TOEFL Junior Practice Test 24 - Reading Comprehension (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

2/19/2021 5:02:00 PM

Read the letter and answer the questions.

Dear Mom, 

Dear Mom, I can't figure out how to express myself about my daughter's baptism. Where do I start? You were just so incredible! From getting her outfit ready to wear, complete with a hat and a coat, to bringing tons of delicious double-batch home-made food (and supplies), to serving the guests, to thinking of every detail, ... I can't even keep track of everything you did. On top of it all, you gave an amazingly generous gift and a precious bib. How does someone find the words to thank a person like you? 

Mom, please know how much I appreciate everything you did. To say it was so much would be an understatement. You made a special event even more special and memorable, for me and everyone involved. I will always remember my daughter's baptism fondly and won't ever forget your role. Thank you so, so much!! 

With love,


(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

What is the letter mainly about?
  • Mary's feeling toward her Mom in her daughter's baptism
  • Mary's Mom's amazing talent in taking care of children
  • Mary's Mom's expectation of Mary's daughter's baptism
  • Mary's desire for the second baptism for her daughter
Why does the writer think her mom is incredible?
  • Her mom did better than other moms in the baptism.
  • Many people praised her mom for what she did in the baptism.
  • Her mom contributed abundant home-made food to the baptism.
  • Her mom did a lot of work for her daughter's baptism.
In the first paragraph, the phrase "keep track of" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • contact
  • record
  • follow
  • preserve

How does Mary feel about her Mom's support?

  • She thinks it is unecessary.
  • She is very grateful for it.
  • She feels sorry for her Mom.
  • She forgets about it then.
According to the letter, what can we infer?
  • The writer loves her mom very much.
  • To prepare a baptism is not complex.
  • It is always very difficult to satisfy the guests.
  • Children all like baptisms.

Read the notice and answer the questions.

Thank you, Accenture, for a computer lab and basement transformed! 

On February 16th, 2015, volunteers from Accenture came to help beautify our AALEAD Building. Their missions: (1) to paint and build new furniture for the computer lab and (2) to help us clean our basement.

Our computer lab was old, with faded white walls and mismatched furniture. Our basement was filled with junk that had accumulated over several years. 

The volunteers worked tirelessly the entire afternoon, taping, painting, hauling junk into our Dumpster, and they stayed long after their scheduled hours with us to finish the tasks!

The efforts of their hard work paid off! We were left with an amazingly vibrant computer lab and a clean basement! 

Thank you, Accenture volunteers, for your time and dedication!

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

Why do volunteers from Accenture come?
  • To clean up and paint the computer lab with new color
  • To make the computer lab and the basement look nicer
  • To volunteer in a lab experiment
  • To help build a model in the lab
In the second paragraph, the word "their" refers to _____.
  • the lab's
  • the volunteers'
  • the building's
  • the basement's
How much time did the volunteers work?
  • Less than 2 hours
  • More than 8 hours
  • More than their scheduled time
  • Less than their scheduled time
In the fifth paragraph, the word "vibrant" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • clean
  • moving
  • animated
  • beautiful
What is true about those volunteers?
  • They left suddenly.
  • They worked a whole day to finish the tasks.
  • They did an excellent job.
  • They were well paid for their hard work.

Read the passage and answer the questions.

I've always loved mythology of all types. The most memorable myths from my childhood were the story of Adam and Eve, which teaches that people will be punished severely for the search for knowledge, and the story of Daedalus and Icarus, in which a father and a son are imprisoned for knowing too much. 

Hearing the story of Adam and Eve, I would question everyone around me. If God knew everything, He knew they would disobey. If He loved them, why tempted them? Why was wanting knowledge wrong? I finally decided that you had a choice between a tiny patch of paradise for remaining ignorant or the whole wide world for seeking knowledge. The whole world may contain struggles and strife, but it sounded much less boring. 

From Daedalus and Icarus, I learned that you could overcome any obstacle, but you need knowledge tempered by self-control. Daedalus built an escape, but Icarus's lack of self-control was his undoing

As you can imagine, the lessons I learned from these stories were not the ones my parents, teachers, and clergy wished me to learn. This taught me something else, much more personal. I don't see things exactly the way that others do, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. Mythology helped me to see different sides of an argument and to go with what I felt was true. (It also taught me to never speak of religion around my mother or grandmother if I wanted to live a long and happy life!) 

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

What is the best title for the passage?
  • What I Think about Mythology
  • What People Often Learn from Mythology
  • The Different Voices for Mythology
  • The Mythology and the Clergy
In the first paragraph, the author mentions the story of Adam and Eve, and the story of Daedalus and Icarus in order to _____.
  • illustrate how interesting the two stories are
  • show the author's always a lover of all types of mythology
  • demonstrate the main differences between the two stories
  • indicate the author will tell the two stories in detail
In the first paragraph, the word "which" refers to _____.
  • the author's childhood
  • the story of Daedalus and Icarus
  • the story of Adam and Eve
  • knowledge
What can we infer from the second paragraph?
  • God should not tempt Adam and Eve.
  • God didn't love Adam and Eve.
  • The author has his own perspective about the story.
  • The paradise seems to be more appealing to the author.
What did the author learn from the story of Daedalus and Icarus?
  • Knowledge through practicing self-control is needed.
  • There are some obstacles that one cannot overcome.
  • People always meet some obstacles in life.
  • People should remain positive towards difficulties.
In the third paragraph, the word "undoing" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • not doing anything
  • deficiency
  • fulfillment
  • cause of failure
According to the passage, what is the author's view about mythology?
  • He thought one had no choice but to seek knowledge.
  • He liked reading the story of Adam and Eve more than the story of Daedalus and Icarus.
  • He liked mythology, but he wouldn't like to talk about it with his parents.
  • He thought God could do everything.

Read the story and answer the questions.

A man and a woman died in an apparent murder-suicide last night in Altadena. The man was 74-year-old Dominic Vittorio. The woman was his 70-year-old wife, Victoria. The couple had been married for 50 years. In fact, their 50th anniversary occurred just a month ago, according to their next-door neighbor, Mrs. Allen. The couple was childless and had no close friends. Mr. Vittorio was a retired carpenter who had emphysema and was blind in one eye because of a cataract. His wife was a diabetic who had already had one foot amputated because of complications from the disease. Her eyesight was almost completely gone.

"They were such a nice couple," said Mrs. Allen. "I've lived next to them for the last 20 years or so. I'm widowed, and Dom used to always help me with things like changing light bulbs and fixing appliances. They had no kids, but they were always friendly to the neighborhood kids. Every Halloween they handed out tons of candy and fresh fruit. Unfortunately, about eight years ago, Vicky came down with diabetes, and things just haven't been the same for her or Dom. They used to be so friendly and full of life, then they just seemed to get quieter and quieter."

"She used to come over to my place once or twice a week; we would talk about all kinds of things and have the nicest time. Later on, that happened less and less as she got sicker. So I would go over to her house about once a week, and we would talk. However, the conversations steadily got shorter, and she seemed to lose interest in listening and talking. She didn't say it, but you could tell she was in a lot of pain."

Mrs. Allen said she hadn't even talked to either of the Vittorios in almost a year. They never came out. Even food was delivered to them by a local agency. She said she heard two gunshots last night. "It scared me half to death!" She immediately called the police. "Such a sad ending for such nice people," she said. "Together in sickness, but alone in the world."

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

What is the best title for this story?
  • Murder-Suicide — A Couple's Death
  • The Vittorios and Their Neighbor
  • A Kind Couple's Life
  • Mrs. Allen's Memory
In the first paragraph, the word "apparent" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • suspicious
  • appointed
  • evident
  • disappointing
What happened to the old couple?
  • Their child died some years ago.
  • They hated to talk to each other in their late years.
  • Mrs. Allen murdered the couple.
  • Vicky's diabetes worsened afterwards.
Why did Mrs. Allen go over to Vicky's house for a talk once a week instead?
  • Vicky was too old to move an inch.
  • Mrs. Allen wanted to spend more time with the humorous couple.
  • Mrs. Allen could not change light bulbs and fix appliances.
  • Vicky got sicker and sicker and was in a great pain.

In the second paragraph, the word "they" in bold refers to _____.

  • Mrs. and Mr. Allen
  • Vicky and Dominic
  • Vicky's daughters
  • The neighborhood kids
According to the passage, all of the following can be inferred EXCEPT that _____.
  • the couple might have lived in a lot of pain and loneliness
  • the couple had been living a quiet life before their death
  • a robber must have broken into their house and killed them
  • the couple had been married for more than 50 years

Read the story and answer the questions.

"My 10-year-old dog can't even walk up two steps to get into the house," Alicia told her new friend. "I have to carry Prince up those two steps. Late one night, I saw an ad on TV for Young Again Dog Beverage. They showed an old dog trying to get into an armchair. It got only partway into the chair before it slid back down to the floor. They showed another dog trying to catch a Frisbee. The poor dog couldn't even jump off the ground. They showed another dog going for a 'walk', but instead of actually walking, the dog was sitting in a baby carriage that its owner was pushing. These were all the 'before' pictures."

"Then they showed the 'after' pictures - after the animals had drunk the Young Again Dog Beverage for one week. It was a miracle! I couldn't believe my own two eyes! The first dog easily leaped up into the armchair. The second dog leaped almost four feet into the air to catch the Frisbee, and the third dog stood on its hind legs and pushed the family cat in the baby carriage!"

"Well, of course, I was sold! So, I sent in my $19.95 to the address on the TV screen. After it arrived, I put 10 drops into Prince's water dish each day for a week. Nothing happened. So I doubled the dosage for another two weeks, but Prince was still tired and weak."

"I called the company. They asked me what kind of dog I had. I told them that Prince was a mixed breed. They said the TV ad I saw was for purebreds only. They told me to order Young Again Mutt Beverage for $11.95. That was four days ago. I can't wait till it gets here so I can watch Prince run up and down those steps and start chasing cats again, just like the good old days!"

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

The article is likely to be selected from _____.
  • a literature book
  • a newspaper
  • a program called Discovery Times
  • a novel called Prince and Me
In the first paragraph, the phrase "slid back down" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • fell off
  • ran down
  • come up to
  • climbed down
In the second paragraph, the word "leaped" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • crawled
  • lay
  • hopped
  • stumbled
Why didn't Prince "become young" after drinking Young Again Dog Beverage?
  • It was a false advertisement.
  • Prince didn't drink the beverage.
  • It would take more time to see an obvious effect.
  • Prince's master bought the wrong beverage.

In the last paragraph, the word "it" refers to _____.

  • Young Again Mutt Beverage
  • Young Again Dog Beverage
  • Prince the dog
  • the TV advertising
What can we infer from the article?
  • Prince the dog might be very active when it was young.
  • The master of Prince was very angry about the effect at first.
  • Young Again Dog Beverage could be applied to all kinds of dogs.
  • Dogs of mixed breeds didn't like Young Again Dog Beverage.
According to the article, what was the use of Young Again Dog Beverage?
  • To make dogs grow stronger
  • To make dogs run faster
  • To make old dogs act like young dogs
  • To make dogs become more outgoing
Which headline best summarizes the article?
  • Old Dogs Become Young Again
  • How to Raise Dog
  • Flow to Buy Food for Your Dog
  • My Old Dog Prince

Read the passage and answer the questions.

The panda is a large mammal which is about the same size as a black bear. Giant panda bears have a massive head, a heavy body, a short tail, rounded ears and plantigrade feet (both the heels and toes make contact with the ground when walking in a manner similar to humans). Adult pandas grow to be about 5-6 feet high. They weigh up to 276 pounds, and males weigh 10% to 20% more than females. Giant pandas, with their short claws, are capable of climbing trees very easily and effortlessly. 

With few enemies other than people, the lifespan of a wild panda is about 25 years or more. The head of a panda is very large and has developed special molars for chewing plants and other things it likes to eat. It has powerful muscles which extend from the top of its head to the jaws, giving it the ability to crush very tough stalks. 

The basic fur color of the giant panda is white with black eye patches, ears, legs, feet, chest, and shoulders. Within its natural environment (pandas live in the deep forest and at upper elevations, snow, and rock), its mottled coloring provides camouflage. There is also speculation that its striking color pattern may be a clear message to other pandas to stay away from one's territory. 

The fur of the giant panda is thick and coarse. It consists of a coarse outer layer and very dense, wool-like underfur. To the touch, the fur feels oily. This oily protective coat helps protect pandas from the cool and damp climate in which they live. 

The earliest pandas were found in the ice age, about 1 to 3 million years ago. Fossils of pandas have been found in Burma, Vietnam, and China. The closest relative to the giant panda is the red panda or the lesser panda, which exists in India, Nepal, and China. The red panda is rather small, and it lives mostly on trees and eats roots, fruits, nuts, and insects for food. Many scientists classify pandas as raccoons rather than bears. In their natural place of habitat, their main predators are snow leopards, and starvation is also a common occurrence when bamboos are not plentiful. 

On average, a panda spends about 14 hours a day looking for food. When pandas are born, they are blind and very small. They weigh from 3 to 4 1/2 ounces, which is about the weight of a chipmunk. They start out with fine white fur and will get the correct colored fur within a month of birth or sometime later. Giant panda cubs start eating bamboo by the time they are 5 to 6 months old and are fully weaned by the time they are 9 months of age. At one year of age, the cubs normally weigh about 75 pounds. 

Adult pandas can eat as much of bamboo as they can in hours' time. Occasionally, pandas eat grass, bark, stems, leaves, vines, tree fungus, and some wild roots. Sometimes they also catch or scavenge upon bamboo rats. Giant pandas do not hibernate in the winter. They continue to eat bamboo and thrive in the area. 

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

According to the passage, how do pandas walk?
  • They use their head to balance the body while walking.
  • They only use part of their feet to touch the ground.
  • They have full contact with the ground on both their heels and toes.
  • They need to touch the ground with their toes first and then their heels.
What can be inferred about the giant pandas?
  • Male pandas are usually lighter than female pandas.
  • Male pandas can climb trees better than female pandas.
  • Pandas use their claws to climb trees.
  • Pandas are very much like humans.
Which of the following are probably the biggest enemy to pandas?
  • People
  • Predators
  • Environments
  • Diseases
In the second paragraph, the word "it" refers to _____.
  • the plant
  • the mouth
  • the panda
  • the head
In the third paragraph, the word "striking" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • obvious
  • dangerous
  • terrifying
  • colorful

According to the passage, what does the author suggest about the color of pandas?

  • It often changes due to the changes of temperatures.
  • It stays the same from their birth to death.
  • It differs from one panda to another.
  • It helps them evade enemies and mark the territory.
Why can pandas survive in cool and damp areas?
  • They have much oil in their bodies as a source of their energy.
  • Their oily fur has two layers and it's thick.
  • Their foods contain a large amount of fat.
  • People have made special coats for them.
What can be inferred about red pandas or lesser pandas?
  • They are a special kind of giant pandas.
  • They are even rarer than the giant pandas.
  • They live in places different from the giant pandas' habitats.
  • They are like the giant pandas.
What does the author suggest about adult giant pandas?
  • They can feed for a long time without stopping.
  • They like eating different kinds of food to acquire enough energy.
  • They often stay in the same place for a period of time in winter.
  • They cannot easily find bamboo in winter.
In the last paragraph, the word "occasionally" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • sometimes
  • however
  • therefore
  • surprisingly
What is the best title of the passage?
  • How Pandas Survive the Harsh Conditions in Ancient Times
  • We Should Protect a Rare Species — Pandas
  • The Panda Is an Amazing and Old Animal
  • The Environment Today Is Dangerous for Pandas