Đề thi thử vào lớp 6 môn Anh THCS Nguyễn Tất Thành số 17

2/25/2020 3:58:00 PM
Đề thi thử theo cấu trúc đề thi môn Anh tuyển sinh vào lớp 6 của trường THCS&THPT Nguyễn Tất Thành, gồm 20 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm, 04 câu viết ra từ theo mô tả. Có giải thích đáp án chi tiết.

Peter bought a ______ car as a present for his wife two weeks ago.

  • new German red
  • red German new
  • red new German
  • new red German
Is this the first time you _____ this?
  • watch
  • ever watching
  • have never watched
  • have ever watched
They would like some milk ______ dinner.
  • in
  • for
  • at
  • of
The Sears Tower is _______ building in Chicago.
  • taller
  • the more tall
  • the tallest
  • taller and taller

I want to buy a dictionary. I go to the _____.

  • temple
  • store
  • bookstore
  • restaurant

I want everybody to listen _____ to what I am going to say. It is very important.

  • careful
  • be careful
  • carefully
  • carelessly

There aren't _____ eggs left in the fridge, so we will go to the supermarket to buy some.

  • much
  • several
  • some
  • any

__________ is a building in a university where students live.

  • Academy
  • Institute
  • Dormitory
  • Hall

Listen! Someone _____ at the door.

  • knock
  • knocks
  • is knocking
  • are knocking

She _____ the housework everyday.

  • does
  • goes
  • watches
  • plays

You’ll find pillows in the _____ department.

  • bed and bath linens
  • nightclothes
  • floor covering
  • utensils
_____ if a war happened?
  • What you would do
  • What would you do
  • What you will do
  • What will you do

Choose the most suitable response to complete the following exchange.

Complete the conversation between two friends, Trang and Linh.

Trang: Do you still collect English literature books?

Linh: _____

  • Yeah, I have about 50 now.
  • English books are interesting.
  • I am passionate about books.
  • Yes, I will.

- Lan: "Your cooking is very good. I have never had such a delicious meal before."

- Hoa: "______."

  • Let me congratulate you on it
  • Well done
  • Yes, I think so
  • That's very kind of you

Choose the most suitable response to complete the following exchange.
John and Mary are making plans for the weekend.
- John: “Let’s go out for a movie on Saturday night. ”
- Mary: "_______"

  • Yes, let’s do that.
  • No, I wouldn't.
  • I know! It's by the sea.
  • Watch out!

Read the passage and choose the correct answers.

   Cricket - how I detested this game when I was young! My family would spend hours and hours watching it on television while I angrily waited for it to end. Every game seemed the same. Yes, one team won and the other one lost, but it was always the same game - some men pitching a ball, some running back and forth.

   Then something happened. I became old enough to start playing cricket myself with the other kids in my neighborhood. We found a place to play wherever we could put up a wicket. We played on the street, in the backyard - even on the tops of buildings, believe it or not!

   I can recall so clearly the sounds of the ball hitting the bat and the quick running feet. I can still feel the sun on my face as I played and the bruises and scratches from falling down. I can still see the blue sky fading to darkness behind the buildings as our games continued into the night. It became my favorite thing in the world. Now I watch it not with anger, but with fond memories of the endless days and nights spent playing the game.

What title best summarizes the main idea of the passage?
  • Cricket: A Game for All Ages
  • How I Learned to Love Cricket
  • The Dangers of Playing Cricket
  • Learning the Rules of a Difficult Game
The word detested is closest in meaning to _______.
  • hated
  • played
  • wanted
  • watched
According to the author, what was surprising about some of the cricket games he played?
  • They were played without bats.
  • They were played on rooftops.
  • No one cared who won them.
  • No one got hurt playing them.
The word fond is closest in meaning to _______.
  • old
  • cruel
  • happy
  • interesting

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank

You hope these people will come to your party (7 letters):

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank

The pictures you take with this will help you remember your holiday (6 letters):

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank

If people go without a meal all day, they begin to feel like this (6 letters):

Fill in the missing word to complete the English idiom: "As _____ as a horse" (6 letters):