Đề thi thử số 3 phần Nghe hiểu môn Anh vào lớp 6 THCS Ngoại ngữ

1/14/2020 9:51:00 PM
Đề thi thử số 3 môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 6 theo mẫu đề thi của trường THCS Ngoại ngữ - ĐH Ngoại ngữ - ĐHQG Hà Nội. Đã có giải thích đáp án chi tiết.

Where is the photograph now?


What will the weather be like at the weekend?   

What was the weather like on Saturday?

What did the woman do on holiday?    

How is Susan going to get to the airport?

You will hear some information about a museum.

Listen and complete the note. You will hear the information twice.


The museum is open: Monday to Saturday

From: 9 a.m.

To: p.m.

Adults pay: £4.40

Children pay: £

Special prices for: groups and

Café serves: and snacks

For more information, call Winchester

Look at the five sentences for this part.
You will hear a boy called Jim and his sister Liz talking about housework.
Decide if each sentence is correct (T) or incorrect (F).

  1. Jim helps more now with the housework than he did in the past. 
  2. Liz thinks her mother spends too much time ironing. 
  3. Liz feels that dishwashers save a lot of time. 
  4. They both dislike cleaning the fridge. 
  5. Jim likes to keep his bedroom tidy. 

You will hear a radio interview with a man who works on an international camp.

For each question, choose the correct answer.


If you want to apply for the Camp you must______

  • be a student.
  • be at least twenty-four years old.
  • speak more than one language.

In a Camp tent you can expect to______

  • mix with other nationalities.
  • share with five other people.
  • know the other people.

The Camp wants people who are_________

  • good at cooking.
  • good organizers.
  • able to mix well.

What do you have to take to the Camp?

  • a tent
  • a map
  • pictures

As a Camp member, you should______

  • be a good singer.
  • join in performances.
  • be good at acting.