Toefl Primary Step 1 Practice Test #6 - Reading

1/17/2020 9:49:17 PM
Bài thi thử cho thí sinh luyện tập phần thi Reading của Toefl Primary Step 1. Gồm 36 câu hỏi theo đúng cấu trúc đề thi chuẩn.

  • nest
  • bird
  • chicken

  • stuff
  • pants
  • ticket

  • noodle
  • rice
  • hamburger

  • cricket
  • umbrella
  • ball

  • grandfather
  • Santa Claus
  • elderly

  • fan
  • laptop
  • door

  • fish
  • octopus
  • starfish

  • His legs are normal, not injured.
  • One of his legs is broken.
  • He is playing football with his broken legs.

  • She is absolutely happy.
  • She has blue hair.
  • She is playing the piano with her friends.

  • The woman has a headache.
  • The woman is working.
  • The woman is crying.

  • There are two babies.
  • The grandmother is holding the baby.
  • This is a big family.

  • The mother gives her daughter lucky money.
  • The mother scolds her daughter.
  • The daughter plays with her doll.

  • He is playing violin.
  • He is playing piano.
  • He is playing saxophone.

  • Two boys are in a running competition.
  • Two boys are walking together.
  • Two boys are studying.

  • This is a teacher.
  • This is a shipper.
  • This is a policeman.

This kind of school is for children at the age of 2-5. Children can join a lot of fun activities and study useful things here. What is it?

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
This bird has two wings, but it can not fly. It lives in a cold area, for example, Antarctic. What is the bird?
  • eagle
  • penguin
  • parrot
You do it twice a day: after getting up and before sleeping. You use toothbrush and toothpaste. You ___.
  • clean your face
  • wake up
  • brush your teeth

When you eat, your food comes from your mouth to your stomach. And this is where your food changes into substances that your body can use. You are ___ food.

  • digesting
  • eating
  • drinking

The sky is getting darker, very strong wind appears, heavy rain happens. After that, there are thunder and lightning. What kind of weather is it?

  • hurricane
  • storm
  • drought

This festival is taken place annually on 25th December. On this day, people often decorate the Christmas tree together and have traditional dinner with turkey, cake, ... The festival is called ____.

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween

It is a large vehicle that is used for transporting large amounts of goods. What is it?

  • a car
  • a van
  • a truck

Read and answer the questions.

Do you like running? Or do you enjoy running races against your friend? Come to Green Park 2 km Junior Park Run every Saturday at 10 a.m!

  • Junior Park Run is for children aged between 4-14 only
  • All runners need a parent/adult at the race with them.
  • No bikes or scooters.
  • No dogs allowed in the race.
  • No need to bring water - we have a water station half-way
  • Entry is free!

Call 0788 9226481 for more information.

(Adapted from Close-up A2)

Where does the Junior Park Run take place?
  • Junior Park
  • Green Park
  • National Park
How old is the participant?
  • all children
  • only children from 4 - 14 years old
  • all children above 3 years old
What do the children need to join the run?
  • dog and parents
  • water and parent
  • parent or adult
How much is the ticket to entry?
  • free
  • £1
  • £3

Read and answer the questions.

(Adapted from Close-up A2)

Where is the competition?
  • Greenhill School
  • Green School
  • School hall
When does the competition start?
  • At the beginning of June
  • In the middle of June
  • At the end of June
What is the prize for the first winner?
  • an iPad
  • a camera
  • a scholarship
What is the competition about?
  • game
  • talent
  • science

Read the email and answer the questions.




Hi Alice!

How are things? It’s great to hear from you. I really miss you!

That’s an interesting project your teacher has given you. Why don’t you write about the special day we had at school a month ago? Everyone made or gave things to sell. There were cupcakes, bread, pizza, books, pictures, and clothes. Our families came and we had a party. It was fantastic. We made £1,600!

We gave all the money to help protect honeybees. A lot of the natural habitat for bees has gone because people have built houses and roads it. We need to save the bees!

Good luck with your project. Please write back and tell me about it.



(Adapted from Close-up B1)

What topic does Charlotte suggest Alice writing about?
  • animal
  • school festival
  • special day

How much did they give to protect honeybees?

  • £1,600
  • £1,500
  • £5,00

Read the email and answer the questions.

Dear Mr. McKay

Thanks for your email. It isn’t far from the train station to the hotel. After you leave the station, turn left and walk along Carlton Street. Then take the first right and go straight ahead. Eventually, you’ll see the hotel on your right.

We look forward to seeing you at the weekend.

Best regards

Jane Anderson

Hotel Administrator

(Adapted from Close-up A2)

Why does the author write the letter?
  • To guide how to go to the hotel
  • To invite Mr. McKay to a party
  • To apologize for making a mistake

What does Mr. McKay have to do after he takes the first right?

  • Turn left
  • Go straight ahead
  • Walk along 100 meters

Read the email and answer the questions.

From: Zach

To: Natalie

Hi Natalie

Your day at the beach sounds terrible! I’ve never had bad weather on the beach but your email did remind me about the worst weather I’ve ever known.

It was the time when I and my family were trapped in our house and couldn’t open the door because of the snow. Some streets, like ours, were covered. No one could come or go. Driving was impossible and some cars were buried. My uncle and his family had bigger problems, though. The roof of their house collapsed and they were very lucky no one was injured. Many homes in the city, including mine, had no electricity for a few days, so people couldn’t cook or use their heaters in the cold weather. It was terrible!

Let’s hope we get good weather this weekend! I’d like to go skating. Would you like to come too!



(Adapted from Close-up A2)

What happened with the Zach uncle's family?
  • Their house was collapsed.
  • Their house’s roof was collapsed.
  • Their car was broken.
What is Zach going to do this weekend?
  • Go shopping
  • Have guitar class
  • Go skating