ĐỀ CƯƠNG ÔN TẬP HỌC KÌ 2 LỚP 6 - Từ vựng và ngữ pháp#3

5/9/2019 12:58:01 PM
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Complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of the word in brackets.

Question 1

I don’t like that film. It’s very (bore) .

Question 2

Ho Chi Minh City is (large) city in Vietnam.

Question 3

The boy fell asleep during (perform) .

Question 4

They waited for his (habit) response.

Question 5

The male birds are more (colour) than females.

Question 6

Every pupil was very (excite) about the holiday.

Question 7

His parents are very proud of his (succeed) .

Question 8

David Beckham is my (favour) .

Question 9

I don’t know how you (celebration) your birthday.

Question 10

Some people feel that towns are too (noise) for them to live in.

Word form.

Question 11

It is to eat too much sugar and fat. (HEALTH)

Question 12

If you can give a reasonable for your bad behavior last night. I’ll forgive you. (EXPLAIN)

Question 13

My brother often does experiments on electricity for . (PLEASE)

Question 14

The charged me 50,000VND for each room. (DECORATE)

Question 15

There are many cultural between his country and mine. (DIFFER)

Question 16

A toaster is a that cooks food. (APPLY)

Question 17

in Vietnam has brought a lot of big changes. (INDUSTRY)

Question 18

After taking an aspirin, her headache (APPEAR)

Question 19

The she gave last night was marvelous. (PERFORM)

Question 20

The in his province is very dramatic. (LANDED)

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

Question 21

Most of the Earth’s surface (cover) by water.

Question 22

The first festival (hold) nearly eight hundred years ago.

Question 23

There’s some behind us. I think we (follow) .

Question 24

My mother (not visit) us since she (move) to the new town.

Question 25

This bike (use) for more than six years.

Question 26

Nowadays, many historical places (destroy) seriously.

Question 27

It (get) hotter and hotter in June

Question 28

Last month when we (visit) him, he (do) an experiment on the upstairs. 

Question 29

Tet holiday in Vietnam (celebrate) around January and February

Question 30

The Eiffel Tower is in Paris. It (visit) by millions of people every year.

Write the correct preposition to fill in the blank.

Question 31

Could I help you your bag?

Question 32

Na got up late this morning because her alarm clock didn’t go .

Question 33

I’m looking forward seeing you in June.

Question 34

In the competition, everyone fell deep and dangerous water.

Question 35

Ha Long Bay is recognized UNESCO as a World Heritage Site

Question 36

They have a meeting 6.30 and 9.30.

Question 37

My mother often picks me from the school.

Question 38

I’m going to invite my friends to come over dinner tonight.

Question 39

Next summer, my family will have a vacation Thailand and stay there one week.