Tiếng Anh lớp 9 - Unit 12 - C. Speaking

7/26/2021 5:34:14 PM

Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-G) for each question. 

A. Thanks. I improved my accent during the time I worked in the international school.

B. Once in a while I might meet a rude student or a disobedient one.

C. Well, that school is too far from my house.

D. I was lucky to get some training at the international school, too.

E. I was patient and tolerant with them. I believed that when they saw how much I cared about them, they would change their ways.

F. Thank you.

G. Yes. I taught English for six years at a state school before I started to work in an international school.


Interviewer: Please take a seat.


Interviewer: So let's get down to business. I understand from your CV that you have a lot of teaching experience.


Interviewer: I see. You speak English very well. You almost have a British accent.


Interviewer: You also said in your CV that you have many skills.


Interviewer: Did you have any problems with the students there?


Interviewer: And how did you deal with them?


Interviewer: That sounds great! So why do you want to start working at our school?


Interviewer: I see. Will you be willing to do a three-month trial period here?

Nick: ...