Câu đố bằng tiếng Anh - Phần 3: Chủ đề Địa lý

1/5/2018 8:19:59 PM

Q. You can navigate by the sun and stars
But there’s another way that’s the best
An item that uses magnetic fields
To point which way is north, south, east and west

A. It is a .

Q. Champagne comes from this place
And they make cheese called Brie
Their capital’s Paris
But what is the country?

A. It is

Q. When answering this riddle
Try not to get frantic
To the east of the US
What is the Atlantic?

A. It is an .

Q. I’m a country in Asia
That is well known for a Great Wall
I also have panda bears
And Beijing is my capital

A. I am .

Q. Nairobi, Cairo, Kinshasa
Accra, Freetown and Niamey
These are all capital cities
But on which continent are they?

A. It is

Q. This natural phenomena
Is caused by tectonic plates moving
It happens along a faultline
The Richter Scale measures this thing

A. It is an .

Q. I’m a country in Europe
My highest peak is Ben Nevis
I am known for my tartan
Tasty shortbread and haggis

A. I am

Q. This type of place has a lack of rain
So it is a dry and arid land
The most famous one’s the Sahara
Which is covered in a lot of sand

A. It is a

Q. This used to be on paper
Now you can get it on your phone
It can help you find a route
So that you don’t get lost and groan

A. It is a

Q. I am something people like to climb
But I’m not a tree with branches
I have lots of snow at my summit
So beware of avalanches

A. I am a