PET 2020 Test 3 - Reading

3/11/2020 10:21:49 PM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • You must take back all the library books you've got before the summer holiday.
  • If there are library books you want, borrow them before the end of term.
  • To keep any library books for holiday reading, ask the staff at the desk.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

What is the coach doing?

  • Congratulating the team on their most recent win
  • Letting the team's fans know the positive effect of their support
  • Encouraging the team to play even better in a future match

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Carrie is asking if her mum has washed her gym kit for her.
  • Carrie has just remembered where she left her gym kit.
  • Carrie wonders if her mum has driven to work with her gym kit.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • If you need bread during your visit, it's available for sale inside the shop.
  • Feeding the birds on the lake is not allowed unless you have special permission.
  • Visitors are encouraged not to give the birds anything apart from proper bird food.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • This entrance is only for use by cyclists who need to enter the building.
  • You will prevent people from entering and leaving if your bicycle is left here.
  • There is somewhere you can leave your bicycle opposite this building.

The people below all want to watch an animated film. There are also reviews of eight animated films.

Kerim wants a film that uses traditional animation methods, such as simple drawings rather than computers to create pictures. He particularly enjoys films about animals, and with great songs sung by well-known singers

Alice, her mum and small sister want a film they can all enjoy. Alice loves films where she feels the main characters are like her, and that have soundtracks involving only instruments, with no singing

Lukas enjoys films that make him laugh, but that he can learn something from at the same time. He's a keen reader, and he'd like a film of something he's probably already read

Minnie wants to see a happy film that isn't just about heroes against bad people. She'd like a film that's full of surprises, that she'll want to watch over and over again.

Susana wants to see a film about characters that show courage in different situations, and that have the voices of famous actors. She'd like the film to have really beautiful animation.

Reviews of animated films

A. Aero
You’ll want to see this film again and again, with a wonderful cast of animals, and folk music soundtrack sung by studio performers. And you’ll learn something new about the characters each time you watch. Based on the book by a well-known author, it’s a favorite for all the family.

B. Magic Makers
This is a gentle film about a village of animals who all help each other through life - but things don't always go at all as they expected. In fact, they're usually far better! A beautiful, funny film with great songs you won't forget. You'll never get tired of watching it!

C. Imagining
While you’re watching this beautiful film, you’ll also be entertained by the wonderful piano and violin music that accompanies it. It’s a film for the whole family, including young children, to sit down and see together. And everyone will find that they have something in common with the people in the film.

D. The Dance 
Although they haven't been together for long, a group of brave dancers decides to put on a performance, and their experiences are both funny and sad. The film's message is particularly suitable for teenagers, and the animation, in the form of old-fashioned cartoons rather than created by computers, is spectacular.

E. Roundabout
The picture is so fantastic, they almost need nothing more than the piano music that accompanies them. The film focuses on some brave friends who come together to support each other in various ways, and the well-known performers saying their words bring something really special to it. The film has notes to teach teenagers.

F. Terry
The pop music in this film is great, as it features the voices of top performers. The film follows a friendly tiger in the jungle, who becomes a hero to his friends. This film first came out in the 70s, and the graphics in this beautiful film have changed very little.

G. Rainbow
The whole family will sing along to the songs by well-known performers in this film. Choose which of the characters is most like you - and who’s your hero! From the book by teenagers’ author Dylan Peters, it’s been a favorite with audiences since it came out years ago.

H. Constanz
This beautiful film, with simple graphics, is based on the well-known novel, which has become very popular in school classrooms. Although it's full of comedy situations and surprises from beginning to end, the film also has a serious message and will leave you with something to think about after you've watched it.

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

Decide which review aminated film would be the most suitable for each person.

  • Kerim
  • Alice
  • Lukas
  • Minnie
  • Susana

Read the text and questions below. For each question, choose the correct answer.

Whale-watching trip

by Jack Madison, 15

A while ago, my friend Olivia was telling me about a whale-watching trip she'd been on, in Canada. I wanted to tell her I was about to do the same thing, on the north coast of the UK, where my grandparents live. Whales had recently appeared there again, and my grandparents were convinced we'd see some so I was sure my trip would be as good as Olivia's! But then I saw some reviews of the trip my dad had booked for us when no one had seen any whales at all. So, in the end, I decided not to tell Olivia anything about my trip, in case it wasn't successful! Anyway, Dad and I set off on our trip - which was Dad's idea and it was fantastic! Traveling out to sea on the tour boat with our guide, we soon reached the spot where whales often appeared. Then we waited and nothing happened. I was sure this wouldn't last, though. People kept calling out they'd seen one, which was exciting but then it turned out they were wrong. Then finally I saw something move under the water a minke whale! So I felt like a hero for the rest of the trip!

The whale was a wonderful sight, with its huge back not far from the boat. Our guide said it was around five tonnes in weight and around 10 metres long. Yet, despite its size, it swam alongside us at speed, and with little effort. We waited to see if more appeared, and sometime later, we saw three more some distance away, that kept diving under the water and coming up again. Then just after I'd filmed them, they disappeared.

Although the water's less deep around the coast, larger whale species appear in the area with minke whales, feeding on fish. But minkes are curious creatures, so they're more likely to approach tourist boats — which was why we were successful! Then later, upon the cliffs, we looked out to sea, searching for signs of whales. Sometimes seabirds diving into the water means whales are around, as they're stealing the whale's meal. We were unlucky, sadly — but we'll be back!

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer)

Jack wasn't keen to mention his whale-watching trip to Olivia because _____.

  • he thought her trip sounded a lot more exciting.
  • he'd read some negative reviews about where he was going.
  • he wasn't sure if his dad had definitely arranged it.
  • he didn't know whether she was very interested in whales.

On board the whale-watching boat, Jack _____.

  • was proud to be the first person to see a whale.
  • began to worry that they might all be disappointed.
  • tried not to get excited when anyone saw something.
  • was glad he'd persuaded his dad to come with him.

When Jack saw the minke whale, he was _____.

  • surprised at how close it came to the boat.
  • amazed that it was so much bigger than he'd imagined.
  • impressed that it moved through the water so easily.
  • delighted to see it had arrived with several others.

Jack suggests minke whales appeared in the same area as the boat because _____.

  • they knew there were plenty of fish there.
  • they were attracted by the arrival of the visitors.
  • they didn't have to compete for food with seabirds.
  • they preferred how deep the water was there.

What would Jack text to his grandparents about the whales?

  • I'll send you my video of the group of whales - they only appeared briefly so they weren't as interesting as the first one we saw.
  • Dad said he'd really wanted to go to Canada to watch whales, like my friend Olivia but now we're really happy we came here.
  • I must take you up to the cliffs to look for whales - we've seen them every time we're been there, so far.
  • You were so sure our whales-watching trip would be a success, while I still had doubts - but you were right.

Five sentences have been removed from the text below. For each question, choose the correct answer from A-G. There are three extra sentences that you do not need to use.

A. Visitors each pay for 90-minute sessions.

B. And at the time, it helped lots of young people to do that.

C. So they hope the exhibition will share this message.

D. But not everyone thinks it's a lot of fun.

E. However, visitors often choose the ones they're familiar with.

F. They have better storylines and animation, too.

G. They also create the music to go with the game.

H. Then they can all enjoy playing the same game.

Computer game exhibition

Have you ever tried playing the kind of video games that your parents played? The Museum of Science in Manchester, in the UK, has held an exhibition for the last few years, which involves visitors to do exactly that. lt offers them the chance to play games from the last 40 years, in various sessions throughout the day.

These video game sessions have now become one of the main attractions of the museum. They are full of people every day, playing a wide range of games.

For parents, for example, these are usually the games they used to play in their childhood. There's also an educational purpose to the games. For instance, some old types of computers, dating back 40 years, are also available in the sessions. They were originally used in classrooms to teach pupils to write their own computer programs.

Now, the museum is holding workshops that encourage children to learn similar skills - and they're still very popular. 

The sessions are also seen as social events, as people discover how much fun it is to play video games with other family members. And there's also an area at Power Up! where a number of visitors can sit down together. And nowadays, this is often how fans of video games are more likely to experience playing.

The exhibition also shows how much progress technology has made over the last 40 years. Parents can often remember playing very simple games. But the games that are played today are more complex. And the players also have to use much more complicated techniques. 

However, one serious side of the exhibition is that organizers also want to show that video gaming is an important industry, employing many skilled people.

That way, people who enjoy gaming will also understand all the hard work, talent and imagination that goes into creating these amazing games.

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Music can change the taste of vegetables

Many children, and some adults too, dislike the taste of certain vegetables. The flavors of foods such as cabbage and broccoli are generally the ones people mention as their least vegetables, as these vegetables are believed to have an extremely taste. However, according to an Oxford psychologist, children might change their about these foods if they can hear simple music while they're eating - such as the sounds that come from one musical instrument, called a wind chime. This instrument often in people's gardens, and plays sweet notes when the wind blows through it. These notes may make the food seem to taste sweeter than it would do normally. However, many adults that their tastes developed as they grew up, so they now enjoy a far greater range of food. As a result, they're much more to eat the kind of vegetables they always hated during their childhood.

 (Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

Read the passage and fill in the correct word to each blank.

Hi Marta,

How are you? Sorry I haven't written for a while. But now I have some news - I've got a Saturday job! As you know, I've meaning to look for a job for ages. But then Mum offered to let work in her clothes shop, so I started last week. I'm really enjoying it, although it's hard work. There's time at all to chat with the other assistants, sadly. That's we're always so busy.

The good thing is that I'm finally earning a bit of money of my own, I can use to buy the things I want. I'm also getting some great work experience.

Why don't you come to the shop day soon? It's called Modes, and it's on Green Street. I'm sure you'll find lots of clothes that you like!

Hope to see you soon.


(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)