Tiếng Anh lớp 9 - Unit 5 - C. Speaking

7/26/2021 8:40:07 PM

Rearrange these sentences to make a complete passage by filling in these blanks numbers from 1 - 10. The first one has been marked for you.

- A. Like most places, don't drink the water. Buy bottled water instead. And I wouldn't eat anything that's sold in the street. You can get ill quite easily there.

- B. No problem.

1 - C. Guess what? I'm going to Delhi next week.

- D. Oh, good. Maybe you can give me some tips. What are the things I shouldn't miss?

- E. Thanks, that's really useful. Have you got any other tips?

- F. That's great! I've been there twice.

- G. You should definitely see the Red Fort, in Old Delhi - it's absolutely huge.

- H. Yes, I've heard that before. Thanks a lot, you've been really helpful. 

- I. Yes, there are lots of really good restaurants in Connaught Place. I remember one called Shanti - the food there is delicious. We ate there every night!

- J. Great, I'll definitely go there. And, what about the food? Do you know any go places to eat?

Complete the sentences.

a. Asking for recommendations

1. What's the way to get around?

2. Do you know any places to stay?

3. Is there anything else worth ?

4. What the places outside Hue City?

5. Have you got any other ?

Complete the sentences.

b. Recommending things

1. It's probably to use rickshaws to get around.

2. I'd using the trains.

3. You should see the Perfume Pagoda.

4. That's well seeing.

5. You really go to Ho Chi Minh City.

Complete the sentences.

c. Not recommend things

1. Don't going to the museums.

2. It isn't really visiting here.

3. drink the water.

4. I eat anything that's sold in the street.

Complete the sentences.

d. Responding to the recommendations

1. That's good to .

2. That good.

3. Thanks, that's really .

4. Yes, that's what I've before.