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Choose a correct answer to complete the conversations.
- I don’t think I can come to the concert.

- _____

  • What time will you arrive? 
  • Are you sure you can’t?
  • Do you think you can?

Choose a correct answer to complete the conversations.
- Let’s have supper now.

- _____

  • You aren’t eating.
  • There aren’t any.
  • Bill isn’t here yet.

Choose a correct answer to complete the conversations.
- Have you shut the windows?

- _____

  • I’ll just check.
  • You don’t remember.
  • It isn’t open. 

Choose a correct answer to complete the conversations.
- My street is too noisy.

- _____

  • That’s a pity.
  • Do you like it?
  • Be careful.

Choose a correct answer to complete the conversations.
- Can you speak to John, please?

- _____.

  • Speaking.
  • It doesn’t matter.
  • How are you?

Read the article about Corryvale Farm and answer the questions below.

Corryvale Farm is in the west of England. Stephen and Jenny Blackler keep cows and chickens and sell milk and eggs. But most of their money comes from Jenny's sheep.
She has 50 sheep and each one has enough wool for six sweaters. Every six months, Stephen cuts this wool off the sheep so they won't get too warm. Five years ago, Jenny made some sweaters with the wool and tried to sell them at country markets. But it was summer and the weather was hot so people didn't want to buy sweaters. She then made some socks. Everybody loved them because they were cheap, strong and easy to wash.
That's how Jenny's business started. At first she made the socks at home, but soon she had thousands of customers so she bad to send the wool to a factory, where all the socks are now made on machines. There are six colours, five sizes for all ages, and different socks for walkers, sportsmen and skiers. Jenny is busiest at Christmas because Corryvale socks are a favourite present. On the walls of Jenny's office, there are lots of letters from happy customers all over the world.

Jenny only gets wool from her sheep once a year.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

It took Jenny a long time to make the sweaters.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Jenny couldn’t sell the sweaters because it was the wrong time of year.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Jenny decided that socks were easier to make than sweaters.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Corryvale socks are still made on the farm.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

You can’t buy Corryvale socks for children.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Read the passage and choose the best answer for the questions below.

When I opened the first “Body Shop” in 1976 my only object was to earn enough to feed my children. Today “The Body Shop” is an international company rapidly growing all around the world. In the years since I began, I have learned a lot. Much of what I have learned will be found in this book, for I believe that we, as a company, have something worth saying about how to run a successful business without giving up what we really believe in.
It’s not a normal business book, nor is it just about my life
. The message is that to succeed in business you have to be different. Business can be fun, a business can be run with love and it can do well. In business, as in life, I need to enjoy myself, to have a feeling of family and to feel excited by the unexpected. I have always wanted the people who work for “The Body Shop” to feel the same way.
Now this book sends these ideas on mine out into the world, makes them public. I’d like to think there are no limits to our “family”, no limits to what can be done. I find that an exciting thought. I hope you do, too.

What is the writer’s main purpose in writing this text?

  • to tell the reader her life story. 
  • to introduce her ideas to the reader.
  • to explain how international companies operate. 

What would someone learn from this text?

  • what the writer’s book is about.
  • what the writer’s family is like.
  • how to write a book about business.

How does the writer feel about the business she runs?

  • She doesn’t care about success if her children are fed.
  • She just runs it for her own entertainment.
  • It is not like any other company.

What kind of workers does the writer like to employ?

  • workers who can explain her ideas.
  • workers who get on well with the public.
  • workers who have the same attitudes as she does.

What kind of person does the writer seem to be?

  • She seems to be someone with strong opinions.
  • She doesn’t seem to be very confident.
  • She is mainly interested in making money.

Choose the correct answer.
Which statement about the circle below is true?


  • MN is a radius of the circle.
  • L is the centre of the circle.
  • N is the centre of the circle.

Choose the correct answer.
Which measurement is equivalent to 3 metres?

  • 36 centimetres
  • 100 centimetres
  • 300 centimetres

Which gas has the highest percent composition by volume in the atmosphere?

  • Oxygen.
  • Nitrogen.
  • Carbon.

Choose the correct answer.
Peter is sitting on a sofa and watching TV.
John is running in the park.
Katy is walking to school.
Who will have the highest pulse rate?

  • Peter
  • John
  • Katy

Read the text and choose a correct answer to fill in the blank.

The Globe Theatre

Visiting the theatre in London 400 years ago was very different from visiting a modern theatre. The building was round,  was no roof, and people got cold and wet if the weather was bad. The queen loved to the Globe Theatre, by the River Thames, to see the plays of William Shakespeare. All the actors at the time were men. The visitors ate, talked to friends, walked about during the show, and some people even threw things at the actors.
Today, it is still possible to visit the Globe Theatre. A new theatre stands in the same place the river. You can enjoy a Shakespeare play there or just learn life in the seventeenth century.

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
When she has to walk to the supermarket she finds it tiring.
She gets __________ when she has to walk to the supermarket.

  • tiring.
  • be tired.
  • tired.

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
She is often driven to the supermarket by her neighbour.
Her neighbour often ________ a lift to the supermarket.

  • give her
  • gives her
  • gave

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
There are many types of coffee there.
You can buy a ___________ types of coffee there.

  • lot
  • lots of
  • lot of

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
She asked an assistant how much the Colombian coffee cost.
She asked: “How __________ the Colombian coffee cost?”

  • much does
  • much did
  • much is

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
The Colombian coffee cost less than the Kenyan coffee.
The Colombian coffee wasn’t ___________as the Kenyan coffee.

  • as expensive like
  • as expensive as
  • as expensive

Listen to five short conversations and for each conversation you have to choose the best of three pictures.

How much is the car?

  • £1000.
  • £2000.
  • £3000.

What's Elena going to take to the party?

Where will Susan buy her eggs?

How will the man travel to London?

Listen to recorded message about an arts festival. For each question, choose the correct answer.

The festival takes place from_____

    12 to 18 May.

  • 12 to 20 May.
  • 12 to 28 May.
What is on at the Theatre Royal on 19 May?
  • jazz.
  • opera.
  • classical music.

During lunchtime jazz concerts at the Corn Exchange they sell_____

  • soft drinks and sandwiches.
  • wine and sandwiches.
  • soft drinks and light meals.

What is on at the cathedral?

  • music.
  • poetry.
  • films.
What does the festival programme offer at Ickworth?
  • a walk and a book reading.
  • a concert and a meal.
  • a walk and a concert.