Đề số 17 phần Nghe hiểu môn Anh vào lớp 6 THCS NN

6/24/2020 4:00:00 PM

Đề thi thử môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 6 theo mẫu đề thi của trường THCS Ngoại ngữ - ĐH Ngoại ngữ - ĐHQG Hà Nội. Đã có giải thích đáp án chi tiết.

How is the girl going to help her dad?

  • cutting the vegetale
  • laying the table
  • washing dishes

How much did the book cost?

  • £13.99
  • £15.99
  • £17.99

How will the girl get to her friend’s house?

  • by bus
  • by car
  • by bike

What did the girl lose at the show?

  • her hairbrush
  • her hat
  • her bag

What does Lisa’s Dad want her to do?

  • prepare a meal
  • wash clothes
  • help her brother practice reading

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write one word or a number or a date or a time.

You will hear a teacher talking to a class about a new music club.

New music club

Start date: 15th September

Day club will meet:

Time: from to 5:00 p.m

Teacher’s name: Mr

Teacher’s phone number:


Look at the sentences for this part.

You will hear a conversation between a girl called Julia and her father, about choosing a course at university.

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

1. Julia wants to choose a course as soon as possible.

2. Julia’s father thinks that studying business may be boring.

3. Julia’s father believes Julia’s friend is making the wrong choice.

4. Julia’s father thinks she might find studying business too difficult.

5. Julia is confident about her maths.

Listen to Susie talking to her friend Matt about going to the cinema. For each question, use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER to answer.

1. Who is going to the cinema with Susie and Matt?

2. Where is the cinema that they will go to?

3. How can they go back home?

4. What time will they meet each other? at

5. How much will the cinema tickets cost? £