Đề (chính thức) thi HSG Tiếng Anh lớp 9 cấp tỉnh Kiên Giang năm học 2012-2013

5/14/2019 1:05:08 PM
Đề thi chính thức ngày 1/3/2013. Đề hiện chưa có giải thích chi tiết về đáp án, TiengAnhK12 sẽ sớm bổ sung.

Xác định trọng âm (âm tiết được nhấn mạnh) của các từ sau.

  1. Dấu nhấn đặt ở âm tiết thứ nhất
  2. Dấu nhấn đặt ở âm tiết thứ nhì
  3. Dấu nhấn đặt ở âm tiết thứ ba

Q11. Behavior

Q12. Generous

Q13. Magically

Q14. Recycle

Q15. Satisfactory

Q16. Academic

Q17. Demonstrate

Q18. Emigrate

Q19. Representative

Q20. Requirement

Tìm từ phù hợp với lời mô tả.  Chữ cái đầu tiên được cho sẵn; mỗi dấu _ là một chữ cái trong từ đó. Viết từ tìm được vào chỗ trống sau dấu =.

Câu 0 là ví dụ: Perhaps you can buy a sandwich or a drink here if you’re hungry or thirsty.

C_ _ _ = cafe

Q21. This is a kind of table that you sit and work at.

D_ _ _ =

Q22. You need some paper and a pencil but no paints to do one of these.

D_ _ _ _ _ _ =

Q23. If you don’t know how to spell a word, look for it in this.

D_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ =

Q24. The teacher may write on this at the front of the class.

B_ _ _ _  =

Q25. If your teacher asks you one of these, give him the answer if you can.

Q_ _ _ _ _ _ _ =

Q26. At some schools, the pupils all have to wear this so they all look the same.

U_ _ _ _ _ _  =

Q27. There is a lot of this on busy roads in the centre of some cities.

T_ _ _ _ _ _ =

Q28. People can go to this building to get some money if they need it.

B_ _ _ =

Q#29. To catch a train, you have to go to this place.

S_ _ _ _ _ _ =

Q30. These people have difficult and dangerous jobs sometimes. They work hard to make our cities safe.

P_ _ _ _ _ =

Mỗi chỗ được gạch dưới có chứa lỗi dùng từ, ngữ pháp hoặc chính tả. Viết lại cho đúng phần gạch dưới vào khoảng trống sau mỗi số tương ứng. 

Câu 0, câu 0’ và câu 0” là những ví dụ

0: invited Liz to join

0’: to the north of

0”: lies

On Sunday, Ba invited Liz join (0) his family on a day trip to his home village about 60 kilometers to the north in (0’) Ha Noi. The village is lying (0”) near the foot of a mountain and by a river. Many people go there on weekends to have a rest after a hard working week.

(1) The journey to the village is very interested . (2) People have the chance to travel between the green paddy field and cross a small bamboo forest before we reach a big old banyan tree at the entrance to the village.

(3) Liz met Ba’s family at his house early in the morning; and after two hours to travel by bus , they reached the big old tree. (4) Everyone felt tired and hungry, however they sat under the tree and had a snack.

(5) After the meal, they started to walk back the village for about thirty minutes to visit Ba’s uncle. (6) But then , they walked up the mountain to visit the shrine of a Vietnamese hero and enjoy the fresh air there. (7) In the afternoon, they went to boat in the river and had a picnic on the river bank after going home late in the evening. (8) It was an enjoyable day. Liz took a lot of photos to show the trip to her parents.

Hoàn thành đoạn văn sau, dùng một từ được cho trong ngoặc. 

Câu 0 là ví dụ

Weather (destroys, influences, prevents) (0) influences the lives of everyone. The climate of any country depends on its position on Earth, its from the sea and how high it is. In countries which have sea all them, like Britain and New Zealand, winters are mild and summers are cool. There is not a huge change from one season to . Countries near the Equator have hot weather all year with some rain, except in deserts where it rains little. Above the desert, there are no clouds in the sky so the of the sun can easily warm the ground during the day but it gets very cold at night. People are always in unusual weather and pictures of tornadoes, for example, are shown on television. Strong winds and rain can a lot of damage to buildings and in spite of modern of weather forecasting they can surprise us.

Những người này  (1, 2, 3, 4 và 5) muốn học một môn thể thao mới. Trung tâm thể thao nào bên dưới thích hợp nhất cho mỗi người (số). Viết chữ cái tương ứng với trung tâm được chọn vào bên cạnh mỗi số bên cạnh mỗi người.


A. Suzanne’s Riding School: You can start horse-riding at any age. Choose private of group lessons any weekday between 9 a.m and 8.30 p.m (3.30 p.m on Saturdays). There are 10 kilometers of tracks and paths for leisurely rides across farmland and open country. You will need a riding hat.

B. Lackford Sailing Club: Our Young Sailor’s Course leads to the Stage 1 Sailing qualification. You’ll learn how to sail safely and the course also covers sailing theory and first aid. Have fun with other course members afterward in the clubroom. There are 10 weekly two-hour lessons (Tuesdays 6 p.m – 8 p.m).

C. Adonis Dive Centre: Our experienced instructors offer one-month courses in deep-sea diving for beginners. There are two evening lessons a week, in which you learn to breathe underwater and use the equipment safely. You only need a swimming costume and towel. Reduced rates for couples.

D. Windmill Tennis Academy: Learn to play tennis in the heart of the city and have fun at our tennis weekends. Arrive on Friday evening, learn the basic strokes on Saturday and play in a competition on Sunday. There’s also a disco and swimming pool. White tennis clothes and racket are required.

E. Hilton Ski Centre: If you take our 20-hour course a week or two before your skiing holiday, you’ll enjoy your holiday more. Learn how to use a ski-lift, how to slow down and, most importantly, how to stop! The center is open from noon to 10 p.m. Skis and boots can be hired.

F. Avon Watersports Club: We use a two-kilometer length of the river for speedboat racing and water-skiing. A beginners’ course consists of ten 20-minute lessons. You will learn to handle position and is open daily from 9 a.m to 4 p.m, with lessons all through the day.

G. Ienmorie Golf Club: After a three-hour introduction with a professional golfer, you can join this golf club. The course stretches across beautiful rolling hills and is open from dawn until dusk daily. There are regular social evenings on Saturdays in the club bar. You will need your own golf equipment.

H. Hadlow Aero Club: Enjoy a different view of the countryside from one of our two-seater light airplanes. After a 50-hour course with our qualified instructor, you could get your own pilot’s license. Beginners’ lessons for over-18s are arranged on weekdays after 4 p.m


Question 51. Dionysis works in the city center and wants to take up a sport that he can do regularly in his lunch hour. He enjoys activities which are fast and a bit dangerous.

Question 52. John and Betty already play golf at weekends. Now they have retired, they want to learn a new activity they can do together in the mornings in the countryside.

Question  53. In six weeks’ time, Juan is having a holiday on a Caribbean island, where he plans to explore the ocean depths. He has a 9-to-5 job and wants to prepare for this holiday after work.

Question 54. Tomoko and Natalie are 16. They want to do an activity one evening a week and get a certificate at the end. They would also like to make new friends.

Question 55. Alice has a well-paid but stressful job. She would like to take up a sport which she can do outside the city each weekend. She also wants to get to know some new people.

Chọn từ thích hợp cho mỗi chỗ trống. 

Câu 0 là ví dụ


Last Friday parents helped collect (0) lots of money for a school by buying children’s pictures. A primary school in Bicester used its classrooms as an art gallery for a day and parents to come and look. All the pupils a work of art and painting went on sale at £5. Hundreds of parents and relations came and, together, they spent £2,000.

Now the school is of making the exhibition bigger next year by also contacting businesses operate in the local area. One of the school-children’s parents first had the after going to exhibitions in her home country, South Africa.

The school has decided to the money to buy books and CD players. The Head Teacher said he was delighted to see the school full and he was very proud of the children.

Viết một từ vào chỗ trống của mỗi câu B sao cho nghĩa vẫn giống câu A. 

Câu 0 là ví dụ


A. When I phoned, the receptionist asked which doctor I wanted to see.

=> B. When I phoned, the receptionist asked: “Which doctor do you want to see?”

Q67. I like Dr Simmonds better than Dr Turner.

=> I prefer Dr. Simmonds Dr. Turner.

Q68. Luckily, the waiting room has lots of magazines to read.

=> Luckily, in the waiting room are lots of magazines to read.

Q69. I haven’t been to it yet.

=> I haven’t been to it.

Q70. “Do you want to go there for lunch tomorrow?” asked Philip.

=> Philip asked us if we to go there for lunch tomorrow.

Q71. My lunch break is too short.

=> My lunch break isn’t

Q72. Usually, I get bored when I go shopping.

=> Usually, I feel when I go shopping.

Q73. But last week I spent five hours in the new shopping center.

=> But last week I was in the new shopping center five hours.

Q74. If Clare phones me, it’s because she’s bored.

=> If Clare phones me, means that she’s bored.

Q75. I didn’t have enough money to buy the shoes I wanted.

=> The shoes I wanted were expensive.

Q76. Parking is difficult unless you arrive early.

=> Parking is easy you arrive early.

How do you keep fit and healthy?

Write in about 100 English words to answer to question above.