Cambridge PET FOR SCHOOL - SAMPLE TEST - Reading and Writing

6/4/2019 8:54:01 PM

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct

  • Jack’s football boots are probably not in good condition.
  • Jack may be prepared to accept less than 25 euros for his boots.
  • Jack is keen to obtain some new football boots in size 42.

Sarah is asking whether Jane _____

  • is bringing any friends to the party with her.
  • knows how big the party is going to be.
  • thinks anyone from outside school can attend the party.

  • Swimmers may only practice jumping into the pool if they are with a teacher.
  • Swimmers who break the rules may not continue the class with their teacher.
  • Swimmers and their teachers must only use this side of the pool for classes.

  • It’s as cheap for two people to eat here as one.
  • Two people can choose whatever they want to eat and still pay less.
  • Special meals are twice the normal size.

The teenagers below all want to visit the sea life center.

There are descriptions of eight sea life centers.

Decide which sea life center would be the most suitable for the following people.


A. Golden-wave
Come and see the variety of warm sea environments at this center – and creatures so small you might not have noticed them living on the beach, or the most beautiful fish living in our oceans. Bring your camera and learn to take the best photos ever!

B. Rockwater
We have sea creatures from both warm and cooler water in our huge glass tanks. You can even go into the water in one, accompanied by staff – ask at the desk! We’ve also got fish that are rarely seen, as they’re normally found in the very deepest water on our planet. No photography is allowed.

C. Splashdown
Perfect for family fun – our tropical swimming pool that’s only divided from the penguins next door by a wall of glass! See them swimming in their pool while you’re in yours! And don’t miss their mealtimes - watch as they dive for their food.

D. Waterlife
We’ve got some of the rarest fish in the world, and the most beautiful. See the clownfish with its bright yellow and white stripes! Cameras aren’t allowed, but amazing professional pictures are available in our shop. Then once you’ve seen
everything, relax in our fantastic warm pool – strictly for humans!

E. Brightworld
Many creatures here are normally found in environments with low temperatures, such as our big group of penguins. Come and see our amazing displays of photos showing these birds diving for their supper! There are also short talks on using your camera for great shots of fish, and painting sessions, too.

F. Marine Life
Keen to protect our oceans? Come and see the work we’re doing – there are presentations about it every hour. For example, we try to help shark numbers worldwide remain at healthy levels. And visit our amazing rock pool displays full of tiny creatures, typical of ones that make their homes near the sea just meters away!

G. Oceanwatch
The focus is on science here – there are films throughout the day about oceans around the world and the environmental problems facing marine wildlife. There’s plenty to learn, and lots of souvenirs to buy! Free brochures full of information.

H. Waterlife
See some of the smallest sea life such as shrimps and starfish at our rock pool display - and even pick them up! Find out how to clean sea water is essential to these creatures, and the effects of pollution. And don’t miss watching the penguins and seals have their lunch – that’s really popular!

- Maria  

- Cameron 

- Josh 

- Harry 

- Samantha 

Look at the sentences below about a rock climbing trip.
Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct (T) or incorrect (F).
by Samantha Davis
My dad and I have both done a bit of climbing at our local sports center. So we decided to go on a trip together, climbing the high rocks along the coastline of a small island. Although it wasn’t far from where we live, the journey across the sea took quite a long time – but it was worth it!
As we approached the island, Dad pointed out the rocks covered in colorful plants, wild goats and bees, which were once the only signs of life on this now a popular place for visitors. The island has become well-known as a climbing venue and the ferry we took across to the island was full of climbers carrying boots and backpacks.
We arrived at the island’s harbor, full of brightly-colored houses lit by the early-morning sun. We were met by a driver in an ancient old car, arranged by the travel company we’d booked with. The driver took us to the tiny apartment, which, like the car, had seen better days, but it was comfortable and we weren’t going to spend much time there anyway.
There are lots of possible climbs up the island’s rocks, and not all of them have been discovered by climbers, but many have places clearly marked out so climbers can easily see where to put their hands and feet. All we needed were shoes, ropes and the equipment for attaching the rope to the rocks, although despite the markings on the rocks, I still had problems! Anyway, climbing is obviously not without risk, and things can still go wrong, but you’re far less likely to get into difficulties on the island.
There was a wide range of climbers, both in ability and age, so there was no need for my previous worries about being the only teenager. Away from the rocks and back in the town, there was a very sociable atmosphere in the cafes, where we compared notes on what we’d achieved that day.
One day, our climbing destination was a rough cliff, with very little to put my hands and feet on. It was amazing how quickly I learned to attach my rope onto the rock to avoid falling as I climbed!
Then I realized the boy climbing next to me was someone I knew. We waved, smiled and moved on, although he seemed to find the rock far less of a challenge!
Once Dad and I were down at ground level again, we stopped at a beach, which was deserted.
We walked along with our feet in the water and promised ourselves that it wouldn’t be the last time that we sat on that stretch of beach.
1. Samantha and her father traveled a great distance to the place where they went climbing. 
2. The place where Samantha and her dad got off the boat was very cheerful-looking. 
3. They were disappointed by the accommodation and the transport provided. 
4. There were still a number of climbing routes on the island waiting to be explored. 
5. Samantha found her climb easily because the route she took had been prepared for climbers. 
6. Samantha thinks the island is generally a safer climbing location than most others. 
7. Samantha liked the fact that she could chat with people her age after a day’s climbing. 
8. Samantha had difficulty with the technique of using the rope to make herself safe. 
9. Samantha found climbing up the cliff harder than her friend from home did. 
10. Samantha and her dad said they would return one day to the beach they found. 


Read the text and questions below.
For each question, choose the correct answer.
Water-skiing barefoot
by Dan Thomas

Have you ever been barefoot water-skiing? It’s just like normal water-skiing, being pulled along behind a boat at 40 mph – but without any skis! It sounds scary but it’s amazing! My cousin used to take me water-skiing, and that’s where I first learned to stand up and balance. But I moved on to barefooting when I did it for a laugh with some mates. And I loved it!

Barefoot water-skiing is one of the most popular watersports there is – to watch, anyway! When someone jumps really high and then lands, it’s awesome. And you don’t need expensive stuff like boards, although a wetsuit’s a good idea. But catching your toes on things in the lake can hurt. I guess you can’t help getting water up your nose when you start learning, too, as you have to lie almost flat in the water before you pull yourself up – but it’s OK. 

Now I’m experienced, I’ve learned not to attempt new moves in rough water as it never goes well. Instead, I make sure I limit myself to skiing directly behind the boat, where the water’s calmer. I ask the boat drivers to warn me about big waves coming, although they can’t always see them. 

Finding time to practice regularly is hard as I’m still at school – but then it’s not as if I’m into winning prizes and stuff. But if I want to learn a new move, I need to repeat it over and over, and that’s not easy in winter when it’s cold. Lots of skiers say they’ll continue during cold weather, but not many do. So I’m often the only one out on the lake!


What is Dan trying to do in this text about barefoot water-skiing?

  • explain why he’s determined to become a champion
  • convince people that his sport is both safe and easy
  • suggest the best ways to begin learning his sport
  • describe what he does to get better at his sport

Dan started barefoot water-skiing when

  • he tried it out just for fun.
  • he realized how easy it was to do.
  • he was taught how to do it by his cousin.
  • he was persuaded by friends to have a go.

What does Dan think are the disadvantages of barefoot water-skiing?

  • Although not much equipment is needed, it isn’t cheap.
  • If your feet hit something in the water, it’s painful.
  • If you start in the wrong position, you breathe in water.
  • Although you jump higher without skis, it’s harder to land.

How does Dan feel about skiing in rough water?

  • confident that his boat drivers will keep him safe
  • annoyed about having to ski inside a limited area
  • unwilling to try anything he hasn’t practiced before
  • certain of his ability to handle difficult conditions

What might Dan write to a friend about his barefoot water-skiing?

  • I’m one of the few people who avoid going once the weather gets a bit colder!
  • The boat travels along in the water at quite a speed, but it’s not as frightening as you’d think!
  • It’s a fantastic water sport to watch – it’s just a shame more people don’t enjoy going to see it.
  • If I can fit enough practice of the sport in with my studies, I’m hoping to win a prize.
Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

You’re thirsty and you get yourself a glass of water. Do you ever  how old that water really is? The glass of water that you’re  to drink may have fallen from the sky as rain only last week. However, water itself has been around pretty much as  as the earth has! In fact,  oceans, seas and rivers cover 70% of the earth, there is a  supply of water, which keeps on moving around the earth.

This is  of what’s known as the water cycle. The sun heats up water and it turns into clouds, which are  from water vapor. When the clouds become , the waterfalls back onto the earth as rain.
Of course, clean water is absolutely essential for good health. The amount of safe drinking water has gone up around the world, but  one billion people still lack easy  to clean water.


Here are some sentences about going to see a comedy film.
For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.
Use no more than three words.
Write only the missing words on your answer sheet.

  1. My mum gave me some money to go and see the film.
=> I was some money by my mum to go and see the film.
2. I asked my friend Jack if he wanted to go to the cinema with me.
=> `Do to go to the cinema with me, Jack?’ I asked.
3. We bought some chocolate to eat during the film.
=> We bought some chocolate to eat while we watching the film.
4. I’ve never seen such a funny film.
=> It was the  film I’ve ever seen.
5. I prefer comedy films to science fiction.
=> I’d rather watch comedy films  science fiction.


You are going to take part in a skateboarding competition, but your skateboard is broken.
Write a note to your friend Danny. In your note you should
explain how your skateboard broke
ask to borrow Danny’s skateboard
say when you will need it.
Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.

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