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5/27/2020 11:26:00 PM

Would you mind _____ your radio a little, please?

  • turning out
  • turning down
  • to turn down
  • to turn out

_____ help me make this decision. I’m just so unsure of which direction to take for my future.

  • I’d sooner you will
  • I wish you will
  • If only you could
  • I’d rather you

Mary is jealous _____ her sister because she is much more popular.

  • on
  • of
  • for
  • with

You can get a running-up nose if you _____ or an allergy.

  • had a cold
  • caught cold
  • will catch cold
  • have a cold

He _____ suntanned since I _____ him for the first time.

  • always looked/have met
  • was always looking/was meeting
  • always looked/ met
  • has always looked/met

Nam doesn’t watch TV _____ his brother.

  • so often as
  • like often as
  • such often as
  • as often so

It’s high time you _____ to study harder since last year, you had a very bad result.

  • will start
  • start
  • to start
  • started

What is the _____ time in Australia? Here in Canada, it is 7:00 p.m.

  • great
  • local
  • spare
  • stiff

Most people agree that the older _____ of the movie is better than the newer one.

  • masterpiece
  • critic
  • screen
  • version

We can _____ not only through words but also through body language.

  • talk
  • transfer
  • interpret
  • communicate

The main reason people use simple machines is because simple machines _____.

  • are easy to understand
  • can be made in different sizes
  • have many moving parts
  • make it easier to do work

What is the definition of a flood?

  • a large storm that forms over warm ocean waters
  • when houses are blown over by strong wind
  • when there is not enough rain in a given place
  • when too much water falls on a given place

A mineral is _____.

  • something that people eat
  • a useful thing that is not from nature
  • a living thing
  • a nonliving thing that is found in rocks and soil

- “Do you mind if I turn on the fan?”

- “_____ ”

  • Never mind.
  • Not for me.
  • No way.
  • Not at all.

- "Hey, look at my new ring, isn’t it cool?"

- "_____ It really suits you."

  • Absolutely not.
  • No way!
  • I'm sorry but I don't think so.
  • Yes, definitely.

- “How’s life?”

- “_____”

  • Not too bad but very busy.
  • Of course!
  • Please to meet you.
  • Sure.

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Out West

Eliza stared out of the back of the covered wagon. Fields of grass stretched for miles and miles behind them. Eliza thought she had felt every single bump of the wagon along the way. 

Riding in the back of the wagon was definitely not comfortable. She and her sister Martha were squeezed in among all of the family’s belongings. Wooden chests held clothes and blankets. Crates held her mother’s iron pots and pans. A barrel held bread and dried meat for the long journey.

Eliza sighed. She had been happy at their home in Ohio. But her father was eager to settle out west. There was rich farmland for the taking out there. He dreamed of a cabin and fields of corn. But Eliza missed her little house in Ohio. She missed her friends. She knew life on a farm was hard work. Would there even be a school out there?

Her father didn’t seem to care about these things. “The Civil War is over,” he said. “It’s time for a fresh start for all of us.” So they had packed up their belongings and joined the next wagon train out west. 

Eliza was relieved when the wagon came to a stop. The wagons in the train formed a circle. It was time to get out, stretch, and cook the evening meal. The men had killed some wild pheasants the day before, so dinner would be tasty, at least.

Eliza hopped out of the wagon. They were in the middle of a prairie. Colorful flowers grew among the tall grasses. They made Eliza smile. She still wasn’t happy about the move out west. But at least the flowers were pretty.

(Adapted from readworks.org)

The theme of this passage is
  • the beauty of nature.
  • the importance of family.
  • a new beginning.
At the beginning of the story, Eliza is traveling in a covered wagon. At the end of the story, she is
  • helping her father build a cabin.
  • sleeping in the covered wagon.
  • sitting on the prairie waiting for dinner.

What did Eliza think about the new place she would move to?

  • whether she could make friends
  • whether she could go to school
  • what she could do on the farm.

We know that Eliza has arrived at the prairie because

  • there were colorful flowers.
  • the grasses were tall.
  • all of the above.

It is a hard and transparent material. People use it to make windows, bottles and other objects. (5 letters):

This is a day on which a country celebrates being independent from foreign domination. (12 letters): day

The land is used for farming. It is not in towns, cities, or industrial areas. (11 letters):

Fill in the missing word to complete the English proverb:

"Blood is ____ than water." (7 letters):