Đề cương ôn tập HK II môn Anh lớp 4 - Reading #1

4/26/2019 4:43:45 PM
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Fill in the blank with the correct verb forms, using the “simple past”.
It (be)   George’s birthday party on Friday. We (have)   a great time. George (invite)   all of his friends and everyone (enjoy)  it. The lights (sparkle) , we (listen)   to music and (dance)   all evening. We (play)   games. I (clap)   when George (open)   his presents. We all (tidy)   up when the party (end)   and I (not want)  to go home!

Write the correct verb form of the past simple.
We (go)  to a museum to learn about the life of children two thousand years ago. Most children then (not want)   to go to school and (not learn)   to read. Many children (play)  games in the streets and with yo-yos and wooden toys. Boys (not wear)  trousers. They (wear)  short tunics, like a dress.

Read and answer the questions.
We had Teacher’s Day last month. There were many teachers and students in the schoolyard. Flowers were everywhere. Many students sang and danced. Some played football. Everyone enjoyed it very much.
Question 20: When did they have Teacher’s Day?
-> They had the Teacher’s Day .
Question 21: Where were the teachers and students?
-> The teachers and students .
Question 22: What did the students do?
-> The students.
Question 23: Did students play football?
-> , they .
Question 24: Did everyone enjoy the festival?
-> , .