Cambridge Preliminary (PET) 2018 Sample Test #2 - Reading & Writing

3/10/2019 10:33:26 PM

What should George do?

  • Reserve the last concert ticket before anyone else does
  • Tell Luke how many people are going to the concert
  • Buy several concert tickets because many people want to go

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Students wishing to keep books for the holiday should borrow them this week.
  • Students borrowing books now can only keep them for one week.
  • Students borrowing books now have to bring them back before the holiday.

What does this note mean?

  • Dan should get his football things ready this evening.
  • Chris will ring Dan back about the time of the match.
  • Mum will wash Dan's football clothes for him.

What does this sign mean?

  • Tunnel warning lights will be turned on if a car has broken down.
  • Switch on warning lights if your car breaks down in the tunnel.
  • Use warning lights at all times when driving through the tunnel.
  • Drivers who break the tunnel must switch on their warning lights.

Emily should ring the doctor _____

  • in order to make another appointment.
  • if the new appointment is inconvenient.
  • to change the day of her appointment.
  • if she had any problem with her health.

Read about five people who want to get some information from the internet. There are descriptions of eight educational websites. Match each person to the website that is most suitable to her/him. 

1. Jamilla is 20 and studies Spanish and German. She's planning to spend six months at a German university and, before going, she wants to find out what life there is like for people of her age.

2. Eric is keen on teaching himself languages. He's going on holiday to Spain next year and would like to be able to say some simple things in the language when he gets there.

3. Ludmila and Ito are learning about life among the ancient Romans. Ludmila's teacher has asked her to choose a famous Roman and Ito has been asked to find out as much as he can about him or her.

4. Ivan teaches history. He wants some information about the changes that have taken place since the earliest times in the ways in which people exchange ideas.

5. Miriam wants to encourage her children to find out something about classical music. They need basic information but she also wants them to have some fun while they're learning.

8 educational websites

Let's communicate!
If you're interested in how people share information and thoughts, you'll find this website useful. It begins over five thousand years ago with the writings of the ancient world. The inventions of printing and of sound recording are covered, and so is the development of the internet.

Sights and Sounds!
This is for anyone studying the Latin language or who is interested in the ancient world. There are amazing facts about the rulers of ancient interactive family trees, the words of popular songs, and maps of battles

Mouth Piece
Clear explanations, exercises and vocabulary games will help you revise your Spanish or even learn the language from the beginning. The pages cover a wide range, from 'Irregular verbs' to 'Cook in Spanish' and 'Public speaking'. There are useful links to other websites providing historical and cultural information, including sites in Latin America.

Speak Up
This small but complete site aims to help language learners with the pronunciation of all the main sounds in German, with additional advice on spelling. This will be of use to students trying to teach themselves the language from the beginning, teachers preparing classes for beginners or parents looking for ways to encourage their children to develop basic language skills. 

Roman Games
Nobody understands all the rules of games which were popular in ancient Rome. However, by exploring the social history of the period, the designers of this site have developed some interesting ideas for games, which can be played in the playground or as board games or singing games.

In the Air
This is a young person's online guide to the orchestra. It describes each instrument, with a recording of its range of sounds, and gives a brief history of the instrument. It also explains how to make some amusing instruments at home using everyday objects.

In Touch
If you need to check on the facts, use this multilingual site to get all kinds of information about Spanish music, art and literature, history and politics, as well as useful lists of sites for those travelling to Spain. 

Oskar's magazine
This amusing and colourful magazine is designed for university students of German. There are interesting articles by young German writers on a range of subjects, from where to find cheap accommodation in Berlin to reviews of current dance music CDs and classical music concerts, and student-exchange experiences.

  • Jamilla
  • Eric
  • Ludmila and Ito
  • Ivan
  • Miriam

Read the text below about walking tours in London. For each question underneath, choose if the sentence is correct or incorrect.

London Weekend Walks

We are the oldest walking tour company in London and offer a wide variety of routes with the best tour guides in London.

To go on one of our walks, simply meet your guide and fellow walkers in the street outside the underground stations and at the times given below. Your guide will have copies of this information sheet in his hand.

Below is our range of walks for this Saturday.

1000 Years of History
11.00 am Westminster Underground
This walk is essential for the first-time visitor. We'll show you the place where kings and queens are crowned, where they lived and often where they are buried. You will see where politicians have shaped the course of history over the years. This walk finishes at the Houses of Parliament, which you can visit afterwards at a good discount.

Historic Greenwich
2.00 pm Tower Hill Underground
The walk begins with the best boat ride in London, five kilometres down the river from Tower Bridge to the Royal Naval College in Greenwich. From there you'll walk through Greenwich Park past the Naval Museum and other historic buildings to the village itself. We'll take you down narrow streets with busy antique shops and markets, back to the riverside where this walk ends.
The boat trip costs £3.50 on top of the normal price (see below).

Canals and Cafés
11.00 am Camden Town Underground
Camden Town, with its canals, cafés and studios, is the home of many artists, musicians and writers. The high point of the walk is a visit to Camden Lock, London's brightest and most exciting street market. You may like to take a canal trip to London Zoo after this walk.

Unexpected London
3.00 pm Tower Hill Underground
This walk begins with a ride on Europe's most modern city railway giving you fine views across the Thames and the riverside area. We will get on and off the train for mini-walks to explore the hidden corners of the former port of London.

You should buy a two-zone underground ticket at the beginning of your journey.

All these walks last about two hours and end near underground stations. The walks take place in all weathers. Large groups are requested to phone and let us know they are coming. A walk costs £4.50 (£3.50 for senior citizens and full-time students under 26 with an identity card). Children under 12 go free but they must be with a responsible adult. If you plan to go on several walks, ask your guide about a discount card.


PO Box 1526, LONDON NW8 6SW

TEL: 020 7426 8462

It is essential to book a place before you join a London Walk.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

The guide can be recognised because of the papers he is carrying.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

You can tour the Houses of Parliament for free following the 1000 Years of History walk.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

There is an opportunity to go on a boat after visiting Camden Town.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

You will have to walk from Tower Bridge to Greenwich.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

The Historic Greenwich walk includes a visit to a museum.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

There is an extra charge of £3.50 on the Historic Greenwich walk.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

You have to take a train on the Unexpected London walk.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

If it is raining, you should check whether your walk is going ahead.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Teenagers who are with their parents can join a walk without paying.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Read the text and questions below. For each question, choose the correct answer.

Charlotte Uhlenbroek

Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek recently returned to London after filming her second series, Jungle. It was a difficult, 19-week trip, during which she explored the rainforests of Borneo, the Amazon and the Congo, travelling around using a variety of means of transport, including hot-air balloons and canoes. 'I'm interested in the way animals communicate with each other. It was sometimes dangerous making the programme - I even went swimming with piranha fish. But the worst thing was the insects. On one occasion I had 70 sandfly bites on my arm. Luckily I didn't get sick. I prefer not to take tablets every day, but if I get a fever I take some medicine immediately.'

Filming the series was exciting, but also frightening at times. Her most challenging experience was climbing a 100-metre tree in Borneo, as she has a great fear of heights. 'I had to keep pulling myself further and further upwards. All I wanted to do was get down again. Suddenly the safety equipment didn't look very strong and I thought that my ropes would break and I would crash to the ground.'

What did she enjoy most about returning to London? 'When I've been away in hot uncomfortable conditions for a long time I dream about an ice-cold drink and my bed at home! But the thing I look forward to the most is nice long showers. There wasn't much water in some of the places we visited and I worried that I was using it all up and not leaving any for my colleagues on the camera team!'

What is the writer doing in this text?

  • Giving information for visitors to the rainforest
  • Describing how animals in the rainforest communicate
  • Reporting an interview with a television presenter
  • Giving advice about travel health

When does Charlotte take medicine on her travels?

  • Whenever she goes into water
  • If she has a high temperature
  • Every day to prevent illness
  • If she is bitten by insects

Charlotte found climbing the tree in Borneo so frightening because _____

  • she hates being in high places.
  • she was unable to get down.
  • her equipment suddenly broke.
  • she slipped and fell to the ground.

What does Charlotte miss most when she is away filming?

  • Air-conditioning
  • An unlimited water supply
  • A comfortable bed
  • Iced drinks

Which best describes the TV series Jungle?

  • The forest floor has thousands of different insects - let Charlotte Uhlenbroek be your guide to these fascinating creatures.
  • Making her first television appearance, Charlotte Uhlenbroek explores some of the wildest places on earth.
  • Charlotte Uhlenbroek looks at ways in which the animals of the rainforest manage to live beside their human neighbours.
  • Insects, piranha fish, hot-air balloons - it's all in a day's work for Charlotte Uhlenbroek in her latest series.

Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.


Many people receive picture postcards nowadays of places their friends and family have visited. They became popular in the 1890s. Until then it was only the rich who took holidays but at that time, because of the opening of the railways, ordinary people to go to the seaside too. Photographers that people wanted to take home a picture of their holiday they started to offer photographs for sale in seaside towns. And they sold 30 million them.

Today those old photographs give us a very idea of what holidays were like a hundred years ago. People did not actually post the photographs but brought them home to and show their friends. This was, however, beginning of today's picture postcard which is important to tourists everywhere.

Read the first sentence. Then complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. You must use no more than three words.

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

This house is larger than their old house.

=> Their old house wasn't as ............

They said their old house was quite near London.

=> They said their old house wasn't very London.

The kitchen needs painting.

They must get someone to  the kitchen.

We are very lucky that our neighbours are so nice.

=> We are very lucky to have nice neighbours.

Rewrite the following sentence in another way so that it means almost the same as the sentence printed before it.

I asked my new neighbours where they had lived before.

=> I asked my new neighbours, "Where ?"

Answer the question below. Write 35 – 45 words.

You have lost some sunglasses which you borrowed from your English friend, Pat.

Write an email to Pat. In your email, you should

  • apologise to Pat
  • say how you lost the sunglasses
  • offer to buy Pat some new ones.

(Đây là dạng câu hỏi tự luận mà TiengAnhK12 không thiết kế chỗ để bạn nhập câu trả lời và chấm bài online.)

Write an answer to one of these questions. Write about 100 words.

1. Your teacher has asked you to write a story. Your story must have this title: A lucky escape.

2. This is part of a letter you receive from an English friend.

My grandmother has given me some money. There's enough to buy a really good camera or go on holiday with my friends. My parents want me to save the money. What do you think I should do?

Now write a letter, giving your friend some advice.