TOEFL Junior Mock Test 2020-2021 #4 - Listening

1/12/2021 7:00:00 PM

Đây là bài thi thử lần 4 cho các em học sinh luyện tập phần thi Listening của Toefl Junior, chuẩn bị sẵn sàng cho vòng 2 cuộc thi Toefl Junior Challenge năm 2020-2021. Bài thi gồm 42 câu hỏi theo đúng cấu trúc chuẩn.

Tìm hiểu lịch TiengAnhK12 tổ chức các đợt thi thử dành cho các học viên tham dự Toefl Challenge 2020-2021 tại đây.

Listen to an English teacher speaking to a class.

What does the teacher want the students to do?

  • Write a story in detail
  • Use different strategies to deal with words and texts
  • Learn to build pre-reading skills
  • Draw connections before building reading skills

Listen to a math teacher speaking to her class.

What is the purpose of the talk? 

  • To introduce the math team to the students
  • To make the students understand the importance of math
  • To compare the math team with the math class
  • To answer the students' questions

Listen to a P.E. teacher announcing to the students.

What is probably NOT true about the announcement?

  • There is a practice for boys and girls on Friday.
  • The meets are held on a fixed day of the week.
  • All students of the school can join the practices for the races.
  • Practices for the boys' and girls' teams start at different times.

Listen to an art teacher speaking to a class.

What is the teacher mainly talking about?

  • The benefits of making model buildings
  • The origin of the architecture of the 20th century
  • The differences between the ancient buildings and modern ones
  • The characters of the Greek architecture

Listen to a school principal speaking to a group of students.

What point does the principal make?

  • The middle school has succeeded in connecting home and school.
  • The school has developed a lot in recent years.
  • Many more children will go back home and study.
  • The school will have a challenge of making a new plan for this year.

Listen to a music teacher speaking to her class.

What will the students do next?

  • They will sing some songs.
  • They will demonstrate how they love the film.
  • They will watch the musical film.
  • They will listen to "The Sound of Music".

Listen to a history teacher speaking to his class.

What is the purpose of the talk?

  • To tell the students what women looked like in the Civil War by using different sources
  • To tell the students what women did in the Civil War through many perspectives
  • To tell the students that protecting primary sources is very important and necessary
  • To tell the students how the experiences of women in the Civil War can be explored

Listen to a culture teacher speaking to her class.

Why is the teacher talking about the activity?

  • To imply that many students have joined the activity
  • To imply it is a popular activity among students
  • To tell the students the activity is very difficult
  • To tell the students what the activity is

Listen to a school principal talking to a group of students.

What does the principal want the students to do?

  • Exchange the bus fee of last month
  • Buy another ticket for the concert
  • Get to the gathering place after 1:30
  • Get everything ready for the rehearsal

Listen to a headteacher speaking to a class.

What is the purpose of the talk?

  • To familiarize the students with the school rules
  • To remind the students to get to school on time
  • To instruct the students how to use their ID card
  • To introduce what the students will learn in class

Listen to a conversation between two students.

Then answer the questions.

What's the main topic of the conversation?
  • The rules of hockey games
  • The boy and the girl's favorite sport
  • How to learn to play hockey
  • The importance of the goalie
What does the boy say about the goalie?
  • He helps get the puck into the opponent's net.
  • He stops the puck from going in their own net.
  • He is not really important in the entire game.
  • He is the person who makes the basic rules.
What does the boy imply when he says, "Yes, you can tie, but you could also play a shootout?"
  • The results for hockey games can be very varied.
  • The scoring method will be decided at the end of the games.
  • It would be more likely for people to play a shootout.
  • It would be more likely for people to tie.

Listen to a conversation between two students at school.

Then answer the questions.

Why is the boy's GPA screwed up?
  • He didn't take the economics final test.
  • He didn't do well in the economics final.
  • He failed all the tests of this semester.
  • Some tests were too difficult for him.
What was the boy's GPA before this semester?
  • 3.2
  • 3.45
  • 3.4
  • 3.1

Why did the GPA of the boy decrease this semester?

  • He retook the economics test.
  • He spent much time sleeping.
  • He studied econ as much as he could.
  • He played a game too much.

What will the boy probably do in the next semester?

  • He will stop playing games to learn more.
  • He will retake the economics final exam.
  • He will start playing another game.
  • He will let the girl help him with economics.

Listen to a conversation between two students at school.

Then answer the questions.

Why are the two students telling each other their names?
  • They don't know each other before.
  • They like to introduce themselves.
  • They are practicing a play.
  • They forgot each other's names.
Why do the two students feel nervous when they meet new people?
  • They don't want to say anything that may offend people.
  • They don't know new people's names.
  • They like to hang out with people whom they know.
  • They are afraid of losing friends.
What is the boy like when he is around people?
  • Shy
  • Extroverted
  • Afraid
  • Passive
Where does the boy meet people?
  • At parties
  • At home
  • At school
  • On the street

Listen to a conversation between two students.

Then answer the questions.

What do the boy and the girl talk about?
  • Building a new dollhouse
  • Breaking a dollhouse
  • Paying for a dollhouse
  • Buying a dollhouse

Why does the girl ask the boy to help?

  • She knows that the boy is good at making dollhouses.
  • She wants to make a new dollhouse to replace the broken one.
  • She knows that the boy knows where to buy dollhouses.
  • She wants to send her sister a dollhouse as a birthday gift.

What do the boy and the girl think about the new dollhouse?

  • They cannot make the dollhouse themselves.
  • They need more than pieces of wood to build the dollhouse.
  • The dollhouse doesn't really need any windows and doors.
  • The dollhouse needs much time to build.

What does the girl infer about the attitude of Nancy toward the new dollhouse?

  • Nancy will probably be dissatisfied with the new dollhouse.
  • Nancy will probably get angry with the newdollhouse and cry.
  • Nancy will likely to be satisfied with the new dollhouse.
  • Nancy will likely to ask the girl to build another dollhouse.

Listen to a teacher talking in a history class.

Then answer the questions.

What caused World War I?

  • An argument between two countries
  • An agreement between two countries
  • Development in technology
  • An assassination

Which of the following is true about Germany before World War I?

  • It fell apart compared with other countries.
  • It turned into a very powerful country.
  • It became a member of the Entente.
  • It broke off relations with Austria-Hungary.

What was the role of The United States in World War I?

  • It supported Central Powers to win the war.
  • It provided weapons and vehicles for the Allies.
  • It held a peace conference after the war.
  • It build its own army and took part in the war.

What happened to European countries after World War I?

  • They became united.
  • Many new countries formed.
  • Some countries were ruined.
  • They created new laws.

Now you will hear part of a radio program.

Then answer the questions.

What is the interview about?
  • Anti-discrimination laws
  • A cost-effective project
  • A newly invented coach seat
  • A kind of seat belt

What is true about the QuickLock technology?

  • It has been used since 2008.
  • Its full model is being developed.
  • It is used immediately without any pilot.
  • It is absolutely safe on planes or trains.
What can be inferred when the manager said, "no one is really happy with it?"
  • The system is too complicated.
  • The system of fixing wheelchairs on buses costs much.
  • Only in the depot can the wheelchair be installed.
  • The wheelchair doesn't have a seat belt.
What can we learn about the safety of this coach seat?
  • The anchor points in the floor are not quite strong.
  • The quality of all wheelchairs is good.
  • There is no break-up risk of the wheelchair.
  • The straps of the seat are quite strong.

Now you will hear a speaker talking to a class on a trip to Grand Central Terminal.

Then answer the questions.

What is the talk mainly about?
  • A remarkable landmark of Manhattan
  • The history of the train in the US
  • The influence of World War II upon the station
  • The reason why the ceiling is totally black
Why does the speaker say, "On an average day, 700,000 people pass in and out of it?"
  • To illustrate the importance of the station
  • To show how big the station is
  • To imply it's easy for visitors to lose their belongings
  • To stress it needs more staff
Why does the speaker mention the well-known basement M-42?
  • To imply there is a secret man hiding inside it
  • To stress it is the place from which the train moves
  • To warn each passenger not to go into the room
  • To give some information about the station's history
Why was the ceiling blackened?
  • There was a big fire.
  • It was blackened by tobacco smoke.
  • It was blackened by smoke from the trains.
  • The reason is unknown.
Why did the citizens object to destroying the station?
  • All of the citizens had to take the train to work.
  • Trains were much cheaper than other transportation means.
  • The station was regarded as an important part of the city.
  • The government wanted to build a new train station.

Listen to part of the discussion in the school canteen.

Then answer the questions.

What is the girl complaining about?

  • Unnatural chemicals in food
  • Chemicals that makeup shoes
  • Different harmful foods
  • An experiment they did in class

What does the boy think about unnatural chemicals in food?

  • They can lose poison when combining with other chemicals.
  • They can cause explosion when combining with others chemicals.
  • They affect badly on all kinds of food.
  • They are used to create the taste for foods.
What does the girl imply when she says, "It all seems like magic to me"?
  • She used to study magic.
  • She can't believe what happened with the foods.
  • She couldn't understand chemical reactions well.
  • She is not going to study chemistry.

Why does the boy compare chlorine to atoms?

  • To explain a chemical reaction to the girl more clearly
  • To amuse the girl with his imagination
  • To tell the girl about a fight between two groups of people
  • To show how he learned chemistry well