Amslink Cambridge Challenge 8th - PET - Reading and Writing

3/22/2019 8:25:00 AM

Đề thi thử được cung cấp bởi Amslink English Centre – Trung tâm đào tạo Tiếng Anh cho trẻ từ 5 đến 15 tuổi - được chứng nhận bởi Hội đồng khảo thí Cambridge English UK. Amslink là đơn vị tổ chức cuộc thi Amslink Cambridge Challenge hàng năm, và thường cung cấp đề thi cho CTH Edu đưa lên TiengAnhK12 sau mỗi lần tổ chức.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer. 

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Katie will buy Emily’s train ticket for her.
  • Emily’s train ticket will be cheaper than Katie’s.
  • Katie will meet Emily before they get on the train.

Look at the text. What does it say?

  • Anyone who takes part in a swimming competition may use these lockers.
  • Swimmers from visiting teams needn’t pay to use lockers.
  • Members of the local swimming team can’t use these lockers.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Paola won’t be able to go to the concert unless she phones James by six.
  • James wants Paola to find someone to go to the concert with him.
  • James can no longer go to the concert with Paola at six.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • You must ask a member of staff to unlock this door.
  • People who work here must leave the building by 5 p.m.
  • You may use this door in the evening if you work here.

Chris should _____

  • phone Sam if he doesn’t know the address.
  • send the letter when he has found out the address.
  • ask Mum to write the address and send the letter.

The people below are all want to do an English course. There are descriptions of eight courses. Decide which course would be the most suitable for the following people.

1. Paolo is good at speaking and understanding English, but he needs to do a full-time course to improve his writing and spelling before he starts a business course next year. He can come to England for one month in December or January.

2. This Spanish family would like to spend two or three weeks attending a part-time language course. The girls are nineteen and eighteen and know quite a lot of English. The parents know very little English. 

3. Nikos is fourteen and his sister Anastasia is sixteen. Their parents would like them to spend a month on a language course where they can learn new hobbies and be looked after by their teachers

4. Mehdi has just finished university and wants to spend some time touring around the world. He would like to do a course for a week or two before he starts his trip as he has never studied English.  

5. Dorit is leaving school in June and will start a course to become a tour guide about four months later. Her English is good, but she must get a language qualification before she starts college

KINGHALL ENGLISH COURSE – something for everyone!

A. Activity language learning

For teenagers up to age sixteen with any level of English. Fully qualified staff and instructors make learning fun and safe. Spend two weeks or a month in small classes improving your English while you paint, make music, play tennis, volleyball, etc. and take part in many other activities.

B. Family summer school

Classes at all levels for adults (over sixteen) and ten – to fifteen-year-olds in the same building. Meet for meals and evening leisure activities. Accommodation in modern flats near the school. A full-day study timetable for one, two or three weeks.

C. Get around in English

This course is aimed at beginners who want to feel comfortable using English to buy tickets, book hotel rooms and make new friends. Although you will spend most of the course simply taking part in conversations, you will work hard and you will be surprised how much progress you make in just two weeks.

D. Examination course 1

For students over sixteen, three-month courses preparing for a certificate recognized by international companies and employers around the world. Full-time courses for students who are prepared to work seriously hard!

E. Examination course 2

For students over sixteen, these courses last six months, and are part-time in the first three months, with a choice of afternoon leisure activities, changing to full-time for the second three months, with increased homework as the examination approaches.

F. Special skills courses

These one-, two- or three-month courses take place from January to March and are aimed at students who wish to improve particular language skills. Listening, writing, reading and speaking are all offered, together or separately. Students are not advised to take more than two skills in one month.

G. English for tourism

A six-month course for students with some knowledge of the language. The course covers areas such as ticket sales, making reservations and telephone work. Several trips to important English tourist centers are included. A very useful course for people planning to make a career in the travel business.

H. Adult’s language breaks

These courses offer serious study in the morning, followed by the opportunity to join short trips to places of interest in the afternoon if you wish. Minimum three weeks, up to six weeks. Minimum age eighteen, all levels from beginners to advanced.

  • Paolo
  • The Spanish family
  • Nikos and Anastasia
  • Mehdi
  • Dorit

Look at the sentences below about a group of islands. Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

Ferndig Islands

Three miles across the water from the town of Blascott lies the group of islands known as the Ferndigs. The main island is St Michael. Separated by a narrow channel of water is St. Michael’s little sister, St Margaret. People first lived on these islands 1500 years ago. By the 1950s the population had gone down to below twenty, and in 1960 the last person left the islands. But in 1991 two families moved back, and since then more people have followed. Tourists now visit regularly to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Visit the one shop on the islands which sells butter, cheese, and bread produced by the families who live there. The produce is also taken by boat to restaurants in Blascoot, where it can be enjoyed by visitors to the area. Perhaps more interestingly, a range of perfumes is made from the wild flowers and herbs which grow on the island and can be bought in the shop. They are produced mainly for export and are very special. So a visit to the shop is a must!

St Michael Island is easily explored on foot but, in the interests of safety, visitors are requested to keep to the main footpaths. From where the boat lands, walk along the cliff until you reach a steep path signposted to the church. When you get there, it is worth spending a moment in this lovely old building. Carry on along the same path which continues to climb to the highest point on the island. There is a wonderful view from here along the coastline. If it is warm, you may like to finish your day relaxing on the beach. Priory Beach is on the eastern side of the island is safe for swimming. Standtop Bay on the eastern side is another sandy beach, but swimming is not advised here.

It is possible to hire a boat to cross to the islands, or you can take one of the boat trips which depart from Blascoot harbor in summer, Monday to Friday. The islands are always open to visitors apart from on Sundays. Buy a ticket for a boat trip from the kiosk in Blascott harbor. The charge of landing on the islands included in the ticket but, if you take your own boat, remember to take some money. The crossing takes thirty minutes, and boats run every fifteen minutes.

Before you set off on a trip, visit the exhibition center which tells the history of the islands and gives information about birds and wildlife you may see when you get there. 

St Margaret Island is smaller than St Michael Island.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

There was no one living on the islands in the 1980s.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

There are several restaurants on the islands.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Flowers are for sale in the island shop.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

The church is at the top of the highest hill.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

There is one beach on St Michael Island where it is safe to swim.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

It is possible to take a boat trip on a Saturday.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

There is a fee for landing on the islands.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

The journey to the islands lasts half an hour.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

There is an exhibition center on the islands.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Read the text and questions below. For each question, choose the correct answer. 

The Artist

People think being an artist must be a wonderful way to earn one’s living. And of course, there are lots of great things, about working for oneself, at home alone, even in a cold studio like mine. What I really like is that nobody tells me what time to start in the morning. I like to paint as soon as I wake up, which is always early, but isn’t the same time every day. And nobody tells me what to wear, or whether I can take the afternoon off and go to a football match.

But then, I have no one to chat with when I’m bored, no one to discuss last night’s match with during the office lunch hour. Sure, I can spend the afternoon doing something I enjoy like cycling or gardening if I choose. But the work will still be there when I do finally get back home.

Unfortunately, working at home means that people can always find me, whether I’m bored or not, and once I’ve answered the doorbell, it’s too late – my thoughts have been interrupted. No one would dream of calling in if I worked in an office, but I find myself listening to friend’s troubles. As they talk, my ideas disappear and I feel increasingly stressed thinking of my work waiting to be done.

However, when I hear the traffic news on the radio, and imagine my friends sitting miserably in their cars in a jam, feeling bored, or waiting unhappily for an overcrowded tram in the rain, I realise that I really haven’t got much to complain about. I find a CD which will start me thinking, turn it up really loudly and begin another picture.  

What is the writer trying to do in the text?

  • Encourage readers to work at home
  • Explain why he has changed his job
  • Describe his working life
  • Say how he would like to work

What does the writer like about his life?

  • He has plenty of opportunities for sport.
  • He is his own boss.
  • He needn’t work in the morning.
  • He has a comfortable place to work.

What does the writer imagine he might do with colleagues?

  • Have meals in the restaurants
  • Go to the swimming pool
  • Spend time in the countryside
  • Talk about sport

The writer plays loud music because _____

  • the traffic outside is noisy.
  • it helps him to have ideas.
  • it prevents him from feeling bored.
  • he dislikes listening to the radio.

Which of these notices would be the most useful for the writer to put his door?

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each blank.

Modigliani – an Italian artist

Nowadays cards and posters of pictures by Amedeo Modigliani are popular with people all the world, but the artist himself did not have an easy life. He born in Livorno, Italy, in 1884. His father was a businessman who did not make money, and his mother a school.

Modigliani went to an art school in Florence and Venice, before moving to Paris he painted and made sculptures. His work was by art from Africa which he saw in museums. He was very poor and not very strong, and after a years he gave up making sculptures. He painted people in a gentle, thoughtful style.

Many of his most beautiful paintings Jeanne, the woman he loved. Often the people in his paintings look sad or tired. Perhaps Modigliani was painting his own feelings. in the end he began to a little money, he was never very successful in his lifetime. 

Here are some sentences about a guesthouse.
For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.
no more than three words.
Write only the missing words. 

0. There is a games room in this guesthouse.
This guesthouse has a games room.


1. The guesthouse is called ‘Sunshine Cottage.
The name is ‘Sunshine Cottage’.

2. I haven’t stayed here before.
This is the first time that here.

3. I was told about it by my sister.
My sister
 about it.

4. It is essential to book your room in advance.
You your room in advance.

5. My room is bigger than my friend’s room.
My friend’s room isn’t my room

Writing Part 2

A friend, Eva, borrowed your backpack two weeks ago and hasn’t returned it. Write a note to Eva. In your note, you should

  • remind her that she has your backpack
  • ask her to return it
  • explain why you need it

Write 35 – 45 words on your answer sheet.

Writing part 3:

Write an answer to one of the questions (1 or 2) in this part. Write your answer in about 100 words on your answer sheet. Mark the question number in the box at the top of your answer sheet.

Question 2
This is part of a letter you receive from your English friend.

"I have to give a presentation to my English class about either a successful sportsperson or a musician from your country. Who should I choose? What information could I include?"

Now write a letter answering your friend’s questions. Write your letter on your answer sheet

Question 1
Your English teacher has asked you to write a story. Your story must begin with these words

"I had just finished getting dress when the doorbell rang."

Write your story on your answer sheet.

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