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12/25/2020 10:28:00 AM

According to the passage, what is true about the Greeks?

  • They had ideas about how Earth was made.
  • They had a lot in common with scientists of today.
  • They believed that Earth was made by wind.

Which of the following best concludes the passage?

As a result, _____.

  • many people are afraid of spiders
  • people should stay away from spiders
  • people like this are controlled by their fears

What is the speaker talking about?

  • Plays
  • Television shows
  • Movies

What is the best title for the passage?

  • Dance Customs
  • Prom Traditions
  • Prom Royalty

What are the speakers talking about?

  • What to do tonight
  • When to go looking around
  • Which activity is best

You will hear a conversation between a girl, Anna, and a boy, James, about a party. 

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

1. James is looking forward to his brother's engagement.

2. Anna enjoys her family parties.

3. James gets on well with his cousins.

4. Anna reminds James to buy them a gift.

5. Both Anna and James have bought things on the Internet before.

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write one or two words or a number or a date or a time. 

You will hear a man talking on the radio about a film festival.


Dates Of Festival

opens on for three weeks

New prize-winning films 

  • short films
  • documentaries

Locations showing festival films

  • Gifford Road Cinema
  • Riverside Arts Centre
  • outdoor screenings in

Talk by guest speaker, Paul Greenwood

  • about the career of Marco Rossi who was a director
  • followed by the film


  • in person at Gifford Road Cinema
  • by telephone on
  • online at www.cityfilmfest.co.uk

Listen to a man talking about family history. For each question, use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER to answer. You can listen to the audio twice.

1. What do we look for?

2. What new tool did Henry Louis Gate use in his study?

3. What in the DNA sample could show that some people come from a common ancestor?

4. Where did some of Gate's ancestors come from?

5. Bliss Broyard found that she was nearly black. 

6. What forms a person's identity together with DNA?