Đề thi thử số 27 phần Đọc - Viết môn Anh vào lớp 6 THCS NN

11/12/2020 3:31:00 PM

Choose the correct words in the box and write them on the lines. You do not need to use all the words.

admit digest enthusiasm benefit experiment
defeat formal awkward graveyard processor

Example: experiment: a scientific test that is done in order to prove something or get new knowledge

1. : a strong feeling of interest and enjoyment about something and excitement to be involved in it

2. : to turn food in the stomach into energy

3. : not comfortable, embarrassing

4. : a place where dead people are buried

5. : to get an advantage, or to give someone an advantage

6. : suitable for serious situations or occasions

We ______ in our present house for 5 years.

  • live
  • have lived
  • are living
  • lived

We were too tired _____ doing the washing up after the meal.

  • out
  • over
  • of
  • on

Two friends are talking on the phone.

- A: "How about getting together for coffee tomorrow afternoon?"

- B: "______"

  • I suppose I do.
  • Yeah, it was a lot of fun.
  • That sounds good.
  • Yes, but I want to make it myself.

Peter is disappointed at not getting that job, but he will _____ it soon.

  • take on
  • get over
  • go through
  • come over

There will be _____ jobs for people because some robots will do the same jobs as people.

  • many
  • less
  • fewer
  • much
I'll never forget _____ Hanoi for the first time.
  • to visit
  • visit
  • visiting
  • having visited

If the weather _____ colder, I will buy warm clothes.

  • get
  • got
  • will get
  • gets

There’s _____ pretty cat in the garden. I’ve never seen it before.

  • the
  • a
  • an
  • Ø

Going by train isn’t _____ convenient as going by car.

  • so
  • as
  • more
  • Both "so" and "as" are correct.

I didn’t have enough time _____ my work yesterday.

  • finishing
  • to finishing
  • finish
  • to finish

Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-J) for each question. You do not need to use all the letters.

A. Well, I did a lot of things. I saw a lot of cultures and history. I went to wonderful places. Everything was really good.

B. About eight days. And I think it was more than enough to get a quick view of the whole island.

C. Yes, I had a really amazing vacation. 

D. I had a great time in Taiwan.

E. The Taiwanese food is amazing. You wouldn't believe how delicious it is. And it's surprisingly cheap.

F. Well, I really want to find out the differences between Asian cultures and my country's.

G. I spent about 1 day in the plane, which made me quite exhausted.

H. My family bought me a flight ticket and they drove me to the airport.

I. Because I've known a little Mandarin so I chose Taiwan to practice speaking.

J. I went with a Taiwanese friend. He helped me a lot during my vacation because I cannot speak Mandarin.

Hana: Daniel, I heard you went on a vacation, where did you go?


Hana: Oh, sounds interesting. What did you do?


Hana: How was the food?


Hana: I see. Who did you go with?


Hana: How long did you go for?


Hana: Why did you go to Taiwan?


Hana: Great! I see. I hope to have a chance to visit it someday. 

Read the text. Choose the correct word from the box to fill in each blank.

benefits | designed | achievement | active | bend | self-confidence


Bodies are made to move! They are not for sitting around in front of the television or reading magazines. Keeping fit doesn’t mean you have to be a super-athlete, and even a little exercise can give you a lot of fun. When you are fit and healthy, you will find you look better and feel better. You will develop more energy and .

Every time you move, you are exercising. The human body is created to , stretch, run, jump and climb. The more it does, the stronger and fitter it will become. Best of all, exercise is fun. It’s what your body likes doing most - keeping on the move.

Physical exercise is not only good for your body. People who take regular exercise are usually happier, more relaxed and more than people who sit around all day. Try an experiment - next time you are in a bad mood, go for a walk or play a ball game in the park. See how much better you feel after an hour.

A good sense of is yet another benefit of exercise. People feel good about themselves when they know they have improved their fitness. People who exercise regularly will tell you that they find they have more energy to enjoy life. So try your best, you’ll soon see and feel the .

Read the passage.

In the world today, particularly in the two most industrialized areas, North America and Europe, recycling is big news. People are talking about it, practicing it, and discovering new ways to be sensitive to the environment. Recycling means finding ways to use products a second time. The motto of the recycling is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

The first step is to reduce garbage. In stores, a shopper has to buy products in blister packs, boxes, and expensive plastic wrappings. A hamburger from a fast food restaurant comes in lots of packaging: usually paper, a box, and a bag. All that packaging is wasted resources. People should try to buy things that are wrapped simply, and to reuse cups and utensils. Another way to reduce waste is to buy high-quality products. When low-quality appliances break, many customers throw them away and buy new ones - a loss of more resources and more energy. For example, if a customer buys a high-quality appliance that can be easily repaired, the manufacturer receives an important message. In the same way, if a customer chooses a product with less packaging, that customer sends an important message to the manufacturers. To reduce garbage, the throwaway must stop.

The second step is to reuse. It is better to buy juices and soft drinks in returnable bottles. After customers empty the bottles, they return them to the store. The manufacturers of the drinks collect the bottles, wash them, and then fill them again. The energy that is necessary to make new bottles is saved. In some parts of the world, people find it normal to return bottles for money. In those places, the garbage dumps have relatively little glass and plastic from throwaway bottles.

The third step being environmentally sensitive is to recycle. Spent motor oil can be cleaned and used again. Aluminum cans are expensive to make. It takes the same amount of energy to make one aluminum can as it does to run a color TV set for three hours. When people collect and recycle aluminum (for new cans), they help save one of the world's precious resources.

Now use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER to answer each question.

1. How many steps are there in the recycling process?

2. What should people reduce in the first step of the recycling movement?

3. What kind of products should people purchase to avoid the loss of resources and energy?

4. What do the manufacturers do after collecting and washing the returnable bottles?

5. How do people in some countries feel about returning bottles for money?

6. and aluminum are two examples of recycling.

Complete the second sentence so that has the same meaning to the first.

They have to try harder so that they can pass the final examination.

=> They have to try harder so as to ............

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

Billy is a tall boy, so he can reach the ceiling.

=> Billy is such ..........

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

He invited a pop singer onto his chat show.

=> The pop singer ..............

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

It took Michael thirty minutes to take his dog for a walk.

=> Michael spent half .............

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

"You should do more exercise and eat healthy food, Jenny," the doctor continued.

=> The doctor advised ...........

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

"Why don’t you have a rest?" he said to her.

=> He suggested ……….