

  • Greenfinch has more seeds to eat than goldfinch.
  • Goldfinch can get more seeds than greenfinch.
  • Greenfinch always steals goldfinch’s food.
  • Greenfinch needs more seeds than goldfinch.

How are goldfinch and greenfinch different from each other?

  • Goldfinch eat more seeds than greenfinch.
  • Greenfinch is more diversified than goldfinch.
  • Goldfinch have stronger beaks than greenfinch.
  • Greenfinch collect more seeds than goldfinch.