Tiếng Anh lớp 9 - Unit 2 - D. Reading

7/22/2021 4:29:23 PM

Read the two passages and answer the questions below.


Venice is a beautiful city in northeastern Italy. It is called ‘The Floating City’ as it is built on 117 small islands. This city has no roads. Instead, people use boats to travel along the canals. Flat-bottomed boats were once the main means of transport, but today motor boats are more popular. In Venice, you can visit the famous Piazza San Marco with its world famous basilica, the lovely bridges over the narrow canals, and some of the best museums in Western Europe.

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles is the most populous city in California, and the second most populous city in the USA. It is a global city, a centre of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, and fashion. The Los Angeles area includes Hollywood, and leads the world in the creation of television productions, video games, and recorded music. The weather here is usually dry and warm. Visitors like to go to the film studios and to drive along Hollywood Boulevard. There are also some good beaches near the city, such as Venice Beach.

Venice is special because it has .

Los Angeles is a city in .

People can enjoy the wonderful basilica when visiting in Venice.

Which city is famous for its entertainment industry?


Fill each blank with ONE suitable word to complete the passage.

If you live in a city, you will probably see many people, hear the noise of traffic, and smell the pollution cars and factories.

We are living in a new era in the history of the world. Before this, most people were farmers. They lived in small communities in the . Now many people are leaving the farms and moving into the cities. They are looking for jobs. As a result, the cities are growing very quickly. Most cities are becoming more . People are driving more cars, burning more fuel, using more water, eating more food, making more garbage, and more things in factories than ever before. Life in modern cities can bring many opportunities, but also many difficulties.

The authorities are trying to plan for a better future. They are building new roads, putting new houses, looking for more water sources, and limiting growth in certain areas. But people are still crowding into the cities faster the cities can take them. The cities are out of space. There are no easy answers to this problem.

Choose the suitable word for each gap in the passage

Homelessness is a problem in many big cities in the world. It occurs when a part of the population does not have any place to call home. Hundreds of millions of people in the world spend at least some time of the year homeless. This is an issue that the authorities are trying to . However, there are things that each person can do to help those people.

One of the things that you can do to help the homeless is to volunteer your time. If you have a lot of free time, you might go on an extended trip to help homes or improve an impoverished area. Even with just a few hours a week, it is possible to make an impact in your own city. You can also sign up to help at a soup kitchen: most cities have a mission of some kind food to the homeless and offering temporary shelter.