Đề số 20 môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 6 hệ song bằng Cambridge năm 2020 (Reading & Listening)

10/28/2020 9:20:00 PM

The customers _____ what they want to eat and Indira writes it down in a notebook.

  • speak
  • ask
  • choose
  • find

A(n) _____ is the day on which an important event happened in a previous year.

  • anniversary
  • festival
  • meeting
  • birthday
A true relationship is thought to be a friendship that may _____ though changes in lives of the friends.
  • entail
  • remain
  • endure
  • continue
English is an _____ subject at school.
  • importance
  • important
  • difficult
  • interested
Since its rejoining in the Southeast Asian arena in 1989, Viet Nam's sports have made great _____, particularly in recent SEA Games.
  • success
  • invention
  • host
  • game

Read the conversation between two friends. What does Eduardo say to Matt? Write a letter (A - H) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters.

A. I've been to the festival twice.

B. Since last year. He's at university.

C. No, not for a long time. How are you?

D. I went to the Feria festival. Have you ever been?

E. My brother lives there so I stayed with him.

F. It was great, thanks.

G. In Salamanca in Spain.

H. That's a good idea. I'll do that next year.

Matt: Hi Eduardo! I haven't seen you for ages!

Eduardo: C

Matt: Good, thanks. How was your weekend?


Matt: Oh, good. What did you do?


Matt: No, I haven't. Where was it?


Matt: Did you stay in a hotel?


Matt: How long has he been there?


Matt: Maybe I will come to the festival with you next year!

For each question, write the correct answer. Write ONE word for each gap.

To: Lucy
From: Jen
Subject: Italian student

Hi Lucy,

We have a student visiting us this week. It's really exciting! She's Italy and she's really nice. name's Isabella she's fifteen. We speak in English most the time. She wants learn as much as possible. But she's taught me little Italian too.


To: Jen
From: Lucy
Subject: Re: Italian student

Hi Jen,

We had a student staying with us last summer. She Brazilian and her name was Mariana. She very good English. I didn’t learn Portuguese, but she cooked some delicious food for us! She was very nice and intelligent. She me a lot with my assignments.

See you soon!

Which notice (A-H) says this (1-5)?

For each question, choose the correct letter. 

1. You must use the stairs.


2. You can't go to class.


3. You should drive carefully.


4. You mustn't take your suitcase.


5. You must pay in cash.

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

This is the story of a man called Benjamin Mee, who bought Dartmoor Wildlife Park in the south of England. At the time the zoo was very old and didn't have many visitors. Benjamin, who was a journalist, had no experience of working with animals. He also didn't have much money. So why did he buy the park? The answer is, he fell in love with the place and wanted to help the animals there.

Benjamin's family was very excited about living at the zoo. When they moved in, the park had about two hundred animals including five tigers, three lions, three brown bears, monkeys, snakes and lots more. There was also a jaguar, which is a type of wild cat. Four days after they arrived, something terrible happened! The jaguar escaped. Luckily, it didn't go out of the park. It went into the tiger enclosure. Benjamin and the other keepers worked hard to get it back.

Eventually they were successful. Benjamin Mee wrote a book that told the story of the wildlife park. There was also a documentary on TV. Then film-makers in Hollywood heard about the story and they made a film starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. They set the film in California and used their own trained animals, not the animals in the wildlife park in Devon. Perhaps they thought one of them might escape!

When Benjamin Mee bought the park, _____.

  • he was a rich journalist
  • he knew little about animals
  • he spent much time working with animals

What is true about Benjamin's family?

  • His family wanted to buy some more animals.
  • His family took care of animals by themselves.
  • His family looked forward to moving to the park.

What happened after they came to live in the zoo?

  • The jaguar got out of the park.
  • Many people tried hard to get the tiger back.
  • The jaguar escaped from its enclosure.

The actor Matt Damon _____.

  • visited the wildlife park in Devon
  • took a role in a film with Scarlett Johansson
  • made a film based on Benjamin's book

Why did film-makers use their own animals?

  • Benjamin's animals might escape.
  • Benjamin didn't allow them to film his animals.
  • They needed more animals to film.

Read the descriptions of some things you can see at the beach. What is the word for each one? The first letter is already there. There is one space for each other letter in the word.

You can have a ride on the water in this. 

b _ _ _

=> b

You may see these swimming in the water. 

f _ _ _

=> f

You put these on when the sun is too strong for your eyes.

s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

=> s

People enjoy throwing and catching this.

b _ _ _

=> b

You can make this with bread at home and eat it on the beach.

s _ _ _ _ _ _ _

=> s

1. Read the note from your friend Eric. Write a note to Eric to answer his questions. Write 25 words or more.

2. Write a story which begins with the sentence: "Last week, I had to go to the doctor." Write 80 - 100 words.

Bạn có thể tham khảo bảng hướng dẫn chấm điểm bài viết tại: Cambridge Primary Checkpoint 2017 - ESL - Writing 

(TiengAnhK12 chưa thể tự động chấm dạng bài viết như này. Bạn hãy làm phần này trên giấy và nhờ bạn bè/người thân/GV góp ý nhé).

What time is the man's plane leaving?

  • A
  • B
  • C

What does the man need to buy?

  • A
  • B
  • C

What did the man learn to do at the beach?

  • A
  • B
  • C

Which man wants to see him?

  • A
  • B
  • C

How did the woman get to work?

  • A
  • B
  • C

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write ONE word or a number, a date, a time.

You will hear some information about a day trip.

Day trip to the lake

0. Name of lake: North Lake

1. Travel there by:

2. Time to meet: p.m

3. Activities: walking and

4. How much money to take: £

5. Meet at end of day at: the Hotel

For each question, choose the correct answer.

Listen to Lisa talking to James about her trip to Tokyo.

How long was Lisa's journey?
  • seven hours
  • eleven hours
  • thirteen hours
What did Lisa do on the plane?
  • She watched a film.
  • She listened to music.
  • She slept.
What did Lisa like best on the trip?
  • the theme park
  • the shopping
  • the palace
What did Lisa buy?
  • a Japanese doll
  • some CDs
  • some T-shirts
What did Lisa eat at the restaurant?
  • fish
  • an omelet
  • chicken and rice