Bạn có đạt trình độ A1 nếu làm bài test Tiếng Anh đầu vào ở CEC?

2/22/2019 1:11:57 PM
Nguồn: CEC Placement Test (phần đánh giá cho trình độ A1 từ Bài kiểm tra đánh giá trình độ tiếng Anh đầu vào của Hội đồng Anh ngữ Canada - CEC). CEC là một trong số ít các tổ chức đào tạo Anh ngữ mà đã thực sự chiếm lĩnh được lòng tin của các bậc phụ huynh và các em học sinh tại Hà Nội.

Choose the correct sentence.

  • Maria loves this muffins.
  • Maria loves those muffin.
  • Maria loves these muffins.
  • Maria loves that muffins.

Rewrite the complete sentence using the adverb in brackets in its usual position.
A. They read a book. (sometimes): .

B. Tom is very friendly. (usually): .


Choose the correct answer.
It was _____ gift I have ever received.

  • most expensive
  • the most expensive
  • the more expensive

Which word goes in the space?
Simon and Emma _________ going to get married.

  • don’t
  • isn’t
  • aren’t

Choose the correct answer.
_______ people live on islands?

  • How much
  • How many

Which sentence is correct?

  • This bread is delicious.
  • These bread are delicious.
  • This bread are delicious.

Choose the correct answer.
______ water do you drink every day?

  • How much
  • How many

Which sentence is correct?

  • I can’t to see you today.
  • My parents can come to the party.
  • We can visiting you at the weekend.

Which is the correct answer to this question?
Are you hungry?

  • No, I’m not.
  • Yes, am.
  • No, I not.

Which word goes in the space?
What time did you ____ lunch?

  • have
  • had
  • haved

Choose a possessive.
(He and Mary) ____ garden is beautiful.

  • Our
  • His
  • Their

Put in the correct preposition.
A. Where's Julie? She's school.

B. She plays tennis Fridays.

Choose the correct answer.
Thomas __________ nice.

  • is
  • are
  • am

Use the given words to build a complete sentence.
what time/ you/ get up/ in the morning?:

Use the given words to build a complete sentence.
where / she / go now?: 


Choose a correct answer.
_____________ two posters in my room.

  • There is
  • That is
  • There are

Choose the correct answer. 
All the children at that school have to __________ a uniform.

  • wear
  • carry
  • put
  • use