Tiếng Anh lớp 9 - Unit 6 - C. Speaking

7/26/2021 5:05:47 PM

Rearrange the statements to make a complete conversation. The first and last statements have been completed for you.

1 - So has the school system in your country changed a lot recently?

11 - Wow. That is an amazing change!

  • - The school curriculum, for example. More emphasis is put on developing students’ skills, rather than just academic knowledge.
  • - Classrooms with tiled roofs are no longer only seen in big cities, and each classroom has a blackboard and proper school desks. In many schools, they even have air conditioning. Many more schools also have good libraries and laboratories.
  • - That sounds great! Are there any other changes you find significant?
  • - Sure. Now they pay more attention to physical education, arts, and music. Students also have the chance to work in groups on assigned projects.
  • - How much better are they?
  • - In general, they are better-qualified. Moreover, they can enjoy more on-the-job training.
  • - Can you give me an example of that?
  • - What about the quality of the teachers?
  • - I think there are considerable changes, the most obvious being the number of better-equipped schools.