Amslink Cambridge Challenge 9th - PET - Reading&Writing

9/18/2019 11:09:00 AM

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Questions 1 – 5
Look at the text in each question. What does it say?

Anwser: C

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Tom’s mum has taken the dog for a walk.
  • Tim must cook the dinner.
  • Tim must walk the dog and clean the plates.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?

  • James lives in Dover.
  • James is going to visit Glasgow.
  • Maria lives in Dover.

Look at the text. What does it say?

  • The first football match will take place on Saturday.
  • The football teams will be chosen from how well people play on Saturday.
  • Everyone must go to the football trials on Saturday the 16th .

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • You must take all the pills unless they make you ill.
  • You must take a pill every three days unless they make you ill.
  • You should call your doctor when you finish the pills.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?

  • You can only drop litter near the park bins.
  • If you are caught dropping litter you might have to pay a fine.
  • If you cannot find a bin, you can drop rubbish in the park.

The people below are all want to choose a hotel to stay in for the weekend. Look at the eight reviews (A-H).

Decide which hotel would be the most suitable for each person.

6. Anthony Bitlers is a businessman who is travelling to different cities in England over the weekend. He needs to be near major roads and transport centres to go to meetings. He also needs to be in constant contact with his offices and the latest business news.

7. John and Alex like outdoor activities and adventures on weekends. They want to stay somewhere organized where they can sleep in their tents and be close to nature but are not worried about comfort or luxury.

8. The Peterson family are traveling from the south of England to Scotland in the north with their two children. They need a suitable hotel for just one night, which should be simple and near the motorway.

9. Stephanie and Sophie want to go walking and exploring the countryside, and they need only a clean simple place to sleep, as they will be out all day. They do not like camping.

10. George and Maria are celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary, and want to spend a romantic and luxurious weekend away from the city. It is important that they relax and are away from noise and stress. 


A. The Countryside Inn
This tidy, traditional bed and breakfast hotel is located in the village of Minton in the heart of the beautiful Chilton hills. Single and double rooms are available at reasonable prices with breakfast included, perfect for those wanting to enjoy the local scenery.

B. The Corporate
The new extremely comfortable corporate hotel is located halfway between Birmingham and London, and is only half a mile from the M40 motorway and allows you to reach whatever city you require in England. There are single or double rooms with “office features” such as Internet and two phone line connections in each room, as well as satellite TV included in the price.

C. The Drive-by
For busy travellers arriving from Europe this small hotel in the middle of the town of Dover, Southeast England, provides reasonably priced single and double rooms without the need to reserve. Ideal rest for sleepy travellers.

D. Peak Campsite
Located at the edge of the Lake District National Park with its spectacular mountain ranges and lakes, this is a basic but well-managed campsite. There is a shower and toilet building, but you have to bring your own tent and equipment.

E. Hotel Amour
Located on a peaceful seafront of the South coast, with spectacular sunset views, the Hotel Amour is ideal for honeymoons or couples who want a personal break from the stress of life. Each double room for honeymoon suite is expensively decorated for your comfort and includes a free bottle of champagne on your first night.

F. Buffalo Bill’s Ranch
Wild-west theme hotel in the Southwest countryside, ideal for a week away with the children. You can stay on a re-creation of a 19th century American farm, ride horses with real cowboys and be served by Native American Indians at dinner.

G. Traveller’s Lodge
Conveniently located in the middle of the country, just half a mile from the north-south M1 motorway. Ideal for those making the long trip up or down the country. Simple rooms and reasonable prices for single, or double rooms with a fifty percent discount for kids and breakfast included.

H. Hotel Royal
Luxury in the heart of the city, good enough for a King, and located near the lively West End theatre and shopping district. Each room (whether single, double or honeymoon suite) has an en-suite sauna. Treat yourself to a weekend in style.

  • 6. Anthony Bitlers
  • 7. John and Alex
  • 8. The Peterson family
  • 9. Stephanie and Sophie
  • 10. George and Maria

Look at the sentences below about a holiday company that organizes boat trips on canals.
Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

The British Canal Company

Spoil yourself

With the British Canal Company (BBC), you'll get a real holiday in comfort style abroad on one of our tourist board inspected narrowboats.

Whether you're looking for a weekend break or a week or more, you'll have the choice of almost 100 boats, from 2 to 12 berths - ideal for couples, families, and friends.

If this is your first time abroad a narrowboat, don't worry. No previous experience is necessary, as we will provide full tuition at the start of the holiday.

During the day you can cruise leisurely through unspoilt countryside, mooring perhaps at a charming canal-side pub for lunch. Then after a lazy afternoon, relax on deck and watch the sun go down.

See for yourself

You can start your holiday from one of our four well-located bases to explore over 1500 miles of the superb inland waterways of England and Wales.

With beautiful wooden interiors, comfortable beds, hot and cold running water, showers, flushing toilets, and in some cases, even microwaves and dishwashers. The list of home comforts is endless.

Our free, full-colour brochure is packed with ideas to make your holiday afloat on an experience you’ll never forget. So remember how holidays used to be: easy, unhurried, with endless freedom and long lazy days, loving life at an altogether more relaxing pace. A holiday with us will bring you all this and more.

What do I do now?

To obtain a free copy of our brochure simply complete the form below and sent it in an envelope to the address on the following page. Alternatively, you can phone or e-mail us.

11. All the BCC’s boats have been examined by an official organization.
12. The BCC’s holidays are all for one week or more. 
13. Children are not allowed on the narrowboats.
14. You do not need previous knowledge to go on BCC holiday. 
15. Food is provided on the deck at lunchtime. 
16. You can begin your holiday from different starting points. 
17. You can travel by boat to England, Scotland and Wales. 
18. The boats are provided with many appliances. 
19. The BCC holidays are supposed to make you feel at ease. 
20. You can receive a free brochure only if you order through the Internet.

Read the text and questions below. For each question, choose the correct answer.

There can be something brutal about emerging pale and tired from an overnight flight into the bright African sun. However, when you are met by a smiling, tanned pilot who whisks you through Customs and on to the runaway to a waiting plain, life suddenly seems a lot better. When you are on a short break every hour matters so we were short-cutting the queues at Customs and heading off to the bush in time for breakfast.

The flight north from Nairobi lasts less than an hour but is a fascinating safari in itself. It took us out of the city and low over the patchwork fields and dark red roads of the Kenyan agricultural heartland until we reached Mount Kenya. Here suddenly the view changes, the pilot swooped breathtakingly low over the trees pointing out the elephants, giraffes, gazelles, and even rhinos as they scattered beneath us. The tiny shadow of the plane followed us across the dry rugged land. We circled high above our final destination, Loisaba Lodge, before landing nearly on the dirt airstrip.

Loisaba Wilderness is a 150sq km, privately managed wildlife conservancy. It is larger than many of Kenya’s game parks and a heaven for more than 250 species of bird and 50 species of mammal – elephants, buffaloes. The wildlife here, unlike other parks, is still wild, and so, far more exciting to see than bored lions sprawled in front of a crowd of tourists in jeeps.

The lodge perches high on a ridge. From each of the seven rooms guests can walk out on to their private terrace to marvel at the wildly dramatic view – 61000 acres of acacia savannah and rocky outcrops lie beneath you. 

A thousand feet straight down the escarpment is a watering hole constantly drawing in animals for a drink; shimmering in the far distance swathed in cloud sit the darkly forested foothills of Mount Kenya. It’s a view to knock you out, to return to again and again.

What is the writer trying to do in the text?

  • to warn people about the dangers of a trip to Africa
  • to inform people about a short break in Africa
  • to discuss endangered species in Africa
  • to make people more aware of animal conservation

Why was the writer so pleased to be met by the pilot?

  • Because he wanted to make the most of his time on holiday.
  • Because he thought the pilot might not meet him.
  • Because he expected the pilot to be unfriendly.
  • Because the pilot showed him how to push up in the queue without being noticed.

What does the writer say about the flight from Nairobi?

  • It is far too short.
  • The pilot flew in a dangerous way.
  • They were followed by a smaller plane.
  • It offers many impressive views.

What does the writer suggest about Loisaba?

  • It is still a safe and natural environment for animals.
  • Tourists are spoiling it.
  • Many of the animals are being hunted.
  • The wild animals often attack people.

Which of the following would be the best title for this text?

  • Wild Animals in Danger
  • A Taste of Natural Africa
  • A Day Trip to the Zoo
  • Tourists are Taking over Beautiful Africa.

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.


A solid object that has the power to attract iron and some other metals is called a magnet. It does this through its magnetic field, a region of force surrounding it. The   the magnet, the more intense is the field.

Objects that are attracted to the magnet, feel a force as ‘magnetism’, when they are inside the magnetic field. This magnetic force can pass some materials. Even a weak magnet will attract a pin to the other side of a of paper, for example.

Magnets come in shapes. A familiar one is the curved horseshoe magnet. There are also bar magnets in the form a disc or a stubby cylinder. Every magnet has poles, called north and south, at opposite ends of it: at the two ends of a horseshoe magnet, for example, or on the two sides of a disc.

Powerful magnets can be by passing an electric current through wire coiled around a piece of iron. The is called an electromagnet. Magnets are in many household devices. They are also commonly used in individual machinery, usually in the form of electromagnets.

Questions 1 – 5
Here are some sentences about work and jobs.
For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.
Use no more than three words.

0. Shall I phone the manager for you?
Would you like ………………………. the manager for you
Answer: me to phone

John will be at home on Saturday if he doesn’t have to work overtime.

=> John will be at home on Saturday to work overtime.

The secretary said, "Andrew will leave early today.”

=> The secretary said that Andrew early that day.

This city has very few good jobs.

=> many good jobs in this city.

You must not play games on your computer while at work.

=> You are to play games on your computer while at work.

Helen started working at the office two years ago.

=> Helen at the office for two years.

Questions 6
You want to invite an English friend of yours to come and stay with you in the summer
Write a card to your friend. In your card you should:
 invite your friend
 tell him/her something about the place where you live
 suggest a good time for him/her to come
Write 35 – 45 words on your answer sheet.

Part 3:
Write an answer to one of the questions (7 or 8) in this part.
 Write your answer in about 100 words on your answer sheet.
 Mark the question number in the box at the top of your answer sheet.

Question 7
 This is part of a letter you receive from your English friend.

Now write a letter answering your friend’s questions.
 Write your letter on your answer sheet.

Question 8
 Your English teacher has asked you to write a story.
 Your story must have this title
The empty house
 Write your story on your answer sheet.