Toefl Junior Practice Test 18 - Listening (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

2/6/2021 6:26:00 PM

Listen to a school principal speaking to the students.

What does the principal want to tell the students?

  • English has more than 200 years' history.
  • Leave this school if your English is not very good.
  • Students in this school must learn English well.
  • Classes in this school should be taught in other languages.

Listen to a school principal speaking to the students.

What does the principal want to tell the students?

  • Teachers and students should respect each other.
  • Teachers always keep their first names secret from students.
  • The dress codes in schools always tend to be casual.
  • Teachers and students need to wear formal clothes.

Listen to a librarian talking to a class.

What is the purpose of the talk?

  • To encourage students to use the library more often
  • To inform students about the opening hours of the library
  • To ask students to share the resource with another school
  • To give advice to students on how to check out a library book

Listen to a teacher speaking to a class.

What does the teacher want the students to do?

  • Look for photographers, writers, artists, and designers
  • Have a meeting once a week
  • Help with advertising the yearbook
  • Apply to the Yearbook Committee

Listen to an English teacher speaking to a class.

What is the teacher explaining?

  • Why the story is so important
  • How Romeo loved Juliet
  • One of famous story of Shakespeare
  • The students' homework tasks

Listen to a biology teacher speaking to a class.

What will the students probably do next?

  • Watch a film clip about some geological areas
  • Go to the zoo to watch some wild animals
  • Read a passage about wild animals in some areas
  • Listen to the teacher's introduction to wild animals

Listen to a geography teacher speaking to his class.

What does the teacher tell the students?

  • There are negative effects of global warming on the whole world.
  • The effects of global warming are highly overstated.
  • There are no connections between global warming and food production.
  • Ecosystems have great impact on global warming.

Listen to a P.E. teacher speaking to his class.

What is the purpose of the talk? 

  • To introduce how to play soccer
  • To introduce the school soccer team
  • To announce the practices of the team
  • To prepare students for a game

Listen to a science teacher speaking to her class.

What is the purpose of the talk?

  • To introduce some new plants in the area
  • To teach the students how to make coffee by grass seeds
  • To ask if the students would be interested in planting
  • To instruct the students how to make a toy with grass hair

Listen to a science-and-lab teacher speaking to a class.

What is the purpose of the talk?

  • To assist the principal to investigate the crime in person
  • To gather shoe prints and dirt in the hallway
  • To find the materials required by the principal
  • To inform students what they are going to discuss

Listen to a conversation between two students.

Then answer the questions.

What are they talking about?
  • They are talking about the form in which God exists.
  • They are debating the age of science.
  • They are discussing how we can see God.
  • They are arguing whether God exists.

What does the boy think about air?

  • It exists although he cannot see it.
  • There is proof of the existence of air.
  • It was created by God a long time ago.
  • It will disappear one day in the future.
Why does the girl mention air?
  • She wants to prove that she is a scientific person.
  • She just wants to prove the existence of God.
  • She thinks air has tremendous power on earth.
  • She doesn’t believe anything that the boy has said.

Listen to a conversation between two students. Then answer the questions.

What are the two students talking about?
  • Homework
  • TV programs
  • Current events
  • Frightening stories

What happened to the people on the crashed plane on the island?

  • They were all injured and tired.
  • They heard and saw strange things.
  • They got lost in a dense forest.
  • They found some people living there.
What is the cartoon that the girl was watching about?
  • Some animals in a jungle
  • How to deal with problems
  • Becoming a successful professor
  • A therapist and his son
What does the girl mean when she says, "If they have it, make sure you rent it"?
  • She doesn't believe they have it.
  • She wants to borrow the movie from the boy.
  • She strongly recommends the cartoon.
  • She can't wait to see the movie.

Listen to a conversation between two friends at school.

Then answer the questions.

What can be inferred about the environment we are living in?
  • The environment is getting better and better.
  • All people have begun to pay attention to the environment.
  • Environment problems are caused in many ways.
  • We need to find more coal to protect the environment.

All of the following are things people will probably do if they want to protect the environment EXCEPT ______.

  • looking for new forms of energy
  • using more environment-friendly vehicles
  • minimizing private transport
  • exploiting nature for more resources

What does the girl think about overpopulation?

  • She holds a negative viewpoint towards it.
  • She doesn’t want to do anything to solve it.
  • She doesn't agree with what the boy says about it.
  • She thinks that is pointless to find ways to solve it.
What is the main topic of the conversation?
  • How to improve the living standard
  • How pollution does great harm to our health
  • Ways to reduce environmental pollution
  • How to reduce the population

Listen to a conversation between two friends from school.

Then answer the questions.

Where are the 20 students going to tour?
  • Mississippi
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • California
Why does Sue invite Tony to be a guide for their tour?
  • He was born in Hawaii.
  • He is Sue's best friend.
  • He has been to Hawaii.
  • He's ready to help others.
Why does Tony recommend David to act as the guide?
  • He has gone to many places before.
  • He is the only person Tony knows in Hawaii.
  • He is not only responsible but also friendly.
  • He was born and grew up in Hawaii.

What is true about the students' accommodation in Hawaii?

  • Sue has booked it through a tourism company.
  • A Tony's friend will set up one for the students.
  • Tony will find a suitable hotel for the students.
  • The students'll come and rent a homestay there.

Listen to a teacher talking in a history class.

Then answer the questions.

How did ancient Egyptians organize their society?

  • The women were the breadwinners of the families.
  • Most of the people could read and write.
  • The main jobs for men are farmers and craftsmen.
  • Girls were often educated to become scribes.

What was eaten in almost all families in ancient Egypt?

  • Bread
  • Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Beer

What was the difference between the clothes of the poor and the rich?

  • The poor wore white.
  • The rich wore makeup.
  • The poor dyed their hair.
  • The rich wore sandals.

What is true about the Egyptian houses?

  • Almost Egytian houses had sharp roofs.
  • People used dried mud to build houses.
  • All people could live in a three-floor house.
  • All the houses had big windows and doors.

Now you will hear part of a radio program.

Then answer the questions.

What is the main topic of the conversation?
  • Whether cancer cells can spread among people
  • Whether it is safe to donate your blood
  • How to protect yourself from cancer
  • What should we do when we donate our blood
What is the opinion of the man about the cancer cells?
  • Cancer cells can spread to another person via blood and used needles.
  • Cancer cells spreading to another person is incredibly rare.
  • There are almost no studies examining cancer cells' spreading.
  • A person's immune system will be suppressed when it meets the cancer cells.

What will the immune system do in blood transfusion?

  • It will mark the blood cells out and destroy them.
  • It will let the blood cells match with the recipient's ones.
  • It will mark the blood cells out and identify them again.
  • It will respond to the blood cells and analyse them.

What can be inferred from the recent studies about cancer cells?

  • Scientists are still not sure about cancer cells' spreading.
  • Scientists believe that cancer cells' spreading depends on blood recipients.
  • The immune system plays a very important role in cancer detection.
  • Blood cells are sometimes mistaken by the immune system for cancer cells.

Now you will hear a speaker talking to a class on a trip to the Maldives.

Then answer the questions.

Which statement about the environment of the Maldives is NOT true?
  • The Maldives has deep blue seas.
  • The Maldives has white sandy beaches.
  • The Maldives is a perfect place to watch sunset.
  • The Maldives is famous for its local culture.
Where is the Maldives located?
  • It is located on a large stretch of land.
  • It is located on open sands.
  • It is located in a big desert.
  • It is located on some coral islands.
What can be inferred from the passage?
  • Visitors can navigate freely in the waters around the Maldives.
  • Visitors must know enough information about these waters before navigating in them.
  • Visitors are not allowed to navigate in these waters.
  • It is impossible for visitors to navigate in the Maldives even if they are familiar with the surroundings.
Which is true about the Maldives?
  • Ninety-nine percent of the Maldives is made up of islands.
  • There is a small part of the island that has no resident.
  • About 200 islands are developed into tourist resorts.
  • Residents are mainly concentrated in the center of the island.
What is the weather like in the Maldives?
  • It is too hot in summer and too cold in winter.
  • There are four distinctive seasons.
  • Maldives has perfect weather in a day.
  • The temperature always changes.

Listen to part of a discussion.

Then answer the questions.

Why does the boy interrupt the girl's conversation?
  • He thinks the girl's conversation is boring.
  • He is so excited about the magic show that he wants to tell all to the girl.
  • He doesn't like hockey at all.
  • He thinks the girl's goal in the hockey match can be explained by magic.
Why does the girl mention the time warp?
  • To show that she is fascinated by it and to tell the boy about it.
  • To place a question about a new thing for the boy to answer.
  • To claim that everything the boy says is magic but still has no proof for them.
  • To give an example of why every "magic" thing can be explained by science.
What can be inferred from the conversation?
  • The boy still believes that magic exists.
  • There must be something magic in the world.
  • Everything in the show that the boy saw is unreal.
  • The hockey games can be magic.

What are the boy and the girl talking about?

  • Which magic trick they see or think is real
  • A hockey match
  • Whether magic exists
  • An excellent show