Đề (chính thức) thi HSG Tiếng Anh lớp 9 huyện Phù Cừ, Hưng Yên năm học 2014-2015

5/14/2019 12:57:31 PM
Đề hiện chưa có giải thích chi tiết về đáp án.

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

  • meat
  • lesder
  • heat
  • sweater

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

  • foot
  • school
  • book
  • good

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

  • though
  • enough
  • cough
  • rough

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

  • century
  • city
  • teacher
  • afternoon

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

  • reported
  • intended
  • crowded
  • laughed

Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences.

The tree ___ by my father last year is very high now.

  • planting
  • planted
  • was planted
  • plants

She never let you cook the meal, __ _?

  • did she
  • doesn’t she
  • didn’t she
  • does she

I really regret ____ you the story. I didn’t know it would make you disappointed.

  • to tell
  • tell
  • told
  • telling

Not many people ____ for the meeting last night.

  • turned on
  • turned out
  • turned up
  • turned down

Would you mind if I ____ the window?

  • open
  • opening
  • opened
  • to open

These clothes need _____ immediately otherwise they will smell.

  • to wash
  • washing
  • to be washing
  • washed

Mary always wears nice and new clothes. She looks ____.

  • fashion
  • fashionable
  • fashionably
  • fashioned

They wish they ___ have to work hard to earn money.

  • couldn’t
  • can’t
  • don’t
  • didn’t

If the weather _____ fine tomorrow, we ____ on a picnic.

  • is/go
  • is/ will go
  • will be/go
  • will be/will go

Vietnamese people are always proud ___ Vietnam’s traditions and customs.

  • in
  • of
  • on
  • at

Supply the appropriate form of the words in CAPITAL to complete each sentence. Write them on your answer sheet.

Question 16. Wearing seat belts in cars is by law. (COMPEL)

Question 17. He drives very . He is sure to have an accident. (CARE)

Question 18. She will never forget her happy    (CHILD)

Question 19. The phone doesn’t work. It’s been   (CONNECTION)

Question 20. I watch the news every day because it’s very   (INFORM)

Question 21. The Internet has developed in every field. (INCREASE)

Question 22. You are only one of many for that job. (APPLY)

Question 23. John likes a lot of dishes of Vietnam, Pho. (SPECIAL)

Question 24. The house is large, but it is terribly to live. (COMFORT)

Question 25. Many designers took from Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. (INSPIRE)

Choose the word or phrase that best fits the numbered blanks in the following passage. 


Paul had a very interesting summer holiday this year. His French pen – a friend invited him to visit her family in the south of France. Paul by plane from London to Paris. Marie, his French friend, him in Paris and together they took a train from Paris to Marseilles. Marseilles is the town Marie’s family lives. It is a very large port. A lot of people live in Marseilles and are many interesting shops and cafes there. Paul started learning French at school two years ago and he spoke French all the time with Mare and her family. , it was very difficult for him but soon it became easier. One day, Marie and her parents Paul for a picnic in the mountains. They climbed a big hill. From the top of the hill, they had a wonderful . In the , they could see the sea. Paul was very sad when it was time to go back to London and school. He is already looking to the next summer when Marie is going to spend her holidays with his family in England.

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word. 


Louis Armstrong, who born in 1990 and died in 1971, was a very famous jazz musician. He used to be known “Satchmo” and this nickname stayed with him for the rest of his . As a child in New Orleans, he learned to the trumpet while he was living in a special home for children who had got into with the police. When he had finished his stay in the home, he joined various bands and then he formed his own. Between 1925 1928, he made about 60 records. These records made him one the first solo stars in the history of pop . When he died, he had been making records and he had been touring all over the for more than forty years, and he was just as popular he had been before. He even had a number one pop record – What A Wonderful World – in the 1960s.

Read the following passage carefully and then choose the best answer to the questions below. 

Mr. Smith gave his wife 10 pounds for her birthday – ten pretty pound notes. So a day after her birthday, Mrs. Smith went shopping. She queued for a bus, got on and sat down next to an old lady. After a while, she noticed that the old lady’s handbag was open. Inside it, she saw a wad of pound notes exactly the ones her husband had given her. So she quickly looked into her own bag – the notes had gone! Mrs. Smith was sure that the old lady who was sitting next to her had stolen them. She thought she would have to call the police; but as she disliked making a fuss and making people into trouble, she decided to take back the money from the old lady’s handbag and say nothing more about it. She looked around the bus to make sure that nobody was watching, and then she carefully put her hand into the old lady’s bag, took the notes and put them in her own bag. When she got home that evening, she showed her husband the beautiful hat she had bought. “How did you pay for it?” he asked. “With the money, you gave me on my birthday, of course”, she replied. “Oh? What’s that then?” he asked as he pointed a wad of ten-pound notes on the table.

When did Mrs. Smith go shopping?

  • After a while
  • On her birthday
  • Ten days ago
  • The day after her birthday

What did Mrs. Smith see in the old lady’s handbag?

  • a pound note
  • a wad of ten-pound notes
  • a wad of pound notes
  • ten pounds

What was Mrs. Smith sure the old lady had done?

  • stolen her money
  • called the police
  • given her money to her husband
  • taken her bag

Why did Mrs. Smith look round the bus?

  • to call the police
  • to ensure no one was looking at her
  • to make a fuss
  • to look for her money

What can be inferred at the end of the story?

  • Mrs. Smith bought a beautiful hat.
  • Mr. Smith didn't know how his wife had paid for the hat.
  • Mrs. Smith told her husband about the story on the bus.
  • Mrs. Smith misunderstood the old lady.

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting.

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Your brother’s birthday is in December 22nd, isn’t it?

  • brother’s
  • in
  • 22nd
  • isn’t it

Linda wishes she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

  • wishes
  • is
  • most
  • in

What I told her a few days ago were not the solutions to most of her problems.

  • What I told her
  • were
  • to
  • most of

When he saw the teacher looking at him, he stopped to talk.

  • When
  • saw
  • looking
  • to talk

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

I don’t know the town very well because I am only here since last week.

  • don’t know
  • very well
  • am
  • last week

The book writing by my uncle has just been published.

  • writing
  • has
  • been
  • published

Nancy was made repeat the whole reading.

  • was made
  • repeat
  • the whole
  • reading

If I was in your place, I would make a trip to England.

  • was
  • your place
  • a trip
  • to England

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

The children are very boring and they don’t know what to do.

  • The children
  • boring
  • don’t
  • what to do

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

The company has too little money that it can hardly operate anymore.

  • has
  • too little
  • it
  • operate

Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it. 

Question 61. I haven’t seen my sister since 2006.

=> I last .

Question 62. He is too young to go to school alone.

=> He is .

Question 63. We spent two hours getting to London.

=> It took .

Question 64. If you don’t try hard, you will not pass your final exam.

=> Unless .

Question 65. “Let’s go to the cinema.”, Lien said.

=> Lien suggested .

Question 66. The poor farmer was tired but he kept working.

=> In spite .

Question 67. Has someone booked the seats yet?

=> Have ?

Question 68. Is it really necessary for us to arrive so early?

=> Do we really ?

Question 69. He has never played a computer game before.

=> This is .

Question 70. Everyone heard about the accident before I did.

=> I was the .

Use the cues, write complete sentences. 

Question 71. I/ arrive/ Ho Chi Minh City/ this morning.

Question 72. Mr. Hai/ my uncle/ pick/ me/ Tan Son Nhat airport. He/ I / home/ bus.

Question 73. We/ dinner/ lot/ Sai Gon specialties.

Question 74. I/ bring/ your present/ your aunt/ Nguyen Trai street/ tomorrow.

Question 75. Mr. Hai/ also/ promise/ take me/ Duc Ba church. I/ fly/ back/ Ha Noi/ two days.

Question 76. When/ I/ meet you/ have/ chance/ enjoy/ Sai Gon foods.