Đề số 17 môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 6 hệ song bằng Cambridge năm 2020 (Reading & Listening)

9/14/2020 4:09:00 PM
Some people prefer to watch a film first, and then read the _____ in the paper.
  • book
  • instruction
  • review
  • criticism
Using public transport is an effective way to _____ traffic jam and pollution.
  • reduce
  • gain
  • continue
  • increase
The _____ of the Rio Carnival is the Samba Parade with thousands of samba performers from all various samba schools.
  • best
  • importance
  • highlight
  • performance

Most young people nowadays believe in _____ marriage – first comes love, then comes marriage.

  • romantic
  • arranged
  • unique
  • contractual

She managed to _____ university at the first time she tried.

  • come into
  • get into
  • pass to
  • enter into

Andy is talking to his mum.  What does Andy say to his mum? Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A – H) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. 

A. Fine. He can come here later.

B. Did you? OK, then you can go out after lunch.

C. Your grandparents are coming at six. Don't be late.

D. I'm going shopping at four o'clock.

E. Maybe. Have you finished your homework?

F. Oh yes, I was. What about your bedroom? It needs cleaning.

G. Yes, I helped you with your French homework.

H. Really? I didn't see you working.

Andy: Can I go to Phil's house, Mum?


Andy: Yes, I did it yesterday. I only had Spanish.


Andy: That's because you were in town. I did it then.


Andy: No, it doesn't. I tidied it last night.


Andy: Thanks, Mum. What time shall I come home?


Andy: All right. I'll be on time.

Complete this letter. Write ONE word for each space.

Dear Maria,

I went to the town center yesterday and I bought of new clothes. Let tell you what I found. was a sale in one shop and I got two of jeans for the price of one! Then I decided to look in the market they sell clothes and other things very cheaply. I saw a beautiful leather belt and was only 10 euros.

You know I like T-shirts very . Well, I found a great one yesterday. The picture the front is the Mona Lisa, but the colors orange and green! This is now favorite T-shirt. What clothes have you bought?


Which notice (A-H) says this (1-5)?

For each question, choose the correct letter. 

1. You must drive carefully here.


2. You can eat cheaply here.


3. You can stay here on holiday.


4. You can find work here.


5. You must not go in this way.

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

My city
Pop singer Charlotte Bond talks about living in London.

I live in the center of London. I love it because there's always something happening and there are people around whatever time it is. Famous people like it too - they often come here for the restaurants and shops.

I've lived here all my life. When I was little, I had singing lessons at a place near where I live now. I was afraid of the teacher at first, and some of the songs we did together were quite hard to learn. But she was good at what she did and I learned a lot of things that have helped me in my career.

When friends visit me now, I enjoy taking them sightseeing. You can get a bus around the city, but we prefer to walk. I've got a little car and I love driving, but there's so much traffic here, and it's hard to find parking spaces.

One building I love is the Natural History Museum. They sometimes hold parties there, and last December my band and I played at one. I'll never forget it. When I go to exhibitions at the museum with my friends, I tell them all about that night and how amazing it was.

Soon I'll be leaving London to go on tour with my band. We're playing in lots of new cities and I can't wait to explore them. We've sold lots of tickets, which is great. I'll be away from my family for six months, but they're coming to see me sing, so it's fine.

(Adapted from A2 KEY 1)

What does Charlotte love about the center of London?
  • It is always busy.
  • Famous people often visit.
  • The shops are very good.
How does Charlotte feel about the singing lessons she had?
  • She's surprised she can remember them.
  • She's sorry she didn't try harder.
  • She's glad she did them.
What does Charlotte think is the best way to see the city?
  • by car
  • on foot
  • by bus
Why does Charlotte love the Natural History Museum?
  • She had a special experience there.
  • She thinks the building is beautiful.
  • She enjoys visiting exhibitions.
What does Charlotte say about going on tour with her band?
  • She hopes lots of people will buy tickets for her shows.
  • She feels excited about seeing new places.
  • She's worried she'll miss her family.

Read the descriptions of some words about holidays and travel. What is the word for each one? The first letter is already there. There is one space for each other letter in the word.

1. You need this to travel to some foreign countries.

p _ _ _ _ _ _ _

=> p

2. You need to buy this before you get on a plane.

t _ _ _ _ _

=> t

3. This is where you go to get a plane. 

a _ _ _ _ _ _

=> a

4. You put your clothes in this when you travel. 

s _ _ _ _ _ _ _

=> s

5. This person likes visiting different places. 

t _ _ _ _ _ _

=> t


1. Read the email from your friend Richard. Write an email to Richard to answer the questions. Write 25 - 35 words.

2. Write a story which has the title: "How I met my best friend." Write 80 - 100 words.

Bạn có thể tham khảo bảng hướng dẫn chấm điểm bài viết tại: Cambridge Primary Checkpoint 2017 - ESL - Writing 

(TiengAnhK12 chưa thể tự động chấm dạng bài viết như này. Bạn hãy làm phần này trên giấy và nhờ bạn bè/người thân/GV góp ý nhé).

Where are the glasses?

  • A
  • B
  • C

What time will she take the train?

  • A
  • B
  • C

How did the woman travel to work this morning?

  • A
  • B
  • C

What will the man eat first at the restaurant?

  • A
  • B
  • C

Why will the man miss the concert tonight?

  • A
  • B
  • C

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write ONE word or a number, a date, a time.

You will hear a man giving information about a city bus tour.

City Bus Tours

Name of guide: Greg 

Time last tour starts: p.m

Colour of tour bus stop:

Length of tour: minutes

Where to use ticket for discount:

Place tour ends:

Listen to Vanessa telling her friend Paul about a visit to see a special James Bond exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

Vanessa went to the museum 

  • on foot.
  • on the underground.
  • by bus.

Vanessa really liked James Bond's

  • helicopter.
  • car.
  • camera.

The museum opens at

  • 9.00.
  • 10.00.
  • 11.30.

For lunch Vanessa decided to

  • take a picnic.
  • have a hot meal.
  • get a snack.

The exhibition will finish on

  • 23rd April.
  • 24th April.
  • 27th April.