PET 2020 Test 21 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

11/6/2020 3:40:00 PM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • You can't go into the bank on Saturday afternoons.
  • The cash machine can only be used when the bank is open.
  • The bank closes at the same time every day.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Nina is mending her computer herself, so she can send e-mails.
  • Nina's friends can't get in touch with her by e-mail for five days.
  • Nina is doing a short course to learn how to repair her computer.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Give your application form to the receptionist.
  • There is a job available as a security guard.
  • Reception can pass a message to the security guard.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • You can try on clothes on the ground floor.
  • You can change your money at Customer Services.
  • You change things you don't want at Customer Services.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Polly can leave her bicycle for repair even when the shop is closed.
  • Polly should leave her keys so that the repair shop can lock her bicycle.
  • Polly's bicycle will be left outside when it is repaired.

The people below all want to find somewhere to stay.

1. Felipe and Gabriela want to spend the weekend in the city center near the railway station with their one-year-old son. They want to be able to walk everywhere. They plan to eat in restaurants.

2. Giorgos wants to be able to swim but is not interested in other sports. He'd like to spend the weekend somewhere quiet in the country. The hotel must have a car park.

3. Monica would like to stay somewhere in the countryside where there are organized activities so that she can meet other people. As she has some work to do, e-mail facilities must be available

4. Julia and Robert are traveling by car and want to park at their hotel. They don't want to be further than ten kilometres from the city. They want to swim every day and have dinner at the hotel.

5. Adam and Barbara need to stay somewhere in the city which provides lunch and dinner and has a car park. Their three children all enjoy sports.

These are descriptions of eight hotels for people wanting to stay:

A. The Star Hotel is a five-minute drive from the city centre, and all rooms have their own television and telephone. Guests can eat all their meals here - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel has its own large car park. There is a gym and two tennis courts. Entertainment is available at weekends.

B. York House is between two farms. The hotel arranges dances and other events which you can attend if you wish, or you can walk in the gardens and enjoy the scenery. It is especially popular with people travelling alone and also has a fully equipped business room and internet cafe. All meals are available on request.

C. The Grange Hotel is outside the city, but hotel staff can collect you from the station and arrange trips in the area by coach. It is close to all the main roads and has a large car park. Although only breakfast is served, there are two good restaurants
nearby. Fax, e-mail and photocopying are available.

D. Rosewood Guesthouse is about one kilometre from the city centre. It is easy to reach the city's shopping and entertainment areas or drive into the surrounding countryside. There is a swimming pool in the next street. Dinner is available if booked in advance, and there is a large car park.

E. The Blue Lion Hotel is on the south side of the city and is just a short taxi ride from the railway station and places of interest. Breakfast only is provided. Events such as talks and shows are organised every evening and are popular both with local people as well as the hotel's guests. Free parking is available in nearby streets.

F. Twenty kilometres from the city, in the middle of the hills, Blantyre Manor was previously a family home. It is a peaceful place to spend a few days, with very good sports facilities including golf, tennis and a swimming pool. There is a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and plenty of car-parking space.

G. Victoria House is a family hotel five minutes' walk from the railway and tram station and close to all the city's facilities. It is in the city centre near the shopping mall, where a range of restaurants is available. No car parking or meals except breakfast. Bicycles can be hired from reception.

H. Just five kilometres from the city centre, The Spring Park Motel is very near the motorway with plenty of parking space, so it is convenient for drivers, although it is in the countryside. Meals are not available, but only two kilometres along the motorway there is an excellent cafe where breakfast, lunch and dinner are available. 

Decide which hotel would be the most suitable for the following people.

  • Felipe and Gabriela
  • Giorgos
  • Monica
  • Julia and Robert
  • Adam and Barbara

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.


I went to the cinema last week and laughed all the way through the new film Waiter! which is set in a restaurant. American actor Tom Waters plays the worst cook the world has ever seen and he employs one of the worst waiters, played by Joe Vermont.

The London restaurant where the filming took place does actually exist. Jane Connors, the owner, runs a successful business with many regular customers. However, although she thinks Waiter! is a good film, she is very annoyed with the director. When she agreed to the filming, she wasn't told that the film is about a restaurant where everything goes wrong and the food is disgusting. Although the film might make Jane's restaurant famous if it is a success, she is afraid that people will stop coming because they will think the food and service is terrible - like it is in the film. Jane is worried she will lose business and may even have to close and start again with a new restaurant.

Having seen the film, I agree that she has a problem. The film company paid her a very small fee, and she has since asked for more. The best solution, though, is for her to contact the newspapers. I am sure they will be interested in her story and it will actually help her business in the end.

(Adapted from Pet practice tests plus 1)

What is the writer trying to do in the text?
  • Advertise a restaurant
  • Review a film
  • Explain someone's problem
  • Take someone's advice
What do we learn about Jane's restaurant?
  • It is very popular.
  • The food is not good.
  • It is in a beautiful building.
  • The waiters are unhelpful.
What did the director not tell Jane?
  • That the film would be a success.
  • That the restaurant in the film would be very bad.
  • That she would not be paid.
  • That she would need to employ extra staff.
What does the writer think Jane ought to do?
  • Open a new restaurant
  • Ask the film company for more money
  • Improve the quality of the food in her restaurant
  • Write to the newspapers
Which of these is an advert for the film?
  • Waiter! Comedy film set in a typical American town. Laugh at the mistakes of crazy cook (Tom Waters) and mad waiter (Joe Vermont).

  • Waiter! Learn how to cook and be amused at the same time at this film made especially for television by a well-known cook, Tom Waters.

  • Waiter! All the action takes place in a famous London restaurant. Find out the truth about what happens in the kitchens.

  • Waiter! Sit back and enjoy the performances of Tom Waters and Joe Vermont in this comedy filmed in a London restaurant.

Five sentences have been removed from the text below.

For each question, choose the correct answer from A-H. There are three extra sentences that you do not need to use.

A. He knew this would still make him feel very afraid.

B. The old-fashioned hot-air balloons made a horrible noise.

C. In fact, he was just a boy when he first started thinking about it.

D. Luckily, he landed safely after a couple of hours.

E. They are also much less dangerous.

F. However, there was an unexpected problem.

G. But these days, he prefers to use balloons.

H. Immediately after that, he tried to learn how this would be possible.

Adventures in the air

The first ever balloon flight carrying passengers was made by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783. They used hot air to float the balloon over 1,000 metres up into the sky. Nowadays, people still fly in hot-air balloons but there is also a less well-known sport called "cluster ballooning"; instead of one big balloon, hundreds of small balloons are used.

Cluster ballooning was invented by a lorry driver called Larry Walters. Larry had wanted to fly using balloons for a long time. It took almost 20 years, however, for his dream to finally come true. One day, Larry decided to do an experiment: he wanted to try flying a few metres above his garden. So he bought 45 balloons, filled them with a gas called helium, and tied them to a chair. He then cut the rope that was holding the chair to the ground. The chair, with Larry sitting in it, floated several kilometres into the sky rather than just a few metres!

The wind was blowing strongly and Larry began to float out towards the sea. Things were getting dangerous. Then, to make matters even worse, the wind changed, and the balloons started to blow towards the local airport. Larry felt very worried. The story of Larry's flight was all over the news and this is how the adventure sport of cluster ballooning was born.

One experienced cluster balloonist, Leo Burns, flew his cluster balloons over the largest range of mountains in Europe - the Alps. This wasn't his first flight, though. Leo had got his pilot's licence several years before, so was already used to flying. According to Leo, there is no better way to fly. "Cluster ballooning's amazing," he says. "The balloons are usually completely silent. They weren't as safe as modern cluster balloons either."

(Adapted from B1 Preliminary 1)

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Weather forecasts

People have always tried to predict the weather. In the past, people often watched the sky for of how the weather was changing. A red sky at night, for example, suggested that the day would be fine. Animals' behaviour also provided information for forecasting the weather. For example, if cows were lying down it meant it was to rain. Nowadays, however, scientists use complicated computer models to produce weather forecasts that are much more . They can say, for example, if there is a 20% or 30% chance of rain on a particular day. They can also warn people if a storm is . This is important for farmers and other people who work outside. It also helps ordinary people know whether they need to an umbrella with them when they go out!

(Adapted from B1 EXAM BOOSTER)

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write ONE word or a number, a date, a time.

My travel blog

This summer, I traveled to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, on my own. I am only 20 and to honest, I was nervous about exploring a new city alone. I decided to go on a free walking tour the first day I was there. I hoped the tour would help me to become more familiar the city.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great, but the tour was still absolutely fantastic! Magnus, our tour guide, knew all about the city's history. We also learned loads interesting facts about Danish culture. At the end of the tour, he gave all suggestions for the best places eat and visit.

Apart from learning so much, I actually had a lot more fun on the walking tour I'd expected. It was an excellent way to experience the city, and learn about its culture and history.

(Adapted from B1 Preliminary 1)