Toefl Primary Step 1 Practice Test #2 - Reading

10/1/2019 12:39:23 PM
Bài thi thử cho thí sinh luyện tập phần thi Reading của Toefl Primary Step 1. Ngoài 36 câu hỏi theo đúng cấu trúc đề thi chuẩn còn có thêm vài câu hỏi được lấy từ các ví dụ.

Which words go with the picture?

  • A barber
  • A chef
  • A bank teller

What does the arrow show?

  • A train
  • A bus
  • A bicycle

  • A computer programmer
  • An athlete
  • A florist

  • Mad
  • Mean
  • Cheerful

  • A barcode scanner
  • Meat
  • A cashier

What does the arrow show?

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Winter

What does the arrow show?

  • A plate
  • A bowl
  • A pot

  • A board game
  • Shopping
  • Reading

  • Sweat
  • Tears
  • Morning dew

  • A television set
  • A radio
  • A refrigerator

I design buildings.
Who am I?

  • A chef
  • An architect
  • A fashion designer

I only care about myself. I don't care about other people.
l am _______.

  • kind
  • generous
  • selfish

My hobby is playing basketball. It is fun.

=> I _____ playing basketball.

  • don't like
  • like
  • hate

This is a large shop. You can buy food, drinks, and other things.
What is this?

  • A library
  • A post office
  • A supermarket

You wear this on your foot inside your shoe. Its soft material keeps your foot warm.
What is it?

  • A hat
  • A sock
  • A mask

This is a string of jewels. You wear it around your neck.
What is it?

  • An earring
  • A ring
  • A necklace

This is a cloth bag filled with soft material. You put your head on this when you sleep.
What is it?

  • A pillow
  • A cushion
  • A doormat

You use this to eat soup. It has a long handle and a bowl-shaped part.
What is it?

  • A fork
  • A knife
  • A spoon

This is a large basin. You fill it with water and wash the dishes in it.
What is it?

  • A sink
  • A refrigerator
  • A microwave

Read about the event. Then answer questions.

How much is the prize?

  • $100
  • $10
  • $1,000

Whose photo should you upload?

  • My family's
  • My pet's
  • My house's

Where should you upload the photo?

  • The store wall
  • The store's online photo gallery
  • My blog

When does the event begin?

  • November 16
  • December 27
  • October 16

Read Sarah's student card. Then answer the questions.

What information can you find on the card?

  • Sarah's height
  • Sarah's phone number
  • The name of Sarah's school

What month was Sarah born?

  • June
  • January
  • July

What is Sarah's student number?

  • June 16
  • 2004
  • 257

What kind of school does Sarah go to?

  • An elementary school
  • A high school
  • A college

Read the letter. Then answer the questions.

Dear Mrs. Lee,
I won the 1st prize at the speech contest yesterday. I was very nervous at first, but I took a deep breath and tried to stay calm like you told me to. Thank you so much for giving me such good tips about how to pose and make eye contact with the audience. I am still very excited. I will show my medal to you next week. See you then.



Why does Joseph write to Mrs. Lee?

  • To ask for some tips about the contest
  • To tell her that he won an award
  • To invite her to his birthday party

Why is he still very excited?

  • He made a mistake at the contest.
  • He won a prize at the contest.
  • He has a speech contest next week.

Read the letter. Then answer the questions.

Dear Mark,
I am sad because my brother broke his nose at the soccer match yesterday. My mom and I were at the game and we saw him get hurt. My mom was pretty upset about his injury. He is at home now resting. I wanted to be a good soccer player like him, but now I am a bit scared. I don't want to get hurt and worry my parents.
Talk to you later.


Why is Roy sad?

  • His brother's team lost the game.
  • His brother got hurt in the match.
  • He has no one to play soccer with.

What happened to Roy's brother at the soccer match?

  • He broke his arm.
  • He broke his nose.
  • He broke his leg.

  • The oven is open.
  • The refrigerator is closed.
  • The refrigerator is open.

  • The woman has chopsticks.
  • The woman has a glass.
  • The woman has a mug.

  • The table is next to the painting.
  • The vase is on the floor.
  • The painting is above the vase.

  • Children are pushing each other.
  • Children are pulling the rope against each other.
  • Children are jumping over the rope.

  • The book is on the desk.
  • The book is under the bed.
  • The book is on the floor.

  • The weather is hot and sunny.
  • The weather is cold.
  • The weather is dry and humid.

  • The man is setting the table.
  • The man is serving food.
  • The man is wiping the table.

  • The girl is on the swing.
  • The girl is on the monkey bars.
  • The girl is on the slide.