PET 2020 Test 9 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

4/22/2020 5:03:40 PM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • If you wish to smoke, go to the smoking area of the train.
  • You are requested not to smoke anywhere except in the toilets.
  • You cannot smoke anywhere while onboard the train.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Alan must phone Janet to find out more about his appointment.
  • Alan needs to call his dentist if he can’t make the new appointment.
  • Alan’s dentist wants to change the date of his appointment.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Tell children that they should not touch this.
  • Use this product only with older children.
  • Put this product where children cannot touch it.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Friday's Maths lesson will be shorter than usual.
  • Friday's Maths lesson will finish later than usual.
  • Friday's Maths lesson will start earlier than usual.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • George wants to have dinner with Adriana when he returns.
  • George will have dinner out before returning at 8.30.
  • George is asking Adriana to have her dinner before he returns.

For each question, choose the correct answer.

The people below all want to find a place to stay. Decide which holiday accommodation would be the most suitable for the following people.

The Best Hotels, Hostels and Guesthouses
Find your ideal place to stay...

A. Clarendon House: is a family hotel in a peaceful location 10 km from the city center, but with a good 24-hour bus service. Although only breakfast is provided, there is a fully-equipped kitchen for guests to use. Horses are available for hire and there is a large swimming pool very near the hotel.

B. The Mountain Hostel: is in the middle of very high hills and can be reached only by car. Without telephones, computers or television, this is an ideal place to relax. All meals can be provided, but the hotel also has a kitchen for guests to cook if they wish to. There are daily guided walks to see the local wildlife.

C. Jeremy’s Guesthouse: is in a beautiful valley in the hills. Riding, tennis and golf are all available locally and the owner, an expert in mountain climbing, organizes walks. The nearest village is 10 km away, but the guesthouse offers everything you may need, including all food, theatre performances by a local group and free access to internet services.

D. The Greenway Hotel: is a twenty-minute drive from the motorway and only ten minutes on foot from the city’s theatre area. Meals are not provided (except breakfast), but there are several good quality restaurants nearby. Internet and email services are always available. The rooms are comfortable and very affordable. There is a large car park for guests.

E. The Castle Hotel: is a half-hour drive from the city center and very close to the railway station and motorway. Breakfast and lunch are provided and there is a good restaurant 20 meters from the hotel. The hotel offers evening concerts by local musicians and has wide-screen television and Internet services.

F. The Four Seasons Hotel: is in the hills but within walking distance of the railway station. It has a restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, all cooked with the best local produce. The area is good for fishing and riding and the hotel organizes tours to see birds and rare plants.

G. The Farley Guesthouse: is on the seafront and all rooms have a view of either the beach or the hills behind the hotel. A number of sports are available, including surfing and tennis. Breakfast and lunch can be provided on request. There is a good restaurant, a cinema and an internet café nearby.

H. The Sunrise Hotel: is only a ten-minute drive from the city center but away from the traffic and noise. It has a swimming pool, a gym and a large garden. Breakfast and dinner can be served on request, and there is a café nearby which serves lunch. There is a parking space behind the hotel.

Decide which holiday accommodation would be the most suitable for the following people:

  • Dina and Sam
  • Yuki
  • Micky and David
  • Sebastian
  • Tom and Sheila

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Sarah Radford, international athlete

"If when you hear the words ‘international athlete’, you imagine a runner in an exotic location, enjoying life in a five-star hotel, think again. I won the Dublin Marathon and the European Games and I now want to win a place in the Olympic Games. I also have a demanding job and family life to organize. My life is exciting, but I don’t live in luxury.

My route to the top was not what you might expect. I ran until I was sixteen, then went to college and got married. At 25 I made a come-back. That year my daughter was four and although fitting in a full-time job, family, and running was not easy, I was managing it all fine. Then I had to stop when I hurt my left knee while running. I started back again a year later, and I'm now running really well.

I am pleased that I am now performing at a high level, but I know that if I make it to the Olympic team there will be more training to do. I may have to decide to work only part-time then, until midday, and get somebody to help with the housework. You have to take an opportunity to compete in the Olympics when it comes because you don’t know if it will ever come again.

For the moment, though, training has to fit around everything else in my life. I usually run into work, nearly eight miles along the main road, in my running shoes and tracksuit. Then I quickly change into my work uniform - my employers are used to that! They are also understanding about the demands of life as an athlete, which means I do not work weekends because of races."

What is the writer's main purpose in writing the text?

  • to complain about her lack of time for running.
  • to describe her fitness training programme.
  • to show how difficult being a runner can be.
  • to give advice to other female runners.

Why did the writer give up running when she was 25?

  • She had a child to look after.
  • She suffered an injury.
  • She wanted to study at college.
  • She was working full-time.
If she joins the Olympic team, the writer is thinking of
  • training more at weekends.
  • giving up her present job.
  • spending more time at home.
  • reducing her working hours.
What does the writer say about her employers?
  • They allow her free time for running.
  • They would like her to give up running.
  • They pay for some of her equipment.
  • They want her to work weekends.

Which of the following is the best description of the writer?

  • An athlete who has not won important competitions because of the pressures of family and work.
  • An excellent runner who has won a number of competitions thanks to a lot of hard work.
  • A woman who put her ambition to win competitions before her duties as a mother.
  • A disappointed runner who would like to have the luxuries that other international athletes have.

Complete the article about cooking. Write a letter from A-G in each blank. You don't have to use all the letters.

A. As a result, the restaurant became very popular.
B. Dishes from the Mediterranean, for example, use a lot of olive oil.
C. Food is becoming less interesting.
D. We just had to find a way to survive.
E. However, learning to cook foreign food is not always easy.
F. There are also hundreds of cookbooks which are now available.
G. This has resulted in the introduction of an incredible number of new dishes and ingredients.

The Changing Face of Food

As the world becomes smaller through communication and movement becomes much easier, most major cities of the developed world are attracting people from other countries who come looking for a better life and more opportunities for their children. They bring with them their culture, religion and ways of cooking. In cities like London and New York, this has led to an explosion in the variety of food that people now eat.

This process begins with the restaurants that these new immigrants open when they arrive, but this isn't just done to introduce new food to the local citizens. Mr. Patel, for example, came with his wife to London from India about 20 years ago. He explains. ". Even though we both had very good jobs back home, we didn't know any English when we first arrived so it was impossible for us to find work. That's when we decided to open a restaurant serving food from our country."

Starting the restaurant was a risk as they didn't know if it would be successful. "We were putting all the money we had into the business. Luckily, the British people are very open to foreign cultures. . We have no regrets. Things are very different now as there are so many Indian restaurants and it's not unusual anymore."

Just like Mr. Patel, other immigrants from all over the world had the same idea as a way of surviving in a new country. . It's now possible to walk down any High Street in London and have a choice between Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine, and maybe even Vietnamese or Thai!

In fact, in large cities we don't even have to visit a restaurant to eat exotic food anymore. All ingredients can now be found easily and almost all supermarkets have a section with dishes from all over the world. . It has become just as common for a person to cook a meal from thousands of miles away as it is to cook something traditional.

This variety of cooking is also a result of people becoming more aware of how important it is to eat healthily. . Chinese food has introduced 'stir-fry', which uses very little oil and is much healthier than the usual way of frying. Spicy foods from India clean out the body's system and help fight illnesses.

Having so much choice means that we can find what we really like to eat and what is good for us. It also means that food, which is such an important part of our lives, is continually becoming more interesting. The days of boring sausage, egg and chips are long gone!


I felt in love with the Welsh landscape after (0) watching a television programme about dolphins off the west coast. I decided to a holiday there. The programme said the best place to see them was Cardigan Bay and the best time was late afternoon.

The first evening I expected a long wait, I sat on a bench with some fish and chips. Many other people were there and after a few minutes we heard a child’s voice cry out, ‘There!’ The dolphins had arrived and they were playing and fun. It was wonderful to see them as they should always be free.

I also out that this area has beautiful beaches and fantastic castles to explore. It was the first time I had in Wales and I knew it would not be the last. I have returned the same place several times.

Read the text and write the missing words. Write ONE word on each blank.


Pele, started playing football almost 50 years ago, quickly became a legend in the sport. He was born in a country which really loves football - Brazil! He was the first player to succeed leading his team to three World Cup victories. He seemed almost incapable losing. In fact, Pele was a good player that he drew the attention of the entire world. Eventually, he left Brazil in to play for teams in America, he is credited with making the game even more popular. Pele's name still holds a special place in football.