Đề thi thử vào lớp 6 môn Anh THCS Nguyễn Tất Thành số 14

2/10/2020 9:43:00 PM
Đề thi thử theo cấu trúc đề thi môn Anh tuyển sinh vào lớp 6 của trường THCS&THPT Nguyễn Tất Thành, gồm 20 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm, 04 câu viết ra từ theo mô tả và 01 câu viết đoạn tự do. Đề đã có đủ giải thích đáp án chi tiết cho tất cả các câu hỏi.

Ho Chi Minh has a _____ of 3.5 million.

  • city
  • capital
  • population
  • country

_____ the right of the school, there is a lake.

  • In
  • In front of
  • Next to
  • To

There are many ____ history books in our library.

  • American interesting old
  • interesting old American
  • old American interesting
  • interesting American old

Playing chess after dinner sounds _______ to me.

  • boring
  • bored
  • boringly
  • boredom

The lab is _______from the bus stop than the library.

  • far
  • farther
  • further
  • B and C

- ”Can you come out to play?”

- ”No, we __________ dinner at the moment.”

  • have
  • are having
  • have had
  • have been having

 We saw the ______ for your flat in the paper.

  • news
  • advertisement
  • advice
  • publicity

If you have any excess _____, you must pay extra money.

  • furniture
  • tool
  • luggage
  • facility

Some of famous _____________ in Southern Vietnam are Hu Tieu Nam Vang, Bun Mam, fried rice, Banh mi, and many kinds of puddings.

  • foods
  • dishes
  • staples
  • ingredients

I called ____ you about my new job.

  • tell
  • to tell
  • telling
  • told

Lizzie has been having dance classes _____ she was four years old.

  • for
  • from
  • since
  • when

We need a _____ of cheese for the sandwiches.

  • kilo
  • slice
  • bottle
  • litre

Put _____ sugar in this orange juice. It’s tastier.

  • some
  • any
  • much
  • no

"Shall we go out to choose a birthday gift for Mary?" - "_________"

  • Good idea.
  • Happy Birthday.
  • Yes, please do.
  • Are you sure?

- “ I’m very tired .”

– “ _____"

  • Oh , yes.
  • Why don’t you have a rest?
  • It’s okay.
  • Thanks a lot.

- “I suggest going to the seaside on the weekend .” 

- “_____”

  • That’s a fine day.
  • That’s a good idea.
  • That’s a trip.
  • That’s a reason.

Read Charlie's story. Then answer the questions.

It's Charlie's birthday today, but he is feeling sad. No one has wished him a happy birthday. Even Charlie's mom seems to have forgotten his birthday. She just tells Charlie to play outside. After a while, his mom calls, "Come inside for lunch, Charlie!". Charlie slowly walks into his house. But the living room looks different. Charlie notices a big "Happy Birthday" banner. Then, he sees a birthday cake, balloons, gifts, and all of his friends. "Surprise!" everyone shouts. Charlie's face lights. He is happy and surprised. No one forgot his birthday after all!

(Adapted from Reading Starter 2 by John Thomas)

What is this story about?

  • Forgetting a birthday
  • Having fun at a friend's party
  • Celebrating a special day

Why is Charlie sad?

  • He doesn't like his party.
  • He doesn't like his gifts.
  • He thinks people forgot his birthday.

Why does the living room look different?

  • It is empty.
  • There are many decorations.
  • The lights are on.

Which is NOT true?

  • There are pretty things in the living room.
  • Charlie is happy all day.
  • No one forgot Charlie's birthday.

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank

When the weather is too hot for long trousers, men and women often wear these with a T-shirt (6 letters):

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank

You use this to record your thoughts or feelings or what has happened each day (5 letters):

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank

You can go left, right or straight on at this place where two roads meet (7 letters):

Fill in the missing word to complete the English proverb: " New one in, ___ one out." (3 letters):