PET 2020 Test 2 - Reading

3/6/2020 5:59:31 PM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

This film is _____.

  • about a family of wild animals
  • not suitable for people under a certain age
  • based on a popular fiction book

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Sophie wants Billy to contact Joanna and warn her about traffic problems in town.
  • Sophie needs to let Joanna know that she's probably going to be late.
  • Sophie's not sure when she's supposed to meet Joanna to see a film.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • This bookstore will no longer serve customers in the town after this week.
  • Only books are available here this week, at a reduced price.
  • To buy books from Brown's, find their new store in town after this week.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Mrs. Evans wants to check who is taking part in the performance this afternoon.
  • Mrs. Evans wants everyone to practice their performance again before the audience sees it.
  • Mrs. Evans is letting students know that parents are coming to the practice tomorrow.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Katie is upset that Erica hasn't returned the book she's borrowed.
  • Katie disagrees with Erica about a book they've both just read.
  • Katie wants some suggestions about what she could read next.

The people below all want to visit a studio where films are made. There are descriptions of eight film studios that people can visit. Decide which film studio would be the most suitable for the people below.

Tom wants to look around the studio at his own speed, and visit the actual sets where films were made. His mum wants to see online what the studio is like before she buys tickets.

Ingrid is interested in seeing costumes that famous actors have worn, and she'd also like to ride on a vehicle that originally appeared in a film. Ingrid's mum wants a souvenir to remember their trip.

Roberto wants to visit a studio where famous films were made many years ago, and buy something that appeared in one of the films. His dad wants to book online before they go.

Simone likes science fiction films, and prefers looking at digital displays about how special effects are achieved to reading information. Simone's dad wants to get a digital guide

Ben is interested in how scenes from famous cities are created in studios. He'd also like to visit film locations outside the studios, accompanied by a guide who can answer his questions.

Film studios

A. Grand Studios
These studios have been the home of special effects for years! There's plenty to look at and read, so allow lots of time for your visit. And our friendly guides around the studios are ready to help direct you to the most interesting sights. It's best to book online in advance.

B. Movieworld
You'll find the best movies ever here, set far into the future! Use the interactive videos on our computers, to see how actors are turned into on-screen monsters, using amazing make-up, costumes, and filming techniques, and models of dinosaurs are created to look as though they’re alive! There are video activities and "tours" of the studio to download.

C. Waverley Studios
These studios are huge, with plenty of space for displaying the scenery and stages where big stars acted in scenes from famous films. Check the website to see exactly what the studio offers inside. And because you're not shown around in groups, you can spend as much time there as you want!

D. Screen World
Many famous movies from the last century were made in these studios, and you can still see the costumes worn in them, and the original sets used in the films. There's a useful digital guide you can buy here, so you'll find your way through these studios really quickly!

E. Westway
To visit this studio, get tickets in advance through the website, to avoid long queues ~ it's very popular with people who love top movies from the 40s, many of which were filmed here. The studio also has a great selection of items from various movies, now on sale as souvenirs!

F. FilmFun
Come and visit amazingly realistic sets, from the streets of New York to the historical sites of Rome and walk around them! The tour also includes a bus ride to places in the surrounding area which have appeared in films, with a staff member to tell you whatever you’d like to know.

G. Star Studios
See a 360° online tour of these studios before you come - they're huge! And during your visit, ride through what looks like London and Paris streets, on original buses used in old films, and even try on costumes from films made here. Digital displays will give you plenty of information!

H. FilmPark
FilmPark has an amazing collection of old cars once used in films and they still work! So, have a trip in one and see the studios as you're driven around its huge city street scenes. There's also a collection of original clothes that stars were dressed in for their movies. Visitors get free photos of themselves as they leave.

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

Decide which Art course would be the most suitable for each person.

  • Tom
  • Ingrid
  • Roberto
  • Simone
  • Ben

Read the text and questions below. For each question, choose the correct answer.

Cross-country skiing in Sweden

By Jenna Walton, aged 15 

Last year, Mum and I wanted to try a winter sport called cross-country skiing - traveling on skis across the countryside. And pictures of one area in Sweden, with people skiing along through forests on wonderful white snow, persuaded us that destination was a good choice. We hadn't done much skiing, though, so weren't sure how difficult cross-country skiing was, compared with skiing fast down steep mountains. But we signed up to join a group of people, of all ages, plus a guide. 

We'd read about the place we went to before we left, so we knew it was close to where Sweden ends and Norway starts. And our family knew we couldn't text home, as there was no internet connection — and actually, it was relaxing to be far from anywhere, or anyone. What we hadn't realized was that from there, we'd be able to see amazing colored lights in the sky, which appeared at certain times of the year, called the Northern Lights - what a sight!

On our first day there, I hated getting up in the dark, but it meant, I saw the sun come up over the forest, so I was glad I did. And the sunshine was forecast for the week, I was delighted to hear! But the real problem was my 15kg rucksack, full of food and clothes - I had no idea it would weigh that much. Anyway, we skied for hours across mainly flat snow. Having special light skis was supposed to help us climb the few hills there were - although I still couldn't do it!

Finally, we stopped for the night. It wasn't until we'd reached our hut that our guide mentioned we'd just crossed a frozen lake to get there - but nothing surprised us by that point! Anyway, he gave us all jobs to do - cutting firewood and cooking food - and soon we were having dinner, made from whatever food we'd brought. A strange mix, but it tasted delicious. And everywhere was so peaceful outside that none of us stayed awake long.

Mum and I want to try another winter sports trip, maybe snowboarding. But we'll probably end up just as exhausted as we were after this trip!

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

Jenna and her mum decided to go cross-country skiing in Sweden because _____

  • they wanted a change from mountain skiing holidays.
  • they'd heard the sport would be easier than skiing downhills.
  • they'd met a group of people who wanted to go, too.
  • they found a place there that they were keen to visit.
After their arrival, what did they discover about where they were staying?
  • It wasn't far from the border with another country.
  • They could get great views of a spectacular natural event.
  • It was at a point where they couldn't use technology.
  • They weren't near local people or their homes.
How did Jenna feel about the long trips through the snow on skis?
  • Surprised she had to carry such a heavy bag
  • Pleased about the weight of the skis she was given
  • Glad that going uphill wasn't as hard as she'd thought
  • Worried the good weather they were having wouldn't last

Regarding their accommodation, Jenna says everyone _____

  • had difficulties getting to sleep there.
  • was unhappy at the quality of the food.
  • had to help out with all the housework.
  • was shocked to hear details of their journey there.
What would Jenna text to a friend about her trip?
  • One reason we chose this trip was that we thought we’d be among loads of trees, which we love - but that hasn’t happened so far.
  • The people in our group were really friendly but they were all Mum’s age and older, really.
  • I’m not used to getting out of bed so early to do things! But it was worth it, as the sunrise was wonderful.
  • Mum and I have agreed that although the trip was great, we might attempt something less tiring on our next winter holiday.

Five sentences have been removed from the text below.  For each question, choose the correct answer from A-G. You don't need to use all the letters. 

A. She was digging up vegetables there when she discovered the ring.

B. That gave her a very good idea about what to do with the carrot.

C. And that was probably when the ring came off her finger.

D. So she carefully cut the carrot in half.

E. She had never seen anything like it before.

F. And only two women had lived there in all that time.

G. It was tiring work, as some of them were very big.

H. Luckily, she managed to find another one that looked just like it.

The story of the carrot and the ring

Have you ever lost something that was precious to you, and thought you'd never see it again? That's what happened to Mary Grams from Canada.

Mary had worn her engagement ring for more than half a century when she suddenly lost it. She was working in her garden on the family farm one day, pulling out a plant. When she discovered it was missing, she searched everywhere for it for days, before finally giving up.

Mary realized she probably wasn't going to find the ring again. So she decided not to tell anyone about what had happened, apart from her son. Instead, she thought she would replace it with a much cheaper ring from a jeweller's. In fact, It was so similar that no one else in her family even knew her original ring was missing.

But the story has a happy ending. Mary eventually got her engagement ring back - 13 years after it was lost! One day, Mary's daughter-in-law Colleen was working in the same garden where Mary had been all those years ago.

But this time it looked a bit different - because there was a carrot growing right through the middle of it!

As soon as Colleen saw the ring, she knew immediately who the owner was. The farm had been in the family for over 100 years. So when Colleen discovered the story of the lost ring, it became clear there was only one person it could possibly have belonged to, and the ring was returned to Mary.

Mary decided to remove her ring from the carrot and wear it again. Then the ring was washed, and Mary put it bock on her finger - and it still fitted perfectly!

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Sheep can recognize faces!

Many people think sheep aren't very intelligent creatures. But in fact, to new research, they may be cleverer than we think. For example, sheep can actually be trained to recognize human faces from photographs!

Recognising faces is an important human social . However, it seems that sheep are also social animals that can recognize other sheep as well as humans. In experiments, researchers trained eight sheep to recognize the faces of celebrities from photographs. Training involved getting the sheep to decisions about the photos they saw. At one end of a room, they would see two different photographs and would receive a of food for approaching the photograph of the celebrity; if they approached the wrong photograph, they got nothing. Over time, they learned to getting food with the celebrity's photograph. And after training, the sheep correctly chose the celebrity's face eight times out of ten!

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write ONE word in each blank.

Central College student fashion show - review

by Sam Coulston, a college magazine reporter

As you may know, we had a fantastic fashion show here at the college last week. The aim was to display the work that the fashion students recently been involved in all year here at the college and show parents and friends the results. And it was clear to us that were impressed by it.

The models that part in the show were actually the students themselves, wearing their own clothes designs. were some amazingly creative clothes on show, such as a dress made of recycled materials, and a coat that included every color you could possibly think of! And the scenery, created the students in the Art Department, was really spectacular too.

Mrs. Jackson, Head of Design, said: "There's absolutely doubt in my mind that all these students are extremely talented - and I'm sure we'll hear more about them in the future. I wish them every success in their careers."

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)