PET 2020 Test 15 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

7/31/2020 3:32:00 PM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Do not leave the waiting room until the receptionist calls your name.
  • Do not go to the waiting room before telling the receptionist you are here.
  • The receptionist will tell the dentist that you have arrived.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Michael has spent two days driving to the mountains.
  • Michael visited the mountains before going to the coast.
  • Michael is having a break after driving at the moment.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • This office doesn't take bookings for the same day as you travel.
  • If you book tickets here, you'll receive them a day later.
  • You can book tickets at this office twenty-four hours a day.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

Students should

  • pay the exact amount for the trip in cash.
  • make sure they have a credit card for the trip.
  • take enough change with them on the trip.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Penny wanted to go out with Andy.
  • Penny's father will arrive home late.
  • Andy didn't agree with Penny's suggestion.

The people below all want to watch a film on TV.

Ryan likes watching old-fashioned films on TV. He prefers comedies, particularly those with famous actors. He is not keen on musicals or thrillers.

Tom's hobby is reading and he enjoys watching films on TV whose stories are taken from literature. His favorite books are those by famous authors of the past. He reads books about the cinema, too, and likes watching famous actors.

Elena likes to relax by watching the latest romantic films on TV, especially if they make her laugh. She particularly likes those which have some music in them.

Belinda enjoys watching thrillers. She prefers adventures which actually happened to people in real life, as she is interested in the lives of other people.

Carol loves listening to pop music and reading magazines about it. She doesn't mind what sort of film she sees, if it's a new one about pop stars or their music.

These are descriptions of eight movies for people wanting to see:

Darius Alexander reviews this week's films on TV

A. See you in Sicily
This is about a journey across Europe in the 1960s. A group of young people travels across Europe in an old van, but nothing really exciting happens to them and it isn't actually very funny. It's a weak comedy film with singing. I had never heard of the actors before, although some of them could certainly sing.

B. The moon and stars
This follows the usual love story - boy meets girl, they fall in love and sing some songs about it. It's an enjoyable film, although there's nothing special about the singing, and it has its amusing parts. It comes to the TV screen very quickly, as it was only made a year ago.

C. Mad for music
This film came out last month, and all the young people are queuing to see it. There will be a whole generation of fans watching because the music of this group, Sure Fire, is everyone's favorite at the moment.

D. The house by the lake
Although the main roles are all acted by well-known stars of film or TV, I got bored by the dialogue which seems so slow compared to modern films. However, people who like Henrietta Browne's writing will enjoy it because it is beautifully filmed, and the story keeps perfectly to the novel written two hundred years ago.

E. Seaside story
This funny film was made in the past, but is still as good as it was 25 years ago when I first saw it. The main actors, who were already famous when it was made, made several more films together later on. The story takes place in a very unusual hotel at the seaside where the guests have lots of problems.

F. Shooting for freedom
Photographer Valerie Maine planned to work in a dangerous part of the world for six weeks. This adventure film tells how she escaped from the people who held her prisoner for over a year. It is difficult to believe that this actually happened to someone who is still alive.

G. Escape to Jupiter
This film about adventures in space isn't supposed to be funny, but I'm afraid I wanted to laugh sometimes. Although this is one of several very similar films made recently, it's one of the better ones, as it certainly holds your attention.

H. Another part of town
This film manages to show some serious problems of a family in modern Britain without depressing the audience. If you haven't read Michael Stone's book of the same name yet, you'll be pleased to watch this excellent film. And you'll still enjoy the film if you have already read it. There is some excellent acting from some completely unknown actors.

Decide which film would be the most suitable for the following people.

  • Ryan
  • Tom
  • Elena
  • Belinda
  • Carol

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

The Artist

People think being an artist must be a wonderful way to earn one's living. And of course, there are lots of great things about working for oneself, at home alone, even in a cold studio like mine. What I really like is that nobody tells me what time to start in the morning. I like to paint as soon as I wake up, which is always early, but isn't the same time every day. And nobody tells me what to wear, or whether I can take the afternoon off and go to a football match.

But then, I have no one to chat with when I'm bored, no one to discuss last night's match with during the office lunch hour. Sure, I can spend the afternoon doing something I enjoy like cycling or gardening if I choose. But the work will still be there when I do finally get back home.

Unfortunately, working at home means that people can always find me, whether I'm bored or not, and once I've answered the doorbell, it's too late - my thoughts have been interrupted. No one would dream of calling in if I worked in an office, but I find myself listening to friends' troubles. As they talk, my ideas disappear and I feel increasingly stressed thinking of my work waiting to be done.

However, when I hear the traffic news on the radio, and imagine my friends sitting miserably in their cars in a jam, feeling bored, or waiting unhappily for an overcrowded tram in the rain, I realize that I really haven't got much to complain about. I find a CD which will start me thinking, turn it up really loudly and begin another picture.

(Adapted from Pet practice tests plus 1)

What is the writer trying to do in the text?
  • encourage readers to work at home.
  • explain why he has changed his job.
  • describe his working life.
  • say how he would like to work.
What does the writer like about his life?
  • He has plenty of opportunities for sport.
  • He is his own boss.
  • He needn't work in the morning.
  • He has a comfortable place to work.
What does the writer imagine he might do with colleagues?
  • have meals in restaurants.
  • go to the swimming pool.
  • spend time in the countryside.
  • talk about sport.
Which of these notices would be most useful for the writer to put on his door?
  • I'm working - please don't disturb.
  • Please call at my office for an appointment.
  • Please knock before entering.
  • No visitors allowed during office hours.
The writer plays loud music because
  • the traffic outside is noisy.
  • it helps him to have ideas.
  • it prevents him from feeling bored.
  • he dislikes listening to the radio.

You are going to read an article about a mountain climber. Five sentences have been removed from the article. Choose the sentence (A-G) which fits each gap. You do not need to use all the letters.

A. All kinds of songs I’d never thought twice about ran through my mind.

B. I can drag this for four hours at a time.

C. I couldn’t stop repeating that.

D. I managed to get up all of those without any oxygen or tents.

E. It’s the one I use when I need to push forward through heavy snow, however.

F. Suddenly, there was an incredible rumble up above us.

G. These clearly came as quite a shock.

I run up mountains

Mountain climbing hasn't developed much in the past fifty years or so, but I want to introduce a new style. I call it 'sky running'. It means climbing high mountains as fast as possible and using as little equipment as possible. Skyrunning is the most honest kind of mountaineering.

Some years ago, I decided to climb Mount Aconcagua, in the Andes, which usually takes three days. I didn't have that sort of time - so I thought about how it could be done more quickly. In the end, I managed it in four hours and twenty-five minutes. Since then I've climbed several mountains this way, including the 'seven summits', the highest mountains on each continent. When I climbed Mount Everest, the only nutrition I took with me was carbohydrate gels, salted crackers and about three liters of rosehip tea. It took me sixteen hours and forty-two minutes to go up - a new speed record on the northern route.

I have also set speed records on Antarctica's Mount Vinson, the Carstensz Pyramid in New Guinea and other summits. Attempts such as these need months of training and preparation, as with any serious sport. To build up strength, I sometimes drag an enormous tractor tire behind me while running uphill. I call it 'the beast' because of the aggressive energy I build up during these training sessions.

The psychological side of training is as important as the physical. I use foreign languages to affect my mental state and enhance my performance. I shout things out in these, even though I know there's nobody to hear me. I'm Austrian and speak only a few words of the Russian language. I couldn't tell you why that should be the case.

Whereas Russian is full of energy and strength, English is a language that calms me and helps me to focus. Two years ago, I was climbing in Nepal and knew that I was in danger from avalanches. I noticed that I kept saying to myself: 'Hey man, take care!' It was as if one part of me had stepped outside myself to make sure I made the right decisions, and that phrase helped.

For other people, this might sound ridiculous, but I don't care. In high altitudes, any mistake can cause death, and I know how it feels to face death. Seventeen years ago, when I was twenty-four, I was climbing with a friend in the Karakoram mountains in Pakistan at about 18,000 feet. It was the sound of an avalanche, which hit us and broke my right thighbone.

My friend pulled me out of the snow, but although we had survived, we realized he wouldn't be able to drag me back to the base camp. I said: 'Go, just leave me here.’ And he left me behind. I lay alone in the mountains for days. Finally, my friend came back with other climbers and saved me. I thought extreme mountaineering was too risky at first, but slowly my perspective changed.

There are so many mountains to climb, but I know my records won't last forever. In ten or twenty years, sky running will be established as a sport. I see myself as a pioneer.

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.


Weather influences the lives (0) of everyone. The climate of any country depends on its position on Earth, its from the sea and how high it is. In countries which have sea all around them, like Britain and New Zealand, winters are mild and summers are cool. There is not a huge change from one season to .

Countries near the Equator have hot weather all year with some rain, except in deserts where it rains very little. Above the desert, there are no clouds in the sky, so the of the sun can easily warm the ground during the day, but it gets very cold at night.

People are always in unusual weather, and pictures of tornadoes, for example, are shown on television. Strong winds and rain can cause a lot of damage to buildings, and in spite of modern of weather forecasting, they can still surprise us.

(Adapted from Pet practice tests plus 1)

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.

Hi Steve,

I went to the cinema with Jack last night. We saw the film "Moving Out". It's a young man, Rashid, who goes to live in London. I'm not very on films about everyday life, so I didn't really want to go because I prefer watching films like thrillers and space adventures. But now "Moving Out" is one of my films because it's really funny. I laughed all the time. And it's about ordinary young people, just you and me. The part of the film is when Rashid's mum comes to visit him. He's got home from a party, and the flat's very untidy. The actors aren't well-known, but they're really good. Go and see it soon!

See you,


(Adapted from Pet practice tests plus 1)