Time to Talk 2 - Grammar Test 2

3/9/2021 3:40:00 PM

Sarah is _____ at chemistry than Susan.

  • good
  • well
  • better
  • best

My class has more students ____ hers.

  • than
  • as
  • as well as
  • as many as.

Complete the second sentence using the word given that has the same meaning to the first. 

Mount Everest is higher than any other mountain in the world. (HIGHEST) 

=> Mount Everest

Bill Gates is one of _____ men in the world.

  • the richest
  • richest
  • the richer
  • richer

Teaching young children is the _____ thing in Jimmy's life.

  • rewardest
  • most rewarding
  • more rewarding
  • most reward

Choose the correct answer.

He drives as_______ his father does.

  • careful as
  • more carefully
  • the most careful
  • carefully as

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

Living in the countryside is more peaceful than living in the city. => Living in the city isn't.....

-"Excuse me, where is the post office?"

- "_____."

  • Let me see
  • About two hundred meters
  • Twenty minutes walk
  • Keep straight on for one miles

John is in Hanoi and wants to change some money. He asks a local passer-by the way to the bank.

- John: "Can you show me the way to the nearest bank, please?"

- Passer-by: "_____"

  • Not way, sorry.
  • Just round the corner over there.
  • Look it up in a dictionary!
  • There’s no traffic near here.

If Mr. Smith ______ me the job, I'd turn it down.

  • were offered
  • were to offer
  • offered
  • were offer

I would send her a fax if I _____ her number.

  • know
  • knew
  • had known
  • could know

If I _____ rich, I _____ around the world.

  • be/travel
  • am/will travel
  • get/would travel
  • were/would travel

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

When my father was a student, he used to playing soccer after school.

  • When
  • was
  • playing
  • after school
I used to ____ a lot.
  • read
  • reading

Rewrite the sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the original one.

When he was young, he lived in Hanoi. => He used ..........

When I _____ home, my father _____ my mother with the cooking.

  • came - was helping
  • coming - was helping
  • come - helping
  • came - is helping

Anna _____ last night when the telephone _____.

  • slept-rang
  • slept - was ringing
  • was sleeping - rang
  • was sleeping - was ringing

She was walking home when the wind ______ her hat off.

  • blows
  • blew
  • would blow
  • has blown

A: Why are you putting those books in boxes?

B: I _____ them. I don't want them.

  • am going to sell
  • will sell

A: What's the largest city in the USA?

B: Hmm ... I don't know. Wait. I _____ my dad. 

  • am going to ask
  • will ask
Look. These T-shirts are fantastic! _____ two.
  • I'm going to get
  • I'll get