Tiếng Anh lớp 9 - Unit 4 - C. Speaking

7/26/2021 6:21:17 PM

Use one of the expressions to respond to each of the statements. 

  • A: My mum said life was hard back then, and they did not always have enough food to eat.
  • A: People, especially girls in the countryside, used to get married as young as fourteen or fifteen.
  • A: I miss the time when we used to set off firecrackers to celebrate weddings, or welcome the Lunar New Year.
  • A: Did you know that before airplanes were invented, it could take three to four months to cross the ocean by ship?
  • A: Twenty years ago when my mum studied in Australia, I could only talk to her once or twice a month. International calls were very expensive.
  • A: I heard that in the past, many tribes used animal sacrifice to worship their gods.
  • A: Can you believe that the giant pyramids in Egypt were built with just human labour?
  • A: In the past, people could only listen to music or news on the radio.

Rearrange the sentences to make a complete conversation. The first one has been marked for you.

: A. Your grandmother taught me. Cooking used to be one of the criteria for being a good wife.

: B. I'm happy that life has changed.

: C. Why so many ‘shoulds’, mum? Didn't a wife have any rights in the family?

(1): D. Mum, how can you cook these traditional dishes?

: E. There are many. You should know how to sew and how to embroider. You should take care of every member in your husband's family. You should be obedient and submissive. When you talk, you should...

: F. What are some of the other criteria?

: G. Very few, dear. When you were married to a man, you had to obey the man as well as his family. You didn't have a voice in the decision-making.

: H. I am too.