Đề thi thử vào lớp 6 môn Anh THCS Nguyễn Tất Thành số 5

1/6/2020 12:10:00 AM

Đề thi thử theo cấu trúc đề thi môn Anh tuyển sinh vào lớp 6 của trường THCS&THPT Nguyễn Tất Thành, gồm 20 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm, 04 câu viết ra từ theo mô tả và 01 câu viết đoạn tự do. 

He was born in England. English is his ________.
  • mother tongue
  • first language
  • foreign language
  • native speaker
They haven’t seen each other ______ Christmas.
  • since
  • for
  • at
  • in

"Make sure that the needles are sterile!". It means that the needles must be _____.

  • free from bacteria
  • slightly clean
  • straight
  • unused

"Let's get a video and _____ it at my house this evening," she said.

  • look
  • watch
  • listen
  • see

"That's a great _____," said Jane, "I've got nothing else to do".

  • pity
  • thing
  • idea
  • mind

They went to the video shop and _____ a film with their favourite actor in it.

  • chose
  • choose
  • thought
  • decided

When everything was _____, they all sat down at the table.

  • real
  • round
  • ready
  • gone

Sam sent a(n) _____ to his friend Billy to tell him about his nice present.

  • email message
  • coding programme
  • registration form
  • official annoucement
Nutrients are __________.
  • materials that living things need to live and grow
  • light in the air that plants need to make food
  • gases in the air that plants need to make food
  • materials that people need to grow different types of plants
What is the definition of survive?
  • to grow bigger
  • to stay alive
  • to change colors
  • to dry up

Ho Chi Minh City is _____ city in Vietnam.

  • biggest
  • the biggest
  • bigger
  • big

Choose the correct answer.

_____ the spring, I often go for a walk.

  • On
  • At
  • In
  • For

_____ students are there in your class?

  • How much
  • What
  • How many
  • How

- "Mr. Adams is going to retire next month."

- “_____”

  • Oh, I have no idea
  • You don't say!
  • Right, you’d probably be the next.
  • Congratulations!

- "That's a very nice skirt you're wearing."

- "_____"

  • How a compliment!
  • That's all right.
  • It's nice of you to say so.
  • I like you said so.

- "How often do you do morning exercises in the summer?"

- "_____"

  • I sometimes do.
  • Yes , I do.
  • I like it.
  • I play soccer.

Read the following passage and choose the correct answer.

It was five o’clock in the evening when Rene Wagner came home from work. She walked into the living room and looked at her three children. They are 14,13 and 9 years old. They were watching TV. The living room was a mess. There were dirty socks on the floor and cookies on the sofa. Games and toys were everywhere. Rene was angry, “This place is a mess,” she tells her children, “I can’t work all day and then do housework all evening. I’m not going to do housework!” Rene didn't do housework. She didn’t clean or wash dishes. She didn’t wash clothes, either. Every evening she sat on the sofa and watched TV.

After two weeks, every plate, fork, and glass in the house was dirty. All children’s clothes were dirty. Every garbage basket was full. The house was a mess. Then, one day Rene came home from work and got a big surprise. The kitchen was clean. The children cleaned the kitchen! The next day, the living room was clean, and the children were washing their clothes. Rene told the children “OK, I’ll do the housework again. But you have to help me.” Now Rene and her three children do the housework together. Then they all sit on the sofa and watch TV!

When Rene came home from work, she found the house __________.
  • clean and dirty
  • dirty and tidy
  • dirty and untidy
  • clean but untidy
Rene told her children ___________.
  • to do the housework
  • she couldn’t do housework
  • not to do housework
  • she wouldn’t do housework
Some days later, the house was clean again because _________.
  • she couldn’t let it that way
  • her children did housework.
  • her children didn’t do housework.
  • she did housework again.
Now Rene does housework again because ____________.
  • her children help her.
  • they can watch TV together.
  • her children wash their clothes.
  • her children don’t do it.

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank.

She is your father's mother (11 letters):

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank

You sleep inside this on a campsite (4 letters):

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank

This kind of hotel room is for two people (6 letters):

Fill in the missing word to complete the English proverb: Easy ___, easy go.” (4 letters):

Write a short paragraph (at least 40 words) to answer the following question.

What will your dream house be like? (You should mention its location, number of floors/ rooms, appearance……….)

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