Toefl Primary 1 > Book 3 > Unit 2: Shopping for Clothes

8/20/2019 10:09:54 PM
Đây là bài luyện nghe bổ trợ cho việc ôn luyện Toefl Primary 1 > Book 3 > Unit 2: At the clothing store, nhằm giúp các em học sinh hiểu sâu hơn chủ đề này. Nguồn:

Listen and write the correct answer to answer these questions. Write ONE word only.

  • What size T-shirt does the customer want?
  • Does the shop have a medium size purple T-shirt? 
  • What colour T-shirt does the customer try on? 
  • Does the customer buy the red T-shirt? 
  • How much does it cost? (e.g. 12.20) 
  • Does the customer pay by credit card or with cash?  

A customer is at the clothing store. Read and choose the best answer to complete the conversation. Write a letter (A-G) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example.

A  Yes, have you got this T-shirt in other colours?

B  And in purple? 

C  OK, red. Can I try it on?

D  Medium.

E  Cash please. Here’s twenty.

F  Thanks. Bye.

G  Yes, I’ll take it.

Shop assistant: Can I help you?

Customer: A

Shop assistant: We’ve got it in white, black, red and purple. What size do you want?


Shop assistant: OK, in medium we’ve got black and red.


Shop assistant: No, just black and red.


Shop assistant: Yes, of course. The changing rooms are over there.

(a minute later)

Shop assistant: Is it OK?


Shop assistant: That’s £10.95. Would you like to pay by credit card or with cash?


Shop assistant: OK, thanks, that’s £9,5 change and here’s your receipt.