Cambridge Preliminary (PET) 2018 Sample Test #1 - Listening

3/9/2019 5:53:36 PM
There are four parts to the test. Each question carries one mark. You will hear each piece twice. For each part of the test, there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers.

Part 1

There are seven questions in this part. For each question, there are three pictures and a short recording. Choose the correct picture.


Where will the women meet tomorrow?

When will the man go to see the dentist?

Where are they at the moment?

Where did the man stay on holiday?

Who is the man going to work with?

Where is the boy at the moment?

Which goods are reduced in price in the store now?

For each question, choose the correct answer.

You will hear an interview with a writer called Peter Taylor. 

In Peter's first book, the story takes place in _____

  • a country which he’s recently been to.
  • a country where he lived as a child.
  • the country where he was born.

When Peter first went to England, he visited his _____

  • grandfather.
  • uncle and aunt.
  • cousins.

Peter spends most of his year _____

  • near the beach.
  • in a city.
  • at his farm.

What problem did Peter have in the desert?

  • His vehicle broke down.
  • He didn't have enough water.
  • He was frightened by an animal.

In his spare time, Peter usually _____

  • goes to the cinema.
  • gets together with friends.
  • does photography.

What does Peter want to do in the future?

  • Publish another novel
  • Write a history book
  • Spend more time travelling

Part 3

You will hear a radio announcement about weekend activities in Fishport. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.



BIRD ISLAND WALK - 10.00 a.m. Don’t forget to take your with you

GUITAR DAY - Will be held in the Centre

PLAZA CINEMA - 2.30 p.m. A program of films for all the family

CYCLE RACE - This year’s route is through the

GREEN STREET THEATRE – 3.00 p.m. ‘The Long ’ – a play for children

CAMFORD CASTLE – open all day. Display of used in medicine

Part 4

Look at the six sentences for this part. You will hear a boy, Ian, and a girl, Sally, talking about cooking. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

Sally knows that Ian is an excellent cook.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Sally is happy to eat less meat than she used to.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Ian learned about cooking by watching other people.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Ian and Sally agree that schools should offer more cooking classes.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Sally is willing to pay more for dishes that are already prepared.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Ian suggests that simple recipes are best.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect