Câu đố bằng tiếng Anh - Chủ đề Địa lý 1

1/5/2018 7:57:05 PM

Q. What country has great animals
Like a large bird called an emu
A cute and cuddly koala
Or a big hopping kangaroo

A. It is .

Q. Danube, Rhine, Amazon
Nile, Thames, Ganges
Hudson and Rio Grande
What are all of these?

A. These are

Q. This is a continent with great food
Working out which one should be a breeze
There’s Vietnamese and Indian
Japanese, Thai and of course Chinese

A. It is

Q. I’m a country in Great Britain
Where you might drink a nice cup of tea
My capital is called London
That’s home to the Royal Family

A. I am .

Q. Extinct or dormant
Or active maybe
Lava and magma
What could this thing be?

A. It is

Q. In this country most speak English
But you will find that is not all
As there are many who speak French
Like in Quebec and Montreal

A. It is

Q. It spins at 1,000 miles per hour
Although it is not a fairground ride
At its center there is a molten core
And it has a crust on its outside

A. It is the

Q. When looking at this continent
Some capital cities you might see
Include Warsaw, Prague and Dublin
London, Paris, Rome and Helsinki

A. It is

Q. There is one of these called Easter
With statues of faces made of stone
If you were on a desert one
You’re probably shipwrecked and alone

A. It is an

Q. I’m made up of thousands of islands
And my highest point is Mt. Fuji
I’m well known for my fast bullet train
Haikus, sumo and Hello Kitty

A. I am .