Đề số 9 phần Nghe hiểu môn Anh vào lớp 6 THCS NN

6/11/2020 10:30:00 AM

What have they forgotten?

  • the tickets
  • the camera
  • the passports

What might Harry do if it rains on Saturday?

  • play volleyball
  • play badminton
  • go running

What time did Thompson ring?

  • 9.30 a.m.
  • 9.30 p.m.
  • 2 p.m.

What was Oscar doing when Isabel phoned him?

  • moving the furniture with his dad
  • eating dinner
  • painting the walls

What was the weather like on Beth's holiday?

  • rainy
  • cloudy
  • sunny

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR NUMBERS.

Hotel booking form

Arrival date: 23rd August

Length of stay: days

Type of accommodation:

Name: Mr and Mrs and children

Address: 29 Tower Heights, Dunbar,

Postcode: EH41 2GK

Contact telephone: 0131 9946 5723

Purpose of trip:

You are going to hear an information announcement for passengers on a ship.

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

1. The ship will arrive at about 7 p.m.

2. Children can have their own menu in the restaurant.

3. Souvenirs of the ship will be available at a reduced price.

4. The coffee bar is situated in the lounge.

5. A special event that is competition will happen during the voyage.

You’ll hear an interview with a girl called Jasmine, talking about her experiences of flying a plane. For each question, use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER to answer.

1. How did Jasmine's friend feel when she flew a plane?

2. What was Jasmine worried about at the beginning of the flying experience day?

3. Jasmine thought the teachers on the sessions were not .

4. What did Jasmine's instructor always do with her during the flight?

5. Which experience day would Jasmine like to try most?