Life cycles (2)

1/29/2019 12:00:00 AM
This quiz includes 1 education video from youtube and 10 questions from Mobymax Learning (Science, Grade 2), to help you review some basic vocabulary about life cycles.

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What is a life cycle?

  • the changes that a living thing goes through during its life
  • the changes that a nonliving thing goes through during its life
  • the time it takes to learn how to do something
  • a fully grown living thing
What does germinate mean?
  • begin to grow
  • begin to hear
  • begin to die
  • begin to see
What is the definition of inherit?
  • to take something from parents
  • to become an adult
  • to get something from parents
  • to get something from the store
What does reproduce mean?
  • to make food
  • to make adults
  • to make babies
  • to make houses
What are offspring?
  • babies
  • brothers
  • adults
  • parents
Which statements are true?
  • A seed cannot make new plants.
  • A seedling has flowers.
  • A seedling is a baby plant.
  • A seed coat protects the inside of a seed.
  • none of the above
Which statements about cats are true?
  • Cats are mammals.
  • Cats are reptiles.
  • Baby cats grow inside their mothers.
  • Baby cats get milk from their mothers.
Tessa’s neighbor’s hamster had babies, and Tessa adopted one. Tessa’s hamster grew up to look different from her neighbor’s hamster. Why might this happen? Check all that are true.
  • Tessa’s hamster only inherited traits from its father.
  • Tessa’s hamster inherited just some traits from its mother.
  • Tessa’s hamster grew up in a different environment from its mother.
  • Tessa’s hamster is a mammal, but her neighbor’s hamster is an insect.
Which of the following are inherited traits? Check all that are true.
  • color
  • shape
  • dancing
  • height
Which statement is FALSE?
  • Inherited traits can be passed on to offspring.
  • Offspring have learned traits and inherited traits.
  • Learned traits can be passed on to offspring at birth.
  • Animals inherit some traits from their parents.