Đề số 18 phần Đọc - Viết môn Anh vào lớp 6 THCS NN

6/24/2020 7:29:00 PM

Choose the correct words in the box and write them on the lines. You do not need to use all the words.

referee a sledge mammal rocket routine
steal patient therapy gossip suffer

Example: People can ride on this when there is a lot of snow. a sledge

1. To talk about other people or about things that are not important.

2. An animal that is born from its mother's body, not from an egg, and drinks its mother's milk as a baby.

3. Someone who has this characteristic is able to wait for a long time or deal with a difficult situation without becoming angry or upset.

4. Someone whose job is to make sure that players in a game obey the rules.

5. A vehicle used for travelling or carrying things into space, which is shaped like a big tube.

6. To take something that belongs to someone else without permission.

My sister has a baby daughter, and she is my first ________.
  • niece
  • nephew
  • cousin
  • sister
My son is quite _______ in Biology.
  • interestingly
  • interested
  • interesting
  • interest

My brother doesn’t have a smart phone. He wishes he _____________ one.

  • had
  • will have
  • has
  • has had

Choose the correct answer.

I have asked my boss _______ me one day- off to see the doctor.

  • to give
  • that he give
  • giving
  • if could he give

My mother forgot to _________ the faucet when she left for work. It made the floor wet.

  • turn up
  • turn down
  • turn off
  • turn on

We live in Hue, but my uncle _____ in HCM City.

  • to live
  • living
  • live
  • lives

If he eats all that food, he eats ______.

  • too much
  • too many
  • quite much
  • quite many

They go _____ at 5: pm.

  • school
  • class
  • home
  • to home

_____ he liked chocolate, he tried not to eat it.

  • As
  • Though
  • Since
  • Despite

The cat is _____ the left of the box.

  • to
  • in
  • on
  • at

Complete the conversation. Write the correct letter from A - J in each blank. There are three letters you do not need to use.

A.    Why didn’t you tell me?

B.    That's good. He can give us some advice.

C.    How do you know? Have you seen him trying?

D.    Of course I am. I can’t wait!

E.    Does he do it very often?

F.    Really? Why do you say that?

G.    He was interested in it.

H.    I don’t believe it.

I.     He has tried it for a long time.

J.    I didn’t know he was interested in it.

Mark: Are you ready to go to the circus skills workshop this evening?


Mark: Me too. I forgot to tell you, Nick’s coming.


Mark: Actually, he’s done it before.


Mark: I don't think so.


Mark: Because he's not very good at juggling, or riding a unicycle!


Mark: His brother told me, but don't say anything!

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. 

On his last holiday, Fred went to a beautiful island. His family swam and played a lot of tennis there and at the end of the holiday, Fred didn't want to go home. But they had to! They went to the to catch their plane. The plane was late and they had to there for twelve hours. It was very boring for Fred and the room there was and full of people. But at last, they could leave. When the plane was near London, the pilot said, "Sorry, everyone. The weather's too for the plane to stop here. We'll fly to another city and you can catch a train to London". But Fred and his family arrived too late to catch the last train so they in a hotel. They didn't get home until the next afternoon, so Fred had one more day of holiday from school. He was very happy!

Now choose the best name for this story: .

Read the passage.

The Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire is an enormous chain of volcanoes all around the Pacific Ocean. The ring goes from New Zealand up to Asia and across the ocean to Alaska. From Alaska, the ring continues southward along the coast of both North and South America. More than seventy-five percent of the world’s volcanoes are located in this ring.

Scientists are interested in studying the Ring of Fire because they can observe plate tectonics at work there. In 1912, a German scientist, Alfred Wegener, came up with the first theory of land movement. Wegener said continents are made up of lighter rocks resting on heavier material. Similar to the way large things move while floating on water, Wegener suggested that the positions of the continents were not fixed, but that they moved slightly. Later, scientists discovered most of Wegener’s ideas were right on the mark. They then developed the theory called plate tectonics.

According to plate tectonics, the surface of the Earth consists of a number of enormous plates or sections of rock, each about eighty kilometers thick. The plates float and slowly move at speeds between one to ten centimeters every year. That is about the rate your fingernails grow! Within the Ring of Fire, new material for the Earth’s plates is constantly being created as hot liquid rock called magma flows from the center of the Earth up to the ocean floor. All the existing plates on the Earth’s surface have to move slightly to make room for the new material.

As plates move both away from and toward each other, they run into each other. When they hit each other, one plate might move under another. This process is called subduction. Subduction frequently results in earthquakes. It may also lead to the bottom plate melting due to the extreme temperatures under the top plate. The magma created in this process can rise to the Earth’s surface and come out through volcanoes, as can be seen along the Ring of Fire.

(Adapted from Reading challenge 2)

Now use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER to answer each question.

1. Which ocean is the location of The Ring of Fire?

2. Who is the first scientist to carry out the study on plate tectonics?

3. What is the average thickness of sections of rock?

4. The growth of fingernails is compared to the speed of .

5. What is the material of the Earth’s plates?

6. What phenomenon is caused by subduction?

Rewrite the sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the original one.

"Susan and Amanda will help me learn my lines" said Natalie.

=> Natalie said ..............

Rewrite the sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the original one.

Jane's friend will type her essay for her. => Jane will have ...........

Finish the second sentence in such a way that it means the same as the sentence before.

"Don’t play your drums all day!" My mother told me.

=> My mother told me ............

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

You might be off the team unless you say sorry for hitting the referee. => Unless you .......

Finish the second sentence in such a way that it means the same as the sentence before.

If James doesn't score soon, we'll take him off the pitch.  => Unless James .........

Finish the second sentence in such a way that it means the same as the sentence before.

Does the classroom have 50 seats? => Are there ......... ?