Đề thi thử vào lớp 6 do Amslink cung cấp #2

6/6/2019 9:46:37 PM
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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

  • club
  • jump
  • uncle
  • autumn

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • newspaper 

  • summer
  • customer 

  • distance

Choose the odd one out in the following question.

  • train
  • boat
  • ship
  • ferry

Choose the odd one out in the following question.

  • long
  • wide
  • young
  • thick
Choose the answer next to each line to indicate the odd one out in the following question.
  • carefully
  • badly
  • friendly
  • angrily

The children were asked to pick up the _____ in the school.

  • waste
  • litter
  • pollution
  • plastic

If you are telling someone the reason why something happened, you are _____.

  • warning
  • scolding
  • explaining
  • persuading

Choose the answer next to each line to indicate the right answer.
I was a bit _____ with my test results - I will have to work.

  • worried
  • nervous
  • happy
  • disappointed

Choose the answer next to each line to indicate the right answer.
You can’t use his laptop because it’s _____. He’s fixing it tomorrow.

  • breakable
  • unbreakable
  • broken
  • broke

Choose the answer next to each line to indicate the right answer.
They live in _____ London.

  • centre
  • central
  • center
  • centeral

What are you going to do _____ Sunday morning?

  • in
  • on
  • on the
  • in the

I need ____ help, Ed.

  • any
  • a
  • an
  • some

- “_____ are you going to see Paul?”

- “We are going to see Paul this week.”

  • When
  • What
  • Where
  • How

Could you tell me ____ time, please?

  • a
  • X
  • the
  • an

I am planting some roses. _____ help me get some water?

  • Have you
  • Can you
  • Should you
  • May you

Everyone _____ the new park.

  • likes
  • like
  • don’t like
  • is liking

Perhaps I _____ to Egypt one day.

  • am going to travel
  • am travelling
  • travel
  • will travel

We _____ to leave the classroom without permission.

  • weren’t allowed
  • couldn’t
  • needn’t
  • mustn’t

My mother _____ to me every week during my last stay in London.

  • writes
  • was writing
  • has written
  • wrote

Hong’s room is very dirty. _____ is much cleaner.

  • His
  • His rooms
  • Him
  • He

Fill ONE suitable word in each blank:

I had an amusing experience last year. On the way to a town in the south of France, a young man   my car and he asked me for a lift. When he got the car, I said good morning to him French and he replied in the same language. After that, we kept silent during the journey. I myself know a little French but I didn’t say . When I drove to the town, the young man suddenly very slowly “Do you speak English?” 

Read the passage and choose the correct answer to each question.

Sea lions are found in the Pacific Ocean, from the north of California to Mexico. These large animals live for up to 20 years and can grow to almost three metres long. The best place to see sea lion is Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. During the winter there may be as many as 500 animals there, lying in the sunshine or slowly swimming around in the water. They are very noisy, too. Tourists enjoy watching them but they are less popular with fishermen because they steal their fish and break their boats. It is easy to teach sea lions as they are more intelligent than many other animals. That’s why there are often sea lion shows at zoos and animal parks.   

People find sea lions in _____.

  • the North of California only
  • Mexico only
  • the Pacific Ocean
  • San Francisco only

Normally, the life span of the sea lion cannot be _____.

  • more than 20 years
  • around 20 years
  • less than 10 years
  • around 15 years
How many sea lions can be found during the winter in San Francisco?
  • About 500
  • Less than 500
  • A lot more than 500
  • None of the above
What does the word “they” refer to?
  • Fishermen
  • Sea lions
  • Tourists
  • Fish

Sea lions are easy to train because _____.

  • there are sea lion shows at zoos and animal parks
  • they are more intelligent than many other animals
  • they can steal fish and break boats
  • they are the most smart animal in the world

Write a short paragraph from 6 to 8 sentences (about 70 words) about your favorite TV programme. Use the following points as a guide:

  • What is your favorite TV programme?
  • Why do you like this programme?
  • What is this programme about?
  • How do you feel about this programme?

Với dạng bài viết đoạn tự do này, TiengAnhK12 không thiết kế chỗ để bạn nhập câu trả lời. Bạn hãy tự làm trên giấy nhé. Tham khảo đoạn văn mẫu sau đây:

The TV programme I like best 

I love animals and I want to get to know about animals in other countries. Wildlife programmes show animals in their natural homes. I do not really like zoos. The animals are treated well in zoos, but they are not free. Wildlife programmes are often about animals in danger. They are being killed for their meat, skin or fur. These programmes are useful and I have learnt a lot.