TOEFL Junior Practice Test 21 - Reading Comprehension (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

11/17/2020 1:50:00 PM

Read the notice and answer the questions.

Classes will be canceled again tomorrow because of another snowstorm that is quickly approaching from the north. We will have to make up for the missed days in the spring so students will not miss any important lessons. Weather reports show that some places on the east coast have already gotten nearly a meter of snow and are experiencing high winds.

All students are advised to go straight home after school. Students, teachers, and parents should stay off the roads tonight because the storm will be arriving in the late evening and lasting until tomorrow afternoon. During the last snowstorm, there were a number of car accidents caused by snowy and icy roads, so please be careful.

Hopefully, the school will resume on Thursday, but this will depend on the severity of the storm. Listen to your radio or watch the news on Wednesday night and Thursday morning so you know whether or not to come to school. 

What can be inferred from the notice about the location of the school?

  • Snowstorms are fairly common in the region.
  • The location usually gets rain instead of snow.
  • There has never been such a big snowstorm in the area.
  • Classes aren't often canceled despite the bad weather.

Based on the notice, what is probably true about the snowstorm?

  • It won't be stronger than other snowstorms.
  • It might also cause some car accidents.
  • It's going to occur on the Saturday.
  • It will be the worst storm of the winter.

The word "this" in the last paragraph refers to _______.

  • The return of the storm
  • The severity of the storm
  • The closure of the school
  • The reopen of the school

What is the notice mainly about?

  • To inform about staying off school tomorrow due to the upcoming snowstorm
  • To notify people of the current weather conditions on the East coast
  • To share information about car accidents caused by the snowstorm
  • To advise students and their parents to stay off the roads in the snowstorm

Read the e-mail and answer the questions.

Dear Mr. Patterson, 

I am a student in your woodshop class who is very angry with you. Your class is very unsafe and your other students are irresponsible. The class is unsafe because there are not enough headphones to protect everyone's ears when we use loud machines. The machines are also dangerous. A power drill was on fire last week!

  The second reason I am angry is because the other kids are irresponsible. Tommy and Jason shoot staples at people with the staple guns. John tries to scare people when they are cutting wood. Someone could lose a finger or an eye in your class. You should be watching the class more carefully. Please make your classroom safer or I will tell the principal. 

  Thank you.


What is the letter mainly about?

  • Mr. Patterson and the principal
  • Usage of staple guns and fires
  • A letter of inquiry from anonymous
  • An unsafe class and irresponsible kids

Which of the following is NOT mentioned?

  • Someone is annoyed with Mr. Patterson.
  • The woodshop class doesn't have enough headphones.
  • Mr. Patterson is punished by the principal.
  • There are a few irresponsible children in the class.

Why does the letter writer mention the power drill?

  • To give the reason why he or she is angry with the principal
  • To give an example of how unsafe the woodshop class is
  • To stress the function of the power drill in the woodshop class
  • To show the activities the kids can do in the woodshop class

Which of the following is true?

  • The writer is a student in Mr. Patterson's class.
  • Someone has lost a finger in the woodshop class.
  • All students in the woodshop class are responsible.
  • The woodshop class has never had a power drill.

Read the story and answer the questions.

Mrs. Jones had a tradition. At the end of the first day of school, Mrs. Jones always asked the children to vote on which animal would live in their class for the year. Then she would go to the local pet store and buy a class pet. The children loved the class pets. At the end of the day, if the students did all their work, the class got to play with it. It was exciting for the students to watch Perry the bird fly around or to see Timmy the turtle dive in the classroom sink.

Now, it was my class's turn to choose: Mrs. Jones asked each student what pet they'd like. After everyone chose, the most popular choices were a rabbit, a lizard, or a dog. Mrs. Jones had to say, "Students, we cannot have a dog. We cannot walk him at night."

The vote was between a lizard and a rabbit. The boys cried, "Rabbits are boring!" while the girls shouted, "Lizards are ugly!" Mrs. Jones hushed the class. "It's time to vote. Let the best pet win." She asked the class to raise their hands to vote. "Who wants a rabbit?" Ten hands rose. Next, she asked, "Who wants a lizard?" Eleven students lifted their hands. "I guess we have a winner," announced Mrs. Jones.

What would be the best title for this story?

  • The Big Pet Decision
  • A New Year at School
  • Buck the Class Bunny
  • Timmy the Turtle Returns

When did Mrs. Jones ask the children to vote on which animal would live with them for the year?

  • At the end of the first semester
  • At the beginning of the second semester
  • At the end of the school year
  • At the end of the first day of the first semester

Why didn't the class choose a dog as the class pet?

  • Because many students were allergic to dog's hair.
  • Because Mrs. Jones didn't like to raise a dog.
  • Because they couldn't take the dog for a walk at night.
  • Because the principal didn't allow them to raise a dog.

What can be inferred about the students in the class?

  • The class is all boys.
  • There are more girls.
  • There are more boys.
  • There are the same number of boys and girls.

What is likely true about this year's class pet?

  • It is a dog.
  • It is a rabbit.
  • It is a turtle.
  • It is a lizard.

The word "lifted" is closet in meaning to ______.

  • rose
  • raised
  • decreased
  • pushed

Read the story and answer the questions.

       A very long time ago, there lived a great king. The king was kind to everyone he met. He was good to his people and helped those in need. One day, the king found a man who was lost in the forest. The king knew the forest well, so he helped the man get back to his home. As luck would have it, the man was the servant of a very powerful wizard. To thank the king, the wizard gave him one wish. The king wished everything he touched would turn into gold. The wizard asked, "Are you sure you want that wish?" The king said yes. Once the wish was granted, the king touched an apple. Poof! The apple became gold. "I'm going to be the richest king in history," the king thought.

       Weeks passed, and the king grew very rich. He thought he was the happiest king alive. One day, the king's daughter came to visit him. She had married a prince from a faraway country. She missed her father so much that she jumped into his arms when she saw him. Forgetting all about his golden touch, the king hugged his daughter back. Instantly, she was turned into gold. Right away he ran into the forest to find the wizard. After hours of searching, the king found the wizard and begged him for help. The wizard looked at the king with sad eyes. He said, "I asked if you were sure. I cannot take the wish back." The king felt terrible. He had changed his only child into a golden statue. For the rest of his life, he turned things into gold but always knew all the gold in the world would never make him as happy as his loving daughter had.

What would be the best title for this story?

  • All That Glitters Is Not Gold
  • The Man with a Golden Touch ·
  • Be Careful What You Wish for
  • Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Why was the king given one wish?

  • Because he was the servant of the wizard.
  • Because he asked the wizard to give him one wish.
  • Because he helped the servant of the wizard.
  • Because he helped the wizard get back home.

The word "granted" is closet meaning to _______.

  • seen
  • acknowledged
  • gotten
  • known

Which was the first thing turned into gold by the king?

  • An apple
  • A princess
  • A prince
  • A wizard

Why did the King feel terrible? 

  • Because he helped a wicked wizard.
  • Because he turned his daughter into gold.
  • Because his daughter lived in a faraway country.
  • Because he couldn't change everything into gold.

Why didn't the wizard help the king to save his daughter?

  • Because the wizard disliked the king, so he didn't want to help his daughter.
  • Because the wizard couldn't go to the country in which the princess lived.
  • Because the king didn't help the servant of the wizard.
  • Because the king assured that he wanted the wish, so the wizard couldn't take back his word.

The phrase "right away" is closet meaning to _______.

  • instantly
  • steadily
  • currently
  • certainly

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous historical figures of all time. He was born in 1452 in Florence, Italy. He is often described as the perfect "Renaissance Man", which means he was curious about a wide variety of things. It is not easy to put Da Vinci into a category. He was a painter, sculptor, astronomer, inventor, mathematician, writer, and more.

Da Vinci, however, is perhaps most famous as a painter. He painted the Mona Lisa, which is one of the most renowned paintings in the world. He also painted The Last Supper, which shows the last dinner of Jesus.

As a scientist and inventor, Da Vinci designed and invented things that were not possible to create during the time that he lived. He made plans for helicopters, tanks, calculators, and solar-powered machines. He kept extensive notebooks in which he wrote in code. Historians have to hold the notebooks up to a mirror to be able to read them.

Da Vinci also made many discoveries, but he was not interested in becoming famous for them. He didn't publish any of his ideas. Not much is known about Da Vinci's personal life or childhood. Da Vinci was careful to keep it secret. He never married and did not have any children, but had many friendships with various people. Today, Da Vinci is a legendary figure. He proves that one person can be talented at many things at the same time.

What would be the most suitable title for the passage?

  • The Many Talents of Da Vinci
  • Da Vinci as a Writer and Painter
  • The Scientific Discoveries of Da Vinci
  • Da Vinci's Personal Life and Childhood

According to the passage, what did Leonardo Da Vinci make plans for?

  • Many scientific discoveries
  • Books that he never published
  • Helicopters and other machines
  • Mirrors to use with his notebooks

Which of the following is true about Leonardo Da Vinci?

  • He painted The Last Lunch.
  • He married and had a family.
  • He published many of his findings.
  • He was most well-known as a painter.

The word "renowned" is closet meaning to _______.

  • resistant
  • disreputable
  • famous
  • respected

What does the author imply about Leonardo Da Vinci?

  • He was best known as a scientist and inventor.
  • He wasn't necessarily multi-talented.
  • He was very close-mouthed about what he did.
  • He was reserved and had few friends.

Why is Leonardo Da Vinci often described as the perfect "Renaissance Man"?

  • Because he was one of the most famous historical characters of Italy.
  • Because he was involved in many areas such as painting, sculpture and much more.
  • Because he was the most renowned painter in the Renaissance.
  • Because he created things which were not supposed to occur in the Renaissance.

Why do historians have to hold Da Vinci's notebooks up to a mirror to read them?

  • Because the message in Da Vinci's notebooks was kept in the mirror.
  • Because his notebooks were written in code.
  • Because historians couldn't read Da Vinci's handwriting.
  • Because the mirror had magic allowing historians to see the message.

Read the passage and answer the questions.

    Amelia Earhart is probably the best-known female pilot in the world. During her life, she did amazing things. Earhart was one of the first woman pilots in history. She set many flight records. One of the most famous was her solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. She was the first woman to fly across the ocean alone.

   Amelia Earhart was more than just a great pilot. She was a best-selling author too. She wrote many books about her flying experiences. Earhart also enjoyed helping other women succeed. She helped start the all-women pilot group called the Ninety-Nines, and she fought for women's rights.

    Sadly, Earhart's disappearance is a big reason why she is remembered today. When she tried to fly around the world, she went missing with her flight partner, Fred Noonan. On July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart vanished somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, never to be seen again. 

What is the passage mainly about?

  • Earhart's piloting skills
  • Earhart's disappearance
  • Earhart's accomplishments
  • Earhart's flight across the Atlantic

The word "solo" is closest in meaning to______.

  • one
  • alone
  • group
  • paired

The word "vanished" is closest in meaning to______.

  • turned back
  • got found
  • showed up
  • went missing

What is the big reason that Earhart is remembered today?

  • Earhart's vanishing
  • Earhart's group
  • Earhart's solo flights
  • Earhart's best-selling books

Why did Earhart establish a group called the Ninety-Nines?

  • Because Earhart just wanted to be famous for establish the Ninety-Nines.
  • Because Earhart hoped other women had opportunities to achieve success.
  • Because Earhart liked to train other woman as excellent writers.
  • Because Earhart wanted to make more friends through the group.

Besides being a pilot, what else did she do?

  • She was a reporter.
  • She was a writer.
  • She was the manager of an airline.
  • She was an actress.

The author mentions all of the following EXCEPT_______.

  • Earhart had many books that were successful.
  • Earhart was an excellent pilot.
  • Earhart was the only woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Earhart worked with Fred Noonan.

Read the passage and answer the questions.

The piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world. The modern piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori. Cristofori worked as the keeper of instruments for Ferdinando de'Medici, the Prince of Tuscany. It is unclear when he created the first piano, but the oldest Cristofori pianos that exist today are from the 1720s.

Cristofori knew a lot about the clavichord and the harpsichord before he made the piano. The clavichord and the harpsichord were good instruments but were flawed. The clavichord was not loud enough to be used with an orchestra, while the harpsichord could not play very expressive notes. Cristofori invented the piano to have an instrument that was both loud and expressive. Cristofori's piano became famous because of a respected writer named Scipione Maffei. Maffei wrote an article about the piano with a diagram of it. Most people that would become piano builders found out about the piano from this article.

Interestingly, Johann Sebastian Bach did not like the piano when he first heard it. He thought the high notes were not loud enough. Eventually, he came to like it. Wolfgang Mozart was one of the first musicians to use the piano. He composed much of his music on it. Still, the pianos in Mozart's time were different than they are now. Today, the piano is one of the most well-known instruments in the world. It is used in orchestras, musicals, and in many other popular forms of music.

What is the best title for this passage?

  • Mozart on the Piano
  • The Piano's Beginning
  • Cristofori's First Piano
  • Pianos in the World Today

The author mentions all of the following EXCEPT_______.

  • The flaw in sound of the harpsichord
  • Bach's opinion of the first piano he heard
  • Cristofori' s knowledge of the harpsichord
  • Scipione Maffei's friendship with Cristofori

According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true of Cristofori?

  • He was a noble of Tuscany.
  • He invented the piano.
  • He worked for a prince.
  • He knew the harpsichord well.

Why did Bach not like the piano at first?

  • Because he thought that the piano's high notes were not loud enough.
  • Because he didn't like Bartolomeo Cristofori and his master.
  • Because he prefered playing the violin to playing the piano.
  • Because he wanted to invent another instrument as a substitute of the piano.

Why does Cristofori's piano become popular?

  • Because Johann Sebastian Bach helped Cristofori improve his piano.
  • Because Ferdinando de'Medici played a piece of music with his piano.
  • Because Scipione Maffei described Cristofori's piano with a diagram.
  • Because Wolfgang Mozart praised Cristofori's piano a lot in the public.

The word "well-known" is closet meaning to _______.

  • infamous
  • renowned
  • different
  • excellent

What was probably true about the piano?

  • The piano used to be the most popular instruments in the world.
  • The piano was invented in the early 1720s.
  • The piano was both loud and expressive.
  • The piano was not expressive enough to be used in musicals.