Science Grade 1 Vocabulary Review - Using energy

1/28/2019 4:06:56 PM
10 questions extracted from Mobymax (Science, Grade 1), to help you review some basic vocabulary about how people use energy. Learn more about Mobymax at
What is fuel?
  • anything that is burned to make heat or power
  • anything that is frozen to make cold air or power
  • anything that can create power
  • anything that can burn in a hot fire
What is a battery?
  • a container that turns energy into fuel
  • a container that holds energy
  • a container that holds gasoline
  • a container that holds small pieces of coal
What is electricity?
  • heat that makes things warm
  • a container that holds energy
  • energy that makes electrical devices work
  • anything that can be burned to make power
Which answer choice is NOT an example of using energy?
  • batteries powering a toy
  • a lamp that is turned off
  • electricity powering an alarm clock
  • fuel burning to make a truck move

Which statement is true about batteries?

  • A battery burns fuel to create electricity.
  • A battery holds energy inside of it.
  • A battery needs to be plugged in to work.
  • A battery does not convert chemical energy to electricity.
A car has energy to move when __________.
  • it has a shadow
  • it has fuel
  • it has heat
  • it is near the sun
How does electricity get to your home's outlets?
  • Power lines ==> Power Plants ==> Outlet
  • Power lines ==> Outlet ==> Power Plants
  • Power Plants ==> Power lines ==> Outlet
  • Outlet ==> Power lines ==> Power Plants
Why do you need energy?
  • to change
  • to move
  • to grow
  • all of the above

Where do people and animals get energy?

  • From the ocean
  • From food
  • From their shadows
  • From the Sun
How often do you use energy?
  • never
  • all the time
  • sometimes
  • most of the time