Toefl Primary 1 - Book 1 - Unit 3 (At the library): Mike in the Library

5/9/2019 11:41:14 PM
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Mike in the Library

Today, Mike and his mom are going to the library. Mike wants to find a book to read. His mom wants to use a computer there. When they get to the library, Mike finds a book about detectives. He also finds a book with chapters about a friendly ghost.

Finally, he finds a book about a man who lives in the woods without food or water. He puts the books on the front desk and waits for his mom. Mike's mom sits at one of the computers in the library. She checks her email and looks at pictures of flowers on the internet. Then she reads a news article on a website.

Mike's mom leaves the computer and walks over to Mike, holding up something out for him. Mike looks at her quizzically. It takes him a moment to recognize what she is holding. “I got that movie for us to watch tonight," says Mike's mom. “Are you ready to leave?”

"Sure," Mike says, now holding the movie out in front of him. He reads the cover while walking back to the library entrance. He puts his books and the movie on the front desk to check out. A librarian stands behind the counter holding an electronic scanner. "How long can we keep them?" Mike asks her.

"Three weeks," says the librarian.

"Cool," says Mike.

Suddenly, Mike is surprised. His mother is checking out something else that is too big to put on the desk. It’s a picture of the ocean.

"What is that for?" Mike asks.

"To put on our wall at home," says Mike's mom.

"You can do that?" Mike asks.

Mike's mom smiles at the librarian. "Yes," she says, "but we have to return it in three months."

Based on the books Mike finds to check out, we can tell that he is interested in:

  • science and adventure
  • nature and mystery
  • mystery and science
  • adventure and mystery

While at the computer, Mike's mom:

  • checks her order of a newspaper
  • draws some pictures of flowers
  • reads a news article on a website
  • looks at pictures of big animals

According to the passage, how long can Mike and his mother use the books and the movie before they must return them to the library?

  • one week
  • two weeks
  • three weeks
  • four weeks

Based on its use in paragraph 3, it can be understood that "quizzically" belongs to which of the following word groups?

  • abnormally, strangely, weirdly
  • casually, carelessly, indifferently
  • passionately, keenly, intensely
  • inquisitively, questioningly, curiously

As used in paragraph 4, the phrase "check out" most nearly means

  • to see
  • to rent
  • to find
  • to buy

What does Mike's mom want to do with the picture of the ocean?

  • She wants to buy it.
  • She wants to hang it on her wall.
  • She wants to give it to her friend as a gift.
  • She wants to donate it to the library.

Using the passage as a guide, it can be understood that you can check out which of the following things from the library?
I. pictures
II. furniture
III. computers

  • (I) only
  • (I) and (II) only
  • (II) and (III) only
  • (I), (II), and (III)