Đề cương ôn tập học kì I Tiếng Anh lớp 4 - phần 5

8/5/2019 3:25:00 PM
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Put the words in the correct order to make questions.

  1. Helen/ does/ go/ school/ by/ to/ car? =>
  2. Play football/ do/ after/ you/ school? =>
  3. Sally and Polly/ do/ 7 o’clock/ eat/ at/ dinner? =>
  4. swimming/ do/Tuesday/ we/ go/ on? =>
  5. singing/ your/ like/ sister/ does? =>
  6. You/ do/ like/ outside/ playing? =>

Complete the questions using the correct form of “have”.

Example: Does your dad have a car?

  1. he breakfast every day?
  2. you a shower in the evening?
  3. your family dinner together?
  4. they lots of friends?
  5. Sally lots of toys?

Read and use the words given to complete the text.

Tony gets up at 7 o’clock on Mondays. He a shower and then he dressed. He has breakfast with his family. He always his teeth after breakfast. He never the bus to school. He always to school with his brother. After school, he with his friends in the park. Tony loves the park!

Choose the odd one out.
  • kayak
  • windsurf
  • dive
  • polluted
Choose the odd one out.
  • safe
  • tall
  • dolphin
  • clean
Choose the odd one out.
  • sorry
  • free
  • kind
  • water
Choose the odd one out.
  • first
  • ugly
  • then
  • next
Choose the odd one out.
  • beautiful
  • water-ski
  • swim
  • snorkel
Choose the odd one out.
  • penguin
  • monkey
  • camel
  • angry

Write sentences using the present continuous.

Example: She / write / a letter. => She is writing a letter.

  1. They/ watch TV. =>
  2. He/ wait/ at the bus stop. =>
  3. He/ skateboard. =>
  4. We/ do/ an exam. =>