Đề số 19 môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 6 hệ song bằng Cambridge năm 2020 (Reading & Listening)

10/15/2020 1:35:00 PM

She is from Moscow, so she is _____.

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • American
  • Vietnamese

Lan promises to _____ her best in learning English.

  • try
  • make
  • work
  • learn

How can we express our _____ to others?

  • time
  • characters
  • feelings
  • friendship

It’s also going to rain _____ there in the evening.

  • thinly
  • thickly
  • heavily
  • softly

Some scientists and government want to send _____ to Mars.

  • pilots
  • aliens
  • astronauts
  • students

Complete the conversation. What does Stella say to the travel agent? Write a letter (A-H) for each question. You do not need to use all the letters.

A. Isn't it very busy in summer?

B. Oh, that's more than I thought! I'm going to have to talk to my friend first.

C. I'm not sure. I like places where I can do lots of things.

D. Really? I thought the beach was good.

E. That sounds more interesting. Is it easy to get to?

F. No, I have a couple of weeks free.

G. I'm not sure. What else do you have?

H. Yes, please. I'd like to book a holiday.

Travel agent: Good morning, can I help you?

Stella: H

Travel agent: Where would you like to go?


Travel agent: Florida is very popular.


Travel agent: It is all year, but there are lots of hotels.


Travel agent: Well, what about a holiday centre in Sardinia?


Travel agent: Yes, you can fly there easily and this year the price is only going to be 450 euros a week.


For each question, write the correct answer. Write ONE word for each gap.

To: Akiko
From: Josh
Subjects: Pets

you got any information about pets for our school project? I didn't have time to go to the library the weekend. I think I want write about dogs. What you think?


To: Josh
From: Akiko
Subjects: Re: Pets

I don’t know much about dogs, but Fred's got new puppy. don't you ask him? I found a really good website on internet today. It’s unusual pets like lizards and snakes. There also a good site about wild cats. Did you know that some people have pet tigers? It's interesting, isn't ?

See you!

Which notice (A-H) says this (1-5)?

For each question, choose the correct letter. 

1. You should be careful because this will burn.


2. You shouldn’t talk loudly here.


3. You pay the same but get more.


4. You should keep this in a cool place.


5. Be careful when you cross the road.

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

A wonderful year
Ben Jones talks about his year of travel before studying at university.

I always knew I wanted to spend a year traveling before university. I wanted to see the world, improve my skiing, make new friends from other countries and, more than anything, try lots of things I've never done before.

The first place I visited was France. I've always loved the French language and I wanted to study it. Then, while I was there, I became interested in French food. I took some cooking lessons at a farmhouse in the French countryside and learned to make lots of lovely dishes.

Next, I visited Australia. My cousins live near the river in Sydney, so I had somewhere to stay. To begin with, we spent a lot of time sailing in their boat. But then I got a job in a hotel. It was great - the customers and staff were so friendly.

My last country was Japan, where I learned to become a skiing teacher. I planned to do a three-week course. But when I got there, I saw that I wasn't actually that good, so I changed to a seven-week one. The course was amazing and afterward, I got a job with a skiing company.

The other teachers were very friendly and on our days off, we did activities like snowboarding. One weekend we even did winter camping. That was quite interesting, but it was cold, so I can't say I slept well! Anyway, we're all planning to meet up soon and I can't wait.

(Adapted from A2 KEY FOR SCHOOL 1)

What did Ben want to do during the year after he left school?
  • try some different sports
  • have some new experiences
  • meet up with old friends
Why did Ben go to France?
  • to do a French cooking course
  • to see the French countryside
  • to learn to speak French
Where did Ben live when he was in Australia?
  • in the hotel where he worked.
  • with members of his family.
  • on a boat on the river.
Why did Ben change his course in Japan?
  • He heard about a better one.
  • He knew he needed more practice.
  • He wasn't enjoying the first one.
What does Ben say about winter camping?
  • It wasn't pleasant at night.
  • He would love to do it again soon.
  • It was the most interesting thing he's ever done.

Read the descriptions of the different objects you would find in a kitchen. What is the word for each one? The first letter is already there. There is one space for each other letter in the word.

This keeps food cold.

f _ _ _ _ _

=> f

You can store bowls in this.

c _ _ _ _ _ _ _

=> c

You can bake a cake in here.

o _ _ _

=> o

You can serve food on it.

p _ _ _ _

=> p

You can use this to drink water.

g _ _ _ _

=> g

1. Read the email from your English friend Avril. Write an email to Avril and answer the questions. Write 25 words or more.

2. Write a story which begins with the sentence: "It was rainy last weekend." Write 80 - 100 words.

Bạn có thể tham khảo bảng hướng dẫn chấm điểm bài viết tại: Cambridge Primary Checkpoint 2017 - ESL - Writing 

(TiengAnhK12 chưa thể tự động chấm dạng bài viết như này. Bạn hãy làm phần này trên giấy và nhờ bạn bè/người thân/GV góp ý nhé).

When is Maria's party?

  • A
  • B
  • C

How are they going to travel on holiday?

  • A
  • B
  • C

How much are the concert tickets?

  • A
  • B
  • C

How will the boy get to school?

  • A
  • B
  • C

What can Maria see from her house window?

  • A
  • B
  • C

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write ONE word or a number, a date, a time.

You will hear a student talking to her classmates about a quiz.

School Quiz

Date: 24th September

Questions about:

Number of people in each team:


Give names to: Mr.

Time to arrive: p.m

For each question, choose the correct answer.  

You will hear a man, Ben, and a woman, Emma, talking about Ben's new flat.

When did Ben go to live in his new flat?
  • two days ago
  • two weeks ago
  • two months ago
How is Ben's new flat different from his old one?
  • It is nearer to his job.
  • It has better views.
  • It is larger.
Which room in the new flat does Ben like best?
  • the bathroom
  • the living room
  • the bedroom
What has Emma given Ben for his new flat?
  • shelves
  • carpets
  • curtains
Who lives in the flat next to Ben's?
  • a mechanic
  • a journalist
  • a police officer